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Steve Burton Is Returning To ‘General Hospital’

In a thrilling turn of events, actor Steve Burton, best known for his portrayal of Jason Morgan on General Hospital, has announced his return to the long-running soap opera. The surprising revelation occurred during ABC’s General Hospital: 60 Years of Stars and Storytelling special, adding an element of excitement and anticipation for fans.

The Journey Beyond Salem: Burton’s Brief Stint on Days Of Our Lives

Steve Burton’s recent departure from Days of Our Lives marked the end of a one-year engagement. Initially joining the cast for the second installment of Beyond Salem, a DOOL spinoff on Peacock, Burton portrayed the character Harris Michaels, a role he originated in 1988. However, this venture was short-lived as he decided to part ways with the show, paving the way for his return to Port Charles.

General Hospital’s 60th Anniversary Special: A Surprise Announcement

The news of Burton’s return was strategically unveiled at the conclusion of GH’s 60th Anniversary special. This special broadcast, which aired after The Golden Bachelor live wedding, added an extra layer of excitement for fans who were treated to a surprising reveal. The anticipation for Jason Morgan’s comeback is palpable, and the announcement has reignited interest in the soap opera.

Marvel-Style Post-Credits Surprise

The announcement took a Marvel-style approach, resembling a post-credits scene, as Burton made a surprise appearance alongside co-stars Laura Wright and Kelly Monaco. Standing united, they conveyed anniversary wishes to General Hospital, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats with Burton’s cryptic message, “Stay tuned, big things are coming to Port Charles.” The biggest revelation, of course, being Burton’s return to the show after a hiatus of over two years.

Days Of Our Lives Farewell And General Hospital Homecoming

The news of Burton’s return comes hot on the heels of his announcement that he had completed his role on Days of Our Lives, where he played the character Harris Michaels for about a year. In a heartfelt video shared on social media, Burton expressed gratitude to the cast and crew of Days of Our Lives and thanked the fans for their unwavering support during his tenure on the show.

Enduring Legacy: Jason Morgan’s Journey

Steve Burton’s connection with General Hospital runs deep, dating back to 1991 when he first joined the cast as Jason Morgan. Over the years, Burton’s portrayal of the character garnered immense popularity and became a significant part of the soap opera’s legacy. His unexpected departure in 2021 left fans speculating about the character’s fate, with a tunnel collapse seemingly claiming Jason Morgan’s life.

Vaccine Mandate Controversy: Behind The Departure

The circumstances surrounding Burton’s exit in 2021 were controversial, as it was revealed that he was let go due to General Hospital’s vaccine mandate. In an Instagram video, Burton shared his perspective, stating that he had applied for medical and religious exemptions, both of which were denied. Despite the setback, Burton emphasized the importance of personal freedom and expressed disappointment that anyone should lose their livelihood over vaccination mandates.

Jason Morgan’s Legacy: On and Off General Hospital

Steve Burton’s portrayal of Jason Morgan has been a defining element of General Hospital’s narrative. From 1991 to 2012 and then returning from 2017 to 2021, Burton has played a pivotal role in the soap’s success. The character’s dynamic relationship with Carly, played by Laura Wright, reached a significant point just before Burton’s departure. The circumstances surrounding his exit added an element of complexity to the character’s storyline.

A Glimpse into Burton’s Outlook: Open To The Future

During his departure announcement, Burton did not close the door on the possibility of returning to General Hospital, hinting that if mandates were lifted, he would be eager to resume his role as Jason Morgan. His positive outlook and gratitude toward the show and its fans were evident as he expressed a willingness to continue his career on General Hospital if circumstances allowed.

Acknowledging Fan Support: A Touching Finale

Throughout the turbulent period leading to his exit, Burton consistently acknowledged the support of the fans. In his departure video, he expressed deep gratitude for the time spent on General Hospital, emphasizing the impact the show had on his life. Whether or not mandates were lifted, Burton conveyed a commitment to moving forward with gratitude, carrying the lessons and experiences from his time on the show.

The Soap Opera Landscape: Navigating Challenges And Changes

The departures of Steve Burton and Ingo Rademacher shed light on the broader challenges faced by soap operas during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mandates, policies, and differing opinions among cast members have presented unique hurdles. The industry’s response to these challenges, including legal actions taken by departing actors, reflects the complex dynamics at play behind the scenes.

The Road Ahead: Anticipating Jason Morgan’s Return

As General Hospital prepares for Steve Burton’s return as Jason Morgan in early 2024, the soap opera’s narrative is poised for a significant shift. Fans are speculating about the storyline that will accompany Jason’s comeback, especially considering the character’s abrupt departure and the developments in his relationship with Carly. The anticipation is not only a testament to Burton’s impact but also to the enduring appeal of General Hospital as a staple in daytime television.


Steve Burton’s return to General Hospital marks a significant moment in the show’s history. The unexpected nature of the announcement, coupled with the actor’s enduring connection to the role of Jason Morgan, adds a layer of excitement for fans who have eagerly awaited his return. As Port Charles braces itself for the arrival of this iconic character, the soap opera landscape is sure to be enriched by Burton’s reprisal of a role that has left an indelible mark on General Hospital’s legacy.

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