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I Purple You: An In-Depth Look at BTS’s Fans and Their Stories- Part Five

After weeks of research, talking to people, hearing a wide range of stories and learning just how much BTS means to their fan base, we are finally at the last part of this series. I know I’ve said it a million times but once again, thank you so much to all of the participants in these articles. It’s not easy to share things that are so personal but it means a lot to me that you have been willing to get involved. This series might not change much; it might not even have any impact at all. But if it manages to change even one person’s views when it comes to the ARMY and BTS- or if it has been a therapeutic or enjoyable experience for any of the participants- then I consider this a huge success. Thank you again to everyone who took part and everyone who has taken the time to read. Make sure to read part one, two, three and four linked here and at the bottom of the article. Let’s get into the final stories from the BTS ARMY.

Bea’s BTS Story

13. Female. Student from the Philippines.

“I learned about BTS through my classmates. At the time, I never really knew what BTS was or what K-pop was. I started getting attached to their song ‘Dynamite’ which got me interested into BTS. I loved their style, their dancing, and their attire. I then searched up BTS on YouTube and I got hooked completely. Most of all, their message had an impact on me. They taught me to love myself and to always work hard. I also then found out that BTS had a fandom called Army and I decided to join it because it sounded like such an amazing community. Being part of this fandom changed my life and I don’t know what could have happened if I didn’t find out about it.”

“My bias is Jeon Jungkook. He’s sweet, caring, handsome, and super talented. Of course I love all seven of them equally because they all have different personalities which make the group really funny and unique. I think my favourite album would be “Map of the Soul: Persona” because it really caught my attention and I love the songs included. ‘Boy with Luv’ was also one of the songs that interested me in them and is part of this album. If I had to pick a favourite performance, it would be all of them! Each performance has different attire and different settings which make them different from each other. BTS for me is just my dose of happiness and they always bring a smile to my face. I never regret the day I became an Army”.

One of the songs that caught Bea’s attention was “Boy with Luv”, which featured a collaboration with American artist Halsey.

Samantha’s BTS Story

48. Female. Teaching assistant from the United Kingdom.

“My daughters were fans and wanted to me to at least like them, so I got them to teach me their names as I only wanted to be able to join in with their conversations about them.  My daughter used to practice massage on me (she was training to be a beauty therapist at the time).  She’d get me relaxed and just play their music or get me to watch YouTube videos with her, knowing I’d become hooked! They asked me to go with them to their concert in Wembley but I thought I’d be the only oldie there and I wasn’t that interested, so didn’t go with them! I’ve regretted it ever since…”

“I love all of their songs however “Pied Piper” does things to me!  My Bias order is – 1) Tae. 2) 1. Tae. 2. Namjoon. 3. Jungkook. 4. Jimin/Yoongi. 5. Jin. 6. Hobi. Their music, their ethos, their looks, the style and the gorgeousness, I love it all in. In fact, I’m quite obsessed!  I have a small shrine in my bedroom for them much to my husband’s horror.  I have 2 BTS tattoos now and nonstop music blaring out in my car and at home.  I’m watching Korean TV non-stop.  I want to visit South Korea. I want to meet them-obvs (!). I just love them all and have little scenarios about them in my imagination but my bias is Tae, with the other 6 close behind! I really need to go to their next concert just to experience them. Fingers crossed they’ll come here and we’ll get tickets. I know I’m old enough to be their mother but I don’t care! I’m fed up with people hating them and telling me I’m weird because of them. They can shove it! I’m happy! We went to London to take photos of places they’d been such as the traffic island in recent street for Tae’s photo and the wall near to Tower Bridge for Jimins and Tae’s photos.”

Samantha mentions how “Pied Piper” has an almost mesmerising nature to it and I have to agree. The song confirms that BTS know how much their fans are hooked on them. How we can’t stop staring at them but also how we should also keep working hard and not be too distracted to stop doing so. A comment on the above performance on YouTube sums up “Pied Piper” perfectly: “It’s like…they’re gently scolding me, but also seducing us all”. This is definitely one of the sexiest BTS songs so if you don’t know it, make sure to check it out. Don’t forget to breathe whilst watching. It can be hard to remember.

