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Celine Dion Took Potentially Fatal Dosages of Valium to Cope With Symptoms of Stiff Person Syndrome: ‘I Did Not Know Honestly That It Could Kill Me’

Celine Dion’s First TV Interview Since Her Diagnosis

In 2022, Celine Dion gave her inaugural television interview after being diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS). In this emotional and heartfelt conversation, aired on an hour long special by NBC News called “Celine’s Story,” a distressed Dion talks of the impact of SPS in her life.

The interview, which was broadcast this evening and will be available to stream on Peacock starting tomorrow, dives deep into the challenges Dion has faced over the years. From the initial onset of symptoms to the frightening reality of her treatment, Dion shares her journey in detail.

Early Symptoms and Misdiagnosis

Initially, the muscles of Celine began spasming up and stiffening which was quite puzzling to both her and medical professionals attending to her. Valium was prescribed to relieve these symptoms; this is a medication commonly used for anxiety relief and muscle relaxation. However, she only received the right diagnosis of Stiff Person Syndrome.

The manner in which Dion describes her experience with valium is incredibly tragic. Speaking about it later, she notes that at some point she took Valium just to make it through a performance but over time her body grew accustomed to it such that I had no other choice than increasing my dosage. What was once considered normal doses then became like going from one body size fits all design to another? Eventually, she began taking 90mg daily as opposed to the recommended 40mg maximum limit.

Unaware of the Risks

“I honestly didn’t know it could kill me” reveals Dion candidly when asked about how much Valium she took; “Like when you take too much?” She confesses why she kept increasing doses higher: “You know 90 milligrams can stop your breathing because you are overdosing on Valium.” She explains what happens when using more pills gave similar outcomes. “At one point, my body got used to it at 20 and 30 and 40 until it went up. And I needed that, it was relaxing my whole body for what, for two weeks, for a month. OK, the show must go on. Here we go, I’m fine. But you get used to it, it doesn’t work anymore. More, more, more.”

Valium has become Dion’s personal story of not letting medication addiction ruin her life for good reference about medication abuse. Her story has also become an epitome of why self medication is dangerous even though the drugs are prescribed by doctors themselves who have no idea how one’s body would respond to them if they were using them without any medical advice whatsoever as this could lead to serious consequences like with her case being diagnosed properly; therefore she now knows better and can be more cautious about her therapy.

Moving Forward

Celine Dion interview stands out as an incredible testament of her strength in the face of adversity. Nevertheless, she presses on despite the challenges brought about by SPS. Her revelation is not only personal but also speaks volumes upon health issues surrounding oneself and knowing how important proper medical consultation can be. During the interview, Dion explains that she first started experiencing physical issues while on her 2008 Taking Chances world tour. Over time, she would lower the key of the songs during live shows, and when she felt symptoms while performing, she would turn the microphone to the audience to sing for her. “I wanted to be brave, I didn’t want to let anyone down,” she says.

Over time, her issues with muscle spasms and stiffness got worse, she reveals, until eventually it was so bad she broke ribs from the severity of the spasms. “It started this way,” she points to her throat. “Alright it’s gonna be okay. Then you are walking all hard then two hours you can’t see anything then you start realizing what is the matter? Did I miss something or my sugar level dropped? Thoughts about just simple things. You don’t even imagine that one day you will die. But at one point, you get narrow and you get into a tunnel and you can have… It looks like seizures, they’re not seizures but you don’t remember everything.”

Challenges and Battles

Celine speaks about the struggles that came along with her deteriorating symptoms. Initially, she thought it was nothing serious which would go away on its own. She performed while struggling through pain that resided in her body like never before as an artiste. However, with time, these problems intensified more relentlessly than ever before experienced by anyone else as an artiste. Even simple tasks became difficult for her to execute because moving seemed impossible for Celine, temporary blindness struck her for several hours. This unpredictability scared Celine since it meant that something unknown had taken over her body.

