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The BTS ARMY Are Getting Insanely Creative With The McDonalds BTS Meal Packaging

Say what you want about BTS’s humongous fan base known as the ARMY (of which I am a proud member), but you cannot deny that they are a ridiculously talented and creative bunch of dedicated fans. I recently wrote a three part article about content, fan art and fan edits from ARMY following the eight year anniversary of the band’s debut and today we are going to look at some more creations from BTS’s fan base. BTS recently collaborated with fast food franchise McDonalds for The BTS Meal and to say it was a success would be an understatement. The meal achieved more than a million sales in South Korea alone in less than a month. So yeah, it has been a pretty big deal.  Whilst the meal came to an end not too long ago, those lucky ARMY fans who managed to get their hands on it have been dabbling in arts and crafts to make the purple packaging for the meals last longer, turning them into all sorts of awesome items and taking recycling to a whole new level. Let’s take a look at some of their innovative creations.

Check out all of the creators on their social media, which I will link to their handles in each post below.

@CraftedbyCalai has made some impressive jewellery as well as a coaster out of the packaging in these crazily creative pieces. Amazing work!

Image Courtesy of @CraftedbyCalai

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Whilst we are on the topic of jewellery, @amcreates has made some BTS x McDonalds earrings that are fantastically done. The creativity level of these folks is unreal.

Image Courtesy of @amcreates

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@art_ynnah is not only encouraging recycling with their BTS bookmarks, but also reading in general. There are literally no negatives here.

Image Courtesy of @art_ynnah

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And another example of this comes from @yoongirvine. Amazing.

One more from @chamchamcham__. I just love that reading is being encouraged by these creative ARMIES okay?

@7QueenSpringDay is also encouraging utilising the packaging for educational purposes, acting as a reminder board and stationary organiser with some key chains thrown in for good measure.

We are even getting clothing made from upcycled parts of The BTS Meal packaging, including this corset from @gallabyzie. How do these ideas even come up? That is the level of creativity we mere mortals can only dream of.

Image Courtesy of @gallabyzie

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@jianyang1979 creates some doll fashion with the packaging next. Someone please make this incredible dress life sized.

Image Courtesy of @jianyang1979

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Not interested in clothes or jewellery? How about a “BTS Meal accessory handbag? @g.leather.craft has got you covered.

Image Courtesy of @g.leather.craft

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This post of a pair of custom made BTS Meal sneakers by @josiahchua has been doing the rounds on social media as of late and for good reason. There is even a little pocket for your nuggets in the back. Can you imagine someone actually running around in these and stopping every now and then to grab a nugget? I wish it was me.

Okay so this is just an origami version of the packaging but it is so cute that I had to include it. Brilliant job @fleurgami

Image Courtesy of @fleurgami

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Even the doggos of the Internet are getting in the action as demonstrated by Chihuahua brothers Pocky and Oreo- @orea.chh– and Ninja the miniature Schnauzer- @ninjapaw-, whose owners have fashioned some rather fetching (see what I did there?) accessories for them out of the BTS meal packaging.

Image Courtesy of oreo.chh

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Image Courtesy of @ninjapaw

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@bngtncart_ creates super cute binder filler with their pieces of BTS Meal packaging. These posts are making me yearn for arts and crafts skills.

@jaegicart creates some fantastic keychains from their BTS Meal. I love how simple and well done these are. They could easily be mistaken for official merchandise. Fun fact: I’m actually getting pretty good at reading Korean and I can confirm that the Korean written on @jaegicart’s keyrings reads as “borahae” which means “I Purple You”, a term amongst the ARMY that I explained over on my anniversary article. I just wanted a chance to show off. Don’t judge me.

Some more simple keyring designs that have such a brilliant, aesthetic vibe to them, this time from @imbabyjiminshop. Oh, and let’s do practice some more Korean! You’d be right if you thought the Korean writing under the “Sweet Chili” and “Cajun” keyrings-  the special sauce packets from the BTS Meal- read as exactly that but what it would translate directly to- as in letter for letter- in English would be “Seuwiteu Chilli” and “Kaeichun”. In case you haven’t noticed, I have no one to share my Korean knowledge with.