Eloise’s BTS Story

25. Female. Marketing Manager and Anthropology Masters Student. Born in England but lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

“I was first introduced to them with James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. I loved how friendly and funny they were and how much they appeared to care about each other. Their personalities, serious approach to each other and the band and their fans and the sheer amount of content produced that I could immerse myself in was what kept me a fan. I am now writing my Masters thesis about them! Also, I met my uni best friend because we were both wearing merch!”

“My bias is V! My favourite three songs are “Blood Sweat and Tears”, “Euphoria”, “Outro: Tear”. Thanks for writing this article. I always love to spread the good word about the boys!

Note from Antonia: You’re very welcome Eloise!

One of Eloise’s chosen favourite songs “Outro: Tear”- a song by the rap line- is one of my favourites too. It has such depth and emotion in the lyrics- composed by the rappers themselves alongside DOCSKIM and Shin- Myung-Soo- as well as pure skill in terms of the rapping. The song was written when the group almost disbanded at the beginning of 2018, with the pressure of their own success becoming almost too great to cope with. Thankfully, they pushed through and became even more successful than they could ever imagine. However, “Outro: Tear” is a good reminder that despite all of the fame and infamy, they are still only human.

Ash’s BTS Story

17. Genderfluid. Student from Wales.

“I came across BTS at the age of 9 (2014) from a YouTube recommendation and thought I’d check it out. As soon as the video finished, I knew they were going to be big in the future. At first I listened to them just for fun until 2015. I was going through both mental and physical problems and I needed help. When things got out of hand, I started to self-harm, starve etc., then one day I had a notification showing that BTS just released the “Love Yourself” era and things actually started getting better for me after purchasing the albums. Till this day I owe them everything and they make me so happy. I’m so glad they came into my life!”

“My bias is Suga because I can sort of relate to him in a way. He was the first member that caught my eye back when I started liking the group. The songs I can relate to at the moment have to be “Magic Shop” and “Zero O’Clock”.

Note from Antonia: I’m sorry for what you have gone through Ash and I hope that BTS have helped you want to stop hurting and starving yourself. Don’t forget, the ARMY are here for you too as well as BTS! We purple you!

One of Ash’s current relatable songs is “Zero O’Clock” which is one of my favourite BTS songs. This song is by the vocal line- Jin, Taehyung, Jungkook and Jimin- and as well as being a beautiful, calming pop tune, the lyrics are highly motivational for anyone who might be feeling down with its message of considering a bad day as just that: one day. A day that will be forgotten. Once the clock strikes midnight, you can start again. I know this song has certainly picked me up on those days.

Grace’s BTS Story

41. Female. Nanny from the United States

“I found them while I was on YouTube in November 2017, looking for upbeat dance videos for a special needs baby. It took me three weeks to get to know their names and faces. I spent months being pulled out of a tough depression by watching all their content. My daughter was 15 and battling anorexia at the time. It was a horrible year for my family so it was really nice to have something that was just for me. I really needed to hear that I should love myself.”

“V is my bias and I love the idea of Taekook. Even if they’re not real (I hope they are), I love watching their relationship. I have never shipped anyone before. I also fell in love with fan fiction. I had never read it before either. I have read thousands of versions of BTS and it makes me happy.”

Note from Antonia: I hope your family situation has improved since then Grace and that your daughter is doing okay! I’m happy to hear that BTS and their music helped you through that tough period.

Taekook- a combination of the two youngest members names Taehyung and Jungkook.

Jill’s BTS Story

52. Female. Early Years Assistant from the United Kingdom.

“My daughter got me into them. I started to Google them because she had never been so into anything before. They are just awe inspiring and fantastic role models for young and old. I have met so many ARMY in last eighteen months. They just get me and are like my extended family.”

“My Bias is Seokjin, although I’m constantly wrecked by the other six. To choose a favourite song would be like asking me to choose my favourite child!! I love them all. Eat, sleep, BTS repeat.”

Jill’s bias Kim Seokjin. You know, I think this image is enough to make me want to switch from Apple to Samsung.

Flick’s BTS Story

35. Female. Student from England

“Total cliché but in 2020 lockdown, I lost all my friends. My depression and anxiety went crazy. I deleted all my social media and used to just spend the days on YouTube. “ON” kinetic (the Kinetic Manifesto version of the music video for BTS’s “ON”) was suggested to me. I watched and from there, I watched videos about who BTS were. I fell in love instantly and I haven’t felt like that since… forever! Not with a pop group. I gladly fell down the hole and am still falling deeper and deeper.”

