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Is Katie Price pregnant? What Are the Rumors About Her Pregnancy Status?

Katie Price has fueled speculation that she is expecting her sixth child after posting a mysterious message on Instagram. The former beauty model, who is now 41 years old, posted a picture of herself with her boyfriend, Kris Boyson, and captioned it with the phrase, “If only people knew what we know.” A significant number of her fans instantly concluded that she was pregnant once again, and they flooded her with enthusiastic reactions shortly after.

However, according to a spokeswoman for Price, Price is not pregnant, as reported by Yahoo UK. Some of her supporters, on the other hand, have hypothesized that Price and Boyson could have hidden their engagement or marriage from the public eye. At the moment, Price is a mother to five children, and if she were to get engaged, it would be for the fourth time that she would eventually be married.

During her first marriage, she was married to Peter Andre, and the couple split in 2009. Just a few months after they had finalized their divorce, she went on to marry Alex Reid, a cage fighter; however, that marriage did not endure either, and it ended in 2011. When she tied the knot with the dancer Kieran Hayler in 2013, she became a wife for the third time. On the other hand, the couple went their own ways when Price allegedly found out that Hayler was having an affair with their nanny.

Price is now in a relationship with Boyson, a personal trainer, with whom she has been in a relationship on and off since the previous year. In other news, Hayler recently disclosed that there are “so many things wrong” with Price’s house, which is valued at over two million pounds.

A thorough examination of the state of Price’s home was carried out after it was featured in an episode of Through the Keyhole. During the show, viewers saw heaps of garbage, a filthy swimming pool, and horse feed spread across her driveway. Hayler provided the following statement in an interview with New! magazine: “I just think she’s so busy that she hasn’t had a chance to sort it out yet.”

Katie Price Fans Speculation About Her Pregnancy 

Katie’s shocking announcement that she is expecting her first child with her fiancé Carl on March 19, 2021, put her admirers into a frenzy. It came about after she had uploaded a photo of herself clutching her tummy and captioned the image with the following: “Happy and healthy – it’s the best feeling ever I thank @carljwoods for being a part of me x”

“My Dolly” was the response that Carl wrote in response to the post. As a result of the post, her fans are now persuaded that she is expecting a kid, and they have raced to offer their congratulations.

Chloe Ferry, who is a celebrity on Geordie Shore, commented, “Congratulations, baby.” A further individual chimed in, saying, “Congratulations, beautiful Xxx.” Meanwhile, another person responded, “Congratulations. I think you are a wonderful mother:).”

What have Katie Price and Carl Woods said about it?

Katie has not concealed the fact that she is open to the idea of having a family with Carl. After stating that she would “know on the 29th” of December whether she had conceived, she had earlier hinted that she could already be pregnant.

In her Instagram stories, Katie shared an image of a bottle of folic acid, accompanied by the caption “It’s that time.” The National Health Service (NHS) suggests that those who are capable of becoming pregnant should take a “folic acid tablet every day before you become pregnant and until you are 12 weeks pregnant.” Folic acid is believed to assist in the prevention of birth abnormalities.

Katie had indicated that the year 2021 would be the one in which that would take place, and earlier this month, Carl was seen with a pregnancy test.

During an exclusive conversation with The Sun, she said that the pair had already been attempting to conceive and that she would be able to determine whether or not they had been successful since her period was due at the end of December.

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“It would be incredible to enter the New Year with a baby on the way and a ring on my finger,” she added, expressing her excitement about the prospect. All of us have been trying, and I’m going to find out whether I’m pregnant on the 29th since that’s when my period is supposed to come.

In an interview with The Sun, Katie expressed her desire to have four more children with Carl, but she needs to rethink her decision since she has already had four Cesarean sections.

Katie Price Net Worth

Katie Price, a model who was born in the United Kingdom, has a net worth of around $40 million. Katie has gained a lot of notoriety as a result of her modeling work for the British tabloid newspaper The Sun. The magazine published images of her in a nude or half-nude state, which led to her being known as a bad girl and elevated her to the status of a household name overnight.

In addition to being a businesswoman, Katie Price is also a singer, an author, and a reality TV presenter. In addition to her involvement with a number of charitable organizations, she has created several apparel and accessory lines as part of her commercial endeavors. The author Katie has written and published several books, including memoirs and tales for children.

Through the use of the renown that she gained throughout her time as a model, she has been able to generate a consistent flow of money and collect a fortune from her modeling career. It is widely acknowledged that she is the most popular reality TV celebrity in the United Kingdom. She has residences that are worth many millions of dollars, luxury automobiles, and horses of the highest breeds. Her lifestyle is quite extravagant. In addition to having three children, Katie is now involved in a love relationship with Leandro Penna.

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Previously, the celebrity confessed that her experiences with her two youngest children were far more unnerving. She said, about the delivery of Jett, that “this doctor only gave me the epidural as opposed to the anesthetic.” Although I was aware that the physician was getting near to making the first incision, I had not yet attained numbness. However, the first incision was created, and I was able to feel the pressure that it was applying. The act of bringing life into the world is meant to be a miraculous journey. What I went through, on the other hand, was a nightmare.

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