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Martin Shkreli Faces Massive Lawsuit Over Wu-Tang Album

Martin Shkreli sued for $2m over Copying Wu-Tang Clan Album

Popularly known as the infamous “Pharma Bro,” Martin is allegedly facing a $2 million lawsuit. The case against him claims he copied and shared the rare and iconic Wu-Tang Clan album, “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.” The only one of its kind, this album was sold to Shkreli when it was first released but he renounced ownership after being found guilty of fraud. PleasrDAO is now suing Martin Shkreli. They have alleged that his copying of the scarce album has caused its value to be greatly diminished.

Exclusivity of the Album

PleasrDAO’s lawyers also highlighted the exclusiveness of the album according to court documents obtained. “The record, music, data and files as well as packaging were intended to be embodied exclusively in one single copy –the album,” said PleasrDAO through court papers. That made it more valuable and more mysterious too.

However, PleasrDAO argues that Shkreli illegally retained copies of its data and files after giving it up. Their lawyers disclosed that “It now appears, however, that Martin Shkreli improperly retained copies of the data and files at the time of the forfeiture and has released and/or intends to release them to the public.” For PleasrDAO such actions would not only cause substantial monetary damage but would also diminish value of an album irreparably.

If true, these acts provide several grounds for relief under both common law and forfeiture order. According to PleasrDAO’s, legal representation stated that if these duplicates are made public; they will violate the original terms of forfeiture and destroy what made this work unique in its own right—preciousness or singularity. For PleasrDAO however, releasing these copies pose a substantial threat both economically as well as legally. They are concerned that the release of these copies would undermine the uniqueness of the album, which was its chief selling point thus leading to significant losses.

Next, PleasrDAO’s lawyers pointed out several occasions where Martin Shkreli allegedly said he had copied and pasted those from previous iterations of this album. Similarly, they mentioned how Shkreli himself admitted to having held onto versions of the music and files for the album. Furthermore, it was revealed that he played it in public while live streaming without taking into consideration its exclusiveness.

Public Playing and Distribution

Furthermore, according to his attorneys, Martin Shkreli did much more than merely play it in public. Reports suggest that he sent the discs to no fewer than 50 people, this itself is proof that he does not respect any legal restrictions placed upon him with regard to this piece. In addition to this, PleasrDAO’s lawyers expanded on Shkreli’s willingness to spread further information on this album. They added: “His comments demonstrated that he is also willing to disseminate copies of the album’s data and files publicly, and that as many as ‘> 5,000 individuals’ may have already heard the album as a result of his actions.” However, such wide distribution stands in stark contrast with what was intended for an exclusive work like this one.

These actions happened after Shkreli had forfeited these rights and interest to the album in accordance with the law as argued by the legal team. By keeping and sharing replicas of that album, Martin Shkreli practically defied the conditions stipulated in the Forfeiture Order. This order did not only require him to give up his interests in the album but also forbade him from engaging in any action that might devalue it.

Effect on Album’s Value

According to PleasrDAO’s lawyers, Shkreli’s actions have far-reaching consequences for the worth of this album. The fact that it is frequently shared or played publicly diminishes its uniqueness hence affecting its value considerably. Hence, this diminishment is directly attributable to admitted acts by Mr. Skhreli and blatant disobedience of a judicial process.

There are significant legal implications because of Shkreli’s grave conduct. It is for this reason that PleasrDAO has gone to court against Shkreli over releasing the album into public domain. They intend to assert how important it is to maintain exclusiveness and value of unique art works, especially if there exists a legal document protecting them.


In conclusion, Martin Shkreli faces serious legal accusations for his alleged acts such as bragging about copying and sharing Wu-Tang Clan albums. In particular, PleasrDAO gives an elaborate account of these incidents which brings out the need for adhering to contracts and singular artistic values. Such kind of court cases demonstrate what happens when one disregards legally or ethically defined boundaries such as those indicated here.

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