“I love the connection they have with Army and I love how Army have a connection with each other. I have made forever friends through BTS.”

Note from Antonia: I think I lot of people can relate to your story of isolation and depression within lockdown Flick but I’m glad that BTS not only heled pull you out of it, they also got you to connect with the ARMY and make friends

The “ON Kinetic Manifesto” video led Flick to BTS and it’s a seriously awesome video with some fantastic choreography. The band and the dancers in the background are also seriously talented and need all of the love for being so fabulous.

Mia’s BTS Story

50. Female. Admin Specialist from the Phillippines.

“It was 2014 when my daughter then 11 years old and started listening to BTS. I started questioning her listening to their songs in Korean. I would hear their songs every day and became familiar with it. I realized that I didn’t hate them; I just didn’t understand the lyrics. From there, I would hum their tunes. It was 2018 when I became depressed due to a personal problem and since I am a single mom, I have no one to talk to. I spare my children from worrying. In short, it’s only me, myself and I alone, fighting to survive and to overcome the trials. I started listening to their songs and started watching their story from how they started and how they became the greatest boy band in the world. Amidst all those videos, one night I listened to “Love Myself”, “Mikrokosmos” and “Magic Shop” and I started crying my heart out. They became my strength, my refuge, my comfort, my confidants and my inspiration. It’s not just about their good looks and talent. It is their character and personality that has drawn me to them as well as their love and affection to the ARMY and how much they give importance to all of us. I am lucky to have known them and the luckiest to be an ARMY💜.”

“My ultimate bias is Kim Taehyung though my first bias was Jimin. 95liners stan! But of course, all of them wreck me. Too many favourite songs!”

Note from Antonia: As the daughter of a single mother who struggled significantly when I was a child, your story resonated with me Mia. I hope things are easier for you now and I’m glad that BTS and ARMY were able to get you through such a tough time.

“Answer: Love Myself” is a song that helped Mia get through a difficult time as a single mother. The song is pretty much as the title suggests. It conveys one of BTS’s main messages of loving yourself and accepting who you are.  

Amanda’s BTS Story

42. Female. Hospitality Café Manager from Scotland.

“They made me smile. I know that sounds simple but that was the start of my story of becoming ARMY. I have made some amazing friends, did things I never thought I would do such as going to a concert by myself and meeting up with strangers to talk about BTS, all thanks to a YouTube video.”

Viola’s BTS Story

57. Female. Retired Teacher from the United States.

“November, 2016. Just past midnight on my birthday.  I was casually watching YouTube videos when a thumbnail caught my attention. BTS –“Blood, Sweat, and Tears”. Curious, I clicked on it. The first thing that caught my attention was a tall blonde with a deep voice and the most expressive face I’ve ever seen. Next was the choreo. I’d never seen anything like it before. I watched it three more times before I tried to use closed captioning. I felt like an idiot and watched again reading the lyrics and OMG!! Totally blown away. Needless to say I needed more so I spent the rest of the night and deep into the next morning watching video after video and falling in love with every aspect of this group. I’m one of those people that isn’t into K-pop. I recognize the talent other groups have but BTS is the only group I follow. Their music has helped me through a lot of very dark times. I might not still be here without them. They are seven amazing, talented men who I have the great honour of being a fan of.”

“I love all seven members. They’re all incredible, passionate, artists. But, if you twist my arm I’ll tell you that my ultimate Bias is Kim Taehyung. My other biases are Hobi, Yoongi, Jin, and Jungkook. I honestly can’t give you a favourite song or album because I love so many too much. Favourite performances would be any of their end of the year award shows. As an older army, let me just say that I’ve seen lots of bands, groups, artists come and go. There are special people that only come once every 20 or 30 years. They are the ones that you see them and you just know. They are the epitome of the word ‘ENTERTAINER’. They give everything they have to make their fans happy, even their Blood, Sweat, and Tears. I hope this helps with your article!!”

Note from Antonia: I am so glad that you are still here thanks to BTS, Viola! Your story has helped significantly with this article and I am grateful for your involvement!