She speaks out about how she attempted finding out what was the cause behind those strange signs during this interview session; trying to figure if it could be low blood sugar or just a minor health hitch. They were so severe and happened so often that Dion said there were times when she felt like she was going through a tunnel where everything was closing up on her, due to excessive twitching in extreme case leading to an occurrence resembling seizures, although they were not exactly seizures. She further explains that she doesn’t remember all of it but some looks like seizures.

Determination to continue

Despite these challenges throughout the interview, Dion’s determination to keep going is apparent. She never wanted her fans to be disappointed so she kept on performing in order not to let them down. Bravery and dedication are visible as she tells stories of what lengths went into keeping the show running. Enforcing discipline upon herself where her body was concerned, there was always a little more that Celina could give during a performance when audience support failed her.

On June 25th, Dion’s documentary film “I Am: Celine Dion” will be released on Amazon Prime Video. She had already been filming a documentary regarding her own life when she got diagnosed with SPS, and then went on to tell the world about it through Twitter in 2022. In the forthcoming “I Am: Celine Dion” which will premiere on Amazon Prime Video this coming 25th day of June, Celine Dion bares her soul. Interestingly enough, while making another documentary about herself, she was informed that she had Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS). She chose to keep going despite this diagnosis as she painstakingly filmed the raw emotional roller coaster ride.

SPS is an uncommon autoimmune neurological disorder causing random episodes of muscle control and stiffness. This is so rare that only one to two persons out of every million are affected by it. When asked how it felt for her having such a rare condition, Dion gave a thoughtful response.

Dealing with Diagnosis

When asked if there was ever a time when she wondered why she had no luck as far as getting diagnosed with a certain illness she responded; ‘Look I have been working so hard on my life and everything went well I’ve done everything that the doctors said and I’ve been good girl. Is it going to take away SPS? Or Is it going to make me feel better? Is it going to fix anything? What does questioning life and saying why me do for me rather than living my life?’ And I thought nope! Let me live my life.”

Dion refused to let SPS define her despite its numerous obstacles. She stressed the importance of living rather than wondering why this condition happened to her; thus giving an empowering message that motivates. This is a powerful testament to her own resilience and strength as she survives.” “I Am: Celine Dion” will be a very strong exploration of the singer’s unbreakable spirit. The film shows us how SPS has affected her personal life and career with scenes of intimate moments. So this documentary is not just about her struggles, but also the triumphs of living fully despite having been diagnosed with it.”

Celine Dion’s Message to Fans

During the special, Dion sang many times, each performance displaying her strong spirit and loud voice. Her singing indicated that she could come back to the stage later on. Speaking directly to her fans, she thanked and wanted to perform before them again, Dion’s message was filled with warmth and anticipation. “I want you to come and see me again,” she said, reaching out passionately to her audience. She emphasized her desire to invite her fans back to her performances, highlighting the unique bond she shares with them. She reflected on the support she has received over the years, acknowledging the unwavering loyalty of her fans. “You’ve been my supporters for so many years,” Dion remarked as a way of showing gratitude for their continuous company in life.

There were times that Dion thought maybe there are chances fans may have totally forgotten about her. Sharing some concerns she added, “Sometimes I’ve thought, maybe they forgot”. This kind of honesty showed her weakness that she has, together with this people who like her. She stressed how much she cherishes performing in front of them since they make up part of what happens on stage.” They are part of show,” said Dion, thereby underscoring one on one connection between herself and listeners.” The adrenaline should be flowing from your veins…and we can’t wait.”

Ending her message on a hopeful note, Dion expressed her excitement and eagerness for the future. “I just can’t wait,” she said, meaning that by these words , one will surely be looking forward with enthusiasm. This closing statement left fans with a sense of hope and anticipation for her return to the stage.


Amazon Prime Video is set to premiere Celine Dion’s documentary “I Am: Celine Dion” on June 25; this will be a unique opportunity to see deep and personal sides of her life. Her journey with Stiff Person Syndrome, her decision to continue filming, and her positive outlook on life serve as an inspiration to many. She shows that one can find hope and strength even in the face of adversity. This documentary is also a great testament to resilience of Celine Dion’s fans which everyone should watch if you’re looking for inspiration from her incredible story.

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