It is crazy how the ARMY are able to make the same product- in this case, a keyring- and make them unique despite using the same materials. @cypherrrV does this perfectly.

This is such a wholesome way to capture the memory of the BTS Meal from @mayungiexx. I want this on my desk so I can look at it at all times.

This one, too. Beautifully done @melsugaxxxx

Yep, this one belongs on my desk too @KIM_TAEHYVNG

Some scrapbooking ideas from @cessymii. Now this is how you recycle!

I’m kind of falling in love with the concept of scrapbooking and these amazing BTS Meal concepts- like this awesome one from @Kmk2lmk– is not helping the situation.

More scrapbooking! This is so cute and creative @__anuskaaaaa__

I adore the homemade nature of these wonderful little BTS scrapbooks. They have such a homely vibe @koopr0ds

These pretty little cards are so amazing! I love the incorporation of our ARMY logo with the BTS one as well as the purple heart and the cute little graphics. Shout out to @frAgustD3rd for this beauty.

There is a whole host of homemade merchandise to be had with this fabulous haul from @pamcee. Seriously, give me some of that creativity. I need it. Please.

@craveforcandy also has a plethora of products made from the packaging, including keyrings and a wallet. Impressive stuff!

@_seokingwettttt got in on the action too with this cool collection of upcycled BTS Meal packaging.

@_vluvrr displays some creative content too as well as a YouTube video with ideas of what DIY products you can make with your packaging. I will link it here so make sure you check it out!

A super cute little storage box and cup is simple yet beautiful from @_youraid. Talent!!

There have been a lot of creative cups made from the BTS Meal packaging but this one is on another level as it features a little astronaut and some flashing lights. That is how you make a cool cup even cooler @HouseOfCardx

Talking about those cups, @auburnwilson actually made a template that you can use to make your own BTS Meal tumbler. Not all heroes wear capes.

Cups and keyrings from @deathstalker_12 next. Fabulous work!

@2cool4rulz combines the BTS Meal with graphics of the latest song from BTS -“Butter”- in these phone cases and cups.

I am absolutely in love with the tiny little easels that act as the holders for @luvlymochi_’s handmade photo cards.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic and @kei_evol_jin has the perfect solution for staying sanitised whilst displaying your BTS pride!

Searching for a way to hold your stationary in BTS style? Then look no further than these amazing pen and pencil holders made from The BTS Meal as created by @jin_imy.  Such a cool and innovative idea that is practical as well as awesome.

Next we have some pop art style phone cases from @SofiaiDragon. I’m lovin’it. Get it? I said the thing.  I will show myself out.

I seriously need one of these phone cases. This one comes from @TeunTeuniNoona. Great work, ARMY!

@kookiexcore kills two birds with one stone by making what I am assuming is a small card holder into a BTS Meal themed wallet. Now you can store your BTS photo cards in true ARMY style.  

@bangtanjali raises the bar with this mini bag made from the packaging, including, the Sweet Chili and Cajun sauce packages. This one just astounds me. How are you this inventive??? I am not worthy.

A clock! @minmeowjuju made a clock!! How?!?!?! How are you so talented?

There’s also some amazing fan art from the ARMY in regards to The BTS Meal, including the tremendous anime style piece from @hanavbara.

If only BTS themselves could have handed out BTS Meals like this. Actually that’s probably a terrible idea. I think customers would be hungry for way more than just food if they did. I am so sorry. But check out this awesome fan art from @Hellacrapnan

@ArtsyBits literally created art out of McDonald’s sauce. How is this possible? You are too talented for words.

And this cute and kitschy art piece from @happybrokelli is also incredible.

I wanted to conclude with this gem from @prettyksks. I have no words except…perfection.

I think I have demonstrated rather well how the talent and creativity that some of the ARMY possess is well and truly off the scale. There is no doubting that BTS are an inspiration for the more imaginative members of their fan base, leading them to make new and innovative art thanks to their shared love for the Korean band. We didn’t actually get the BTS Meal over here in the UK but looking at all this amazing content online made me feel a little bit included in the promotion at least.

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