A choreography video for “Blood, Sweat and Tears.” Both the song and the group’s choreography brought Viola into the world of BTS.

Karen’s BTS Story

48. Female. Amusement Park Supervisor from the United States.

“I got furloughed last year and my youngest niece showed them to me. Their music is so positive and it taught me so much. Plus, they were all so cute. I have met so many great friends through BTS. I am so thankful that I found BTS when I did.”

Cathy’s BTS Story

34. Female. Psychotherapist from Northern Ireland.

“I discovered them because I loved watching choreography videos and had been watching Big Bang and then they were suggested. I love their dancing, their music, their energy and their message about mental health. I love their kindness and humour. They cheer me up and have got me through difficult times. Their fans are the kindest and most generous I’ve ever come across. They attract good people into ARMY. I have always liked rock and metal music and perform musical theatre music. So BTS were not the kind of stuff I listened to before. They were just so magnetic. And now I love K-pop in general.”

Anji’s BTS Story

46. Female. Hairdresser from Ireland.

“I really started to listen to BTS after my ultimate bias went to sleep in 2017, the beautiful Kim Jonghyun of SHINee (Jonghyun was K-pop star and member of the group SHINee who tragically committed suicide in 2017). Even though I knew of them, I was a Shawol first, (the name for SHINee’s fans) but BTS helped me to cope through their love and lyrics. Now I’m an ARMY as well as a Shawol till the end💙💜.”

Singer Kim Jonghyun from SHINee was Anji’s favourite performer and after his passing, she took comfort in BTS and their music.

Joanne’s BTS Story

48. Female. Staff Nurse from Scotland.

“I’m not too great with words like this but at the time- four years ago- my younger daughter was an avid fan (now 16). I heard one song and I was hooked. Currently my older daughter (27) and younger son (9) are all ARMY!  I cannot explain how these seven guys have changed my (our) lives and always for the best. We went to see them at both concert dates in London. The range of emotions, I can’t describe fully. It is something that I will never ever forget. We relate to them on so many levels and in regards to so many issues. There is so much love, kindness, caring, and genuine humility that they have, show and give. I for one will always be thankful to have found them. I am -dare I say it- 48 years old and will shout as loud as possible for everyone to know how I feel about BTS and their music and the good they do in the world. Thank you BTS💜💜💜💜💜💜💜My 7 wonders of the world.”

“I do not do things on a whim and I understand that it’s not everyone’s thing to do. However, I have two BTS tattoos that I got specifically because of the impact of particular songs and the affect they had on me. My own “The Truth Untold” flower design and “So What” large musical note with real notes of the song on the strings were tattoos that I took time over. I will never regret it because those songs have individual meaning to me. It was a personal choice but what I’m trying to say is that their impact is wide and varied and not because I am a ‘silly young girl’ or that they are young or as handsome as you will find anywhere…or maybe I’m just nuts! It is the words and the music that captures my heart and everything else has just happened to be part of it.”

“The Truth Untold”, one of the songs that Joanne got a tattoo based on.

Amber’s BTS Story

33. Female. Warehouse worker from the United States.

“Last year when everything went downhill because of the pandemic, my depression and anxiety got really bad. I happened to come across one of their performances of “Dynamite” and Jimin took hold of my heart immediately. I quickly found myself going down a massive rabbit hole, watching different music videos, Run BTS, In the Soop, various videos on YouTube and eventually downloading the VLive app to watch their previous lives and to see future ones. They brought me so much happiness and joy when I needed it the most in my life. I am so glad I found these seven men when I did. I was told that they find you right when you need them, and that’s incredibly true. ARMY is the most amazing fan base I have ever come across. They are kind and passionate and show so much love for BTS and for each other. I am proud to be ARMY 💜 Borahae!”

Shari’s BTS Story

47. Female. Clinical Mental Health and Substance Abuse Therapist from the United States.

“Eight years ago, I lost my 15 year old son to suicide. It had been a rough seven years (BTS found me last Sept/Oct). A lot of depression, isolation, medication and therapy. Sure, I had some happy moments in those years, but nothing like what I felt when BTS entered my life. I bought my first album, MOTS 7, on October 6, 2020 and was falling head first into the BTS realm. It did not take long for me to learn who they were and be able to pick out who was singing. I have loved RUN BTS and their authenticity that they allow us to be a part of. When in my teen years, it was all about New Kids on the Block. What I feel about BTS is 100x that of NKOTB (if not more). They put a smile on my face daily. There are no good words to describe what I feel in my heart for these seven men!”

