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‘The Iron Claw’ Leaves Out One of the Von Erich Brothers — Here’s Why Chris Isn’t in The Movie

A24’s latest biopic, “The Iron Claw,” directed by Sean Durkin, dives into the captivating world of the legendary Von Erich family of wrestlers. While the film explores the tight-knit brotherhood and wrestling prominence of the Von Erichs in the 1980s, it makes a significant departure from reality by omitting Chris Von Erich, the sixth son of patriarch Fritz Von Erich. This article delves into the creative decisions behind this omission and the broader narrative choices made in crafting the biopic.

The Von Erich Family Tragedies

“The Iron Claw” doesn’t shy away from the tragic events that befell the Von Erich family. From the accidental electrocution and drowning of the eldest son, Jack Jr., in 1959, to David’s death from acute enteritis in 1984, and Mike’s suicide in 1987, the film paints a poignant picture of the family’s struggles. However, the absence of Chris, who took his own life in 1991 at the age of 21, raises questions about the creative liberties taken in shaping the narrative.

Chris Von Erich: A Talented Yet Struggling Sibling

Chris Von Erich, born in 1969, aspired to follow in the footsteps of his older brothers and become a wrestling star. However, his journey was fraught with challenges. Standing at 5-foot-5-inches, asthmatic, and dealing with brittle bones due to asthma medication, Chris faced physical barriers that hindered his success in the wrestling world. The film, however, chooses not to include him among the Von Erich siblings, reshaping the family dynamic.

The Tragic End of Chris Von Erich

Chris Von Erich’s life came to a tragic end on September 12, 1991, when he died from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. He became the fourth sibling to pass away, following the deaths of Jack Jr., David, and Mike. Kevin, the only surviving sibling, discovered Chris’ body on Fritz’s ranch property. Chris left behind a suicide note, marking a dark chapter in the Von Erich family saga. The film’s exclusion of Chris raises questions about the portrayal of mental health struggles within the family.

Creative Choices and Omissions in “The Iron Claw”

Director Sean Durkin acknowledges the challenges of condensing the complex and tragic Von Erich family story into a feature-length film. Durkin cites time constraints as a significant factor in the omission of certain aspects, including Chris Von Erich. He expresses the difficulty of choosing what to include in the movie, given the extensive material available. In the production notes, Durkin states, “The reality is so much worse than what is in the movie. You can’t make a movie like that. There’s just not enough time for it — it’s so relentless.”

The Director’s Dilemma: Excluding Chris Von Erich

Addressing the exclusion of Chris, Durkin reveals that it was one of the toughest decisions he had to make during the film’s production. He emphasizes the vastness of the Von Erich family story, likening it to the complexity of “The Godfather.” With limited time for the film, Durkin had to make choices about what aspects could be included. The director recognizes the gravity of Chris’ story but explains that the constraints of the medium dictated his choices.

Mike Von Erich: A Composite Character in “The Iron Claw”

While Chris is conspicuously absent, the film takes a creative approach with Mike Von Erich, presenting a character that blends aspects of both Mike and Chris. In “The Iron Claw,” Mike finds joy in playing the guitar, exploring filmmaking, and listening to music. The narrative explores his reluctance to fully embrace wrestling after David’s death, and his subsequent struggles with toxic shock syndrome, fever, and a coma. Ultimately, Mike’s character takes a dark turn, mirroring the tragic end that Chris faced in real life.

Mike Von Erich’s Representation: A Blend of Reality and Fiction

In “The Iron Claw,” the character of Mike Von Erich undergoes a narrative shift to accommodate the exclusion of Chris. Mike, portrayed by Stanley Simons, is depicted as finding happiness in playing the guitar, exploring his interest in filmmaking, and listening to music. However, his reluctant foray into wrestling after David’s death reveals a lack of passion and physicality compared to his older siblings.

The film introduces a fictionalized element, as Mike’s character combines aspects of both his real-life counterpart and Chris. After sustaining a shoulder injury during a wrestling match, Mike experiences toxic shock syndrome and a high fever, ultimately slipping into a coma. His struggle to recover from the coma and frustration over his inability to play the guitar post-injury culminate in a tragic suicide, adding a dramatic twist to the character’s arc.

Conclusion: A Creative Interpretation of the Von Erich Legacy

“The Iron Claw” navigates the challenging task of condensing the complex and tragic Von Erich family story into a feature film. While the exclusion of Chris Von Erich raises eyebrows, director Sean Durkin’s explanation sheds light on the constraints faced in capturing the family’s extensive narrative. The film’s creative choices, particularly the amalgamation of Mike and Chris’s stories, offer a unique perspective on the challenges and sacrifices faced by the Von Erich siblings, leaving audiences with a poignant and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

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