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Benzino Drops Another Eminem Diss

The longstanding feud between Benzino and Eminem takes a new turn as Benzino releases another diss track, titled “Rap Elvis.” This move comes in response to Eminem’s counter in the Lyrical Lemonade compilation, reigniting a feud that seemed to have settled down. The Source ex-editor’s persistent vendetta against Eminem has now escalated with fresh allegations and a challenge to Eminem’s fanbase. Benzino, known for his controversial statements, takes aim at Eminem’s career, label, and recent interactions with Detroit’s rap scene.

Background: Lyrical Lemonade Compilation Sparks Renewed Conflict

The feud between Benzino and Eminem was reignited when Eminem responded to Benzino’s appearance on the Lyrical Lemonade compilation. This compilation featured a short track where Eminem took shots at Benzino, prompting a series of responses from the latter. Despite initially dismissing Eminem’s diss as unworthy of a response, Benzino eventually engaged in a back-and-forth exchange, claiming victory and boldly asserting his dominance.

Benzino’s Provocative Statement: Eminem Fans And Online Feuds

Benzino took to his Instagram page to make a bold statement about Eminem fans, referring to them as the “softest fans in Hip Hop.” Accusing them of hiding behind the internet, Benzino asserted that they would never confront anyone in person. He further declared his triumph over Eminem, labeling the acclaimed rapper as a “pale face corny rap god.”

“Rap Elvis” Diss Track: Retreading Old Grounds With Unexpected Blows

Benzino dropped a new diss track titled “Rap Elvis,” where he revisits familiar criticisms of Eminem’s style and persona. However, the lyrics take an unexpected turn as Benzino addresses issues raised by Detroit rapper Icewear Vezzo, who claimed Eminem wasn’t showing enough love to the city. Additionally, Benzino delves into the history of Shady Records, highlighting departures from the label by artists such as 50 Cent, Gun, Benny, Con, Royce, Joe Budden, Ortiz, and Crooked I. He questions Eminem’s impact on his label, suggesting that Shady Records sounds more like a description than a reputable name.

Icewear Vezzo’s Grievance: Lack Of Love From Eminem For Detroit

Benzino’s diss track references a conversation started by Icewear Vezzo, a Detroit rapper, who claimed that Eminem wasn’t supportive of the local hip-hop scene. Benzino echoes Vezzo’s sentiments, questioning why Eminem hasn’t shown more love to artists in his own city. This adds a new layer to the ongoing feud, bringing in the perspective of other Detroit rappers who feel neglected by the rap icon.

Shady Records History: Benzino Exposes Departures And Label Troubles

Benzino takes a deep dive into the history of Shady Records, Eminem’s record label. He points out the departures of notable artists, including Gun, Benny, Con, Royce, Joe Budden, Ortiz, and Crooked I. Benzino implies that Eminem’s label has faced challenges and questions the rapper’s ability to maintain a stable of successful artists. The diss track paints a picture of Shady Records as a less-than-ideal home for artists, suggesting that Eminem’s influence has waned over the years.

Cashis’ Whereabouts: Benzino Raises Questions About Shady Records Artists

In his diss track, Benzino questions the whereabouts of Cashis, a former artist on Shady Records. By highlighting the apparent silence surrounding Cashis, Benzino raises doubts about the success and relevance of artists associated with Eminem’s label. This tactic aims to undermine Eminem’s reputation by suggesting that some artists have faded into obscurity under his mentorship.

Addressing Detroit Rappers’ Grievances

Drawing from a conversation initiated by Icewear Vezzo, Benzino raises the issue of Eminem allegedly neglecting support for Detroit rappers. He references Icewear Vezzo’s claim that Eminem does not show enough love to artists in his own city. This adds a layer to Benzino’s criticism, presenting Eminem as disconnected from the local hip-hop scene in Detroit.

Nick Cannon’s Influence: Benzino Challenges Eminem’s Response Time

In a move reminiscent of Nick Cannon’s approach, Benzino sets a deadline for Eminem to respond. He warns that Eminem will face cancellation if he doesn’t reply within 48 hours. This strategy adds a sense of urgency to the feud, bringing in the specter of canceled culture and the potential consequences for Eminem if he doesn’t address Benzino’s diss promptly.

The Aftermath: Speculation And Eminem’s Response

The diss track concludes with Benzino confidently asserting that Eminem will be canceled if he doesn’t respond within the specified timeframe. This sets the stage for speculation within the hip-hop community about how Eminem will react. Given the history of the feud, there is anticipation for Eminem’s response and whether it will match the intensity of Benzino’s diss.

Conclusion: A Never-Ending Feud In Hip Hop

Benzino’s latest diss track adds another chapter to the long-standing feud between him and Eminem. The track not only revisits old grievances but also introduces new elements, bringing in the voices of other Detroit rappers and highlighting perceived issues within Shady Records. As the hip-hop community waits for Eminem’s response, the feud continues to capture attention, showcasing the enduring nature of conflicts within the genre.

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