“Bias is OT7 with OT7 bias wrecker and I would not have it any other way! My favourite song is “House of Cards” and performance is SNL –“ MIC Drop”.

Note from Antonia: I am so sorry to hear about your son, Shari. Your story is both heart-breaking and inspiring and proof of how BTS and ARMY are so much more then some think of us. My deepest condolences for your loss and much love to you!

Shari’s favourite performance from BTS is “MIC Drop” on Saturday Night Live from 2019.

Cat’s BTS Story

50. Female. Home Artist from the United Kingdom.

“I was watching TV on 29th October 2018 and “IDOL” came on.  I became ARMY that day. I love them infinitely because they give me all the love and inspiration I need.”

“Jimin is my bias but I love all the members. They are the most wonderful people. “Serendipity” is my favourite song and Wembley day2 was the greatest day I have ever had. Being there with them  and singing “Young Forever” to them was just magical.”

One of Jimin’s solo songs- “Serendipity”- is Cat’s favourite.

Anne’s BTS Story

63. Female. Retiree from England. She also happens to be my mum.

“Well, Antonia is my daughter and to say I’m proud of her is an understatement. Toni, myself and her autistic brother Simon are a small family unit. It is just the three of us. We are tight knit. We’ve had to be. We have been through severe domestic abuse which affected us all in differing ways. She lost her self-confidence, became depressed and introverted. It’s astonishing the damage that one selfish, violent, abusive person can inflict on those around them. I divorced her father many years ago, but the long term pain still remains. Then along came BTS! My sad, beautiful daughter (Antonia, edit that out at your peril!!!) seemed to be uplifted and started to come out of her shell. Their message of loving yourself had a resonance that hit home with my daughter. It hit home with me too so I found myself taking an interest and I’m so glad I did. The more I watched, the more impressed I became. As a 63 year old woman with very eclectic tastes in music, I was fascinated by their obvious talent and their individuality. As seven they are a phenomenal group who seem to evolve constantly.  Just when you think they can do no better, the bar is set higher yet again.”

“In my view, the thing that makes the boys unique is that each possesses their own quite distinct musical personality and that’s how I found Suga!! Now, I may be 63 but I’m not dead yet and my taste in music has always included good rap. Yoongi is, I believe, a genius writer. All his music is a reflection of his own introspective and at times deeply self-analytical personality and I love it all. My favourite song is Yoongi’s “Daechitwa.” The video is an absolute work of art and Yoongi is just exceptional.  That’s not to say I don’t love everything else.  After announcing that I wasn’t sure about “Permission to Dance” (very catchy but bit too American I said), I recently found myself quietly singing it and dancing in the garden at 1am whilst letting the dog Lola out to the loo. A secret from all but Lola till now! I know ARMY understands and that’s it, that’s what defines BTS. ARMY are all ages, all colours and creeds from all walks of life but they have one thing in common, they believe in the philosophy of BTS. They know that BTS genuinely appreciate them, whoever they are, wherever they are, whatever they look like, whatever their beliefs. ARMY know that they absolutely do not need Permission to Dance!”

Mum wasn’t sure about “Permission to Dance” at first, but she soon was hooked by its addictive charms. She is only human after all.

“Watching the journey of BTS is uplifting and at times very frustrating. The ugly prejudice, the highs and lows of these lovely boys from Korea struck a chord with me at a very personal level, too deep and personal to discuss because I’m one of those rather stubborn people who just keeps calm and carries on, but their philosophy is so different from the majority of the world they inhabit. That’s why it was so wonderful to see them collaborating with Chris Martin. I’ve long been a Coldplay fan, poor Toni and her brother must know every word of every track on the Viva La Vida album as I played it to death when they were kids. Chris is one of the good guys, a caring philanthropist in an industry that is more than often fickle and downright cruel. Much like BTS, his philosophy favours kindness, championing self-worth and the belief that music can break down barriers.  “My Universe”…what a perfect collaboration.”

“I do have one last admission relating to BTS and it’s rather embarrassing:  K-dramas! I’ve become addicted and it’s completely V’s