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Who Is Dick Van Dyke’s Wife? Meet Arlene

Dick Van Dyke, the beloved Hollywood icon, found a late-in-life romance with Arlene Silver. Their unique love story, marked by chance encounters and shared passions, has captured the hearts of many.

Early Encounters and Professional Connection

Van Dyke and Silver’s paths first crossed at the 2006 SAG Awards, where Silver, a makeup artist, was working. Despite the 45-year age gap, they hit it off immediately. Van Dyke, impressed by Silver’s talent, hired her for various projects, laying the foundation for a deeper connection.

A Supportive Partner During Grief

Silver played a crucial role in Van Dyke’s life after the passing of his longtime love, Michelle Triola, in 2009. Her support during this challenging time blossomed into a deeper emotional connection, solidifying their bond.

Leap Day Wedding and Family Acceptance

In a leap year on February 29, 2012, Van Dyke and Silver tied the knot in a spur-of-the-moment decision. Despite initial concerns about the significant age difference, Van Dyke’s family embraced Silver, with grandchildren even affectionately calling her Grandma.

Family Acceptance: Overcoming Age Difference

Van Dyke, initially concerned about his family’s acceptance of the age gap, found warmth and acceptance from his children and grandchildren. Arlene became an integral part of the family, affectionately referred to as “Grandma” by the grandkids.

Shared Passions: Singing, Dancing, and the Vantastix

One of the couple’s enduring bonds is their mutual love for singing and dancing. They regularly perform together in the Vantastix, a cappella group founded by Van Dyke. The shared joy of music contributes to the happiness in their relationship.

Overcoming Age Differences

Despite concerns about societal acceptance due to their substantial age gap, Van Dyke’s family embraced Silver warmly. His grandchildren even affectionately refer to her as Grandma, illustrating the genuine familial bond that has formed.

Arlene & the Vantastix: A Musical Collaboration

Silver took her passion for music a step further by creating a band, Arlene & the Vantastix. In 2022, she directed a music video featuring Van Dyke for their rendition of Doris Day’s “Everybody Loves a Lover,” showcasing their musical synergy.

Creative Collaboration: Music Video and Dick Van Dyke Collection

The music video, set in an art installation in Los Angeles, cleverly references a classic moment from The Dick Van Dyke Show. Additionally, the inclusion of sweaters from the Dick Van Dyke Collection adds a nostalgic touch to their creative collaboration.

Red Carpet Glamour and Public Appearances

Van Dyke and Silver often grace red carpets together, exuding elegance and style. From the premiere of “Mary Poppins Returns” to the 2021 Kennedy Center Honors, their public appearances reflect a supportive partnership that goes beyond the entertainment industry.

The Masked Singer and Musical Influence

Van Dyke’s appearance on The Masked Singer’s season 9 premiere showcased his enduring passion for music. Silver played a pivotal role in selecting a song that captured his essence, emphasizing the collaborative nature of their relationship.

March 2023: Car Accident and Silver’s Care

The couple faced a challenging moment in March 2023 when Van Dyke was involved in a car accident. Silver stepped in to care for him, emphasizing the strength of their bond during both joyous and difficult times.

A Lasting Legacy: The Dick Van Dyke Collection

The couple’s connection extends beyond personal and creative pursuits to include the Dick Van Dyke Collection, a line of sweaters released in the 1960s. In a delightful detail, everyone in the music video wears sweaters from this collection, showcasing a blend of nostalgia and enduring style.

Love in the Limelight: Dick and Arlene’s Hollywood Journey

Despite their age difference, the couple embraced the public eye, attending various Hollywood events together. Arlene stood by Dick’s side during his honors at the 2021 Kennedy Center Honors and his appearance in 2018’s Mary Poppins Returns. Their shared love for singing was evident when Dick took the stage on The Masked Singer season 9, performing a song suggested by Arlene.

A Harmonious Partnership: The Secret to Dick and Arlene’s 11-Year Marriage

As they approach two decades together, the couple’s enduring relationship is attributed to their shared attitude and adaptability. In a statement to Closer in March 2022, Dick revealed, “We share an attitude. She can go with the flow. She loves to sing and dance, which we do almost every day. She’s just delightful.”

A Lasting Love Story

Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver’s love story is a testament to the enduring power of companionship, transcending age and adversity. As the Hollywood legend celebrates his 98th birthday, their journey together stands as a remarkable chapter in the actor’s storied life and career.


Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver’s love story is a testament to the power of connection, shared passions, and unwavering support. Their journey, marked by creative collaborations and mutual care, continues to inspire fans and admirers alike.

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    She is beautiful just like her Mama. Good luck in all you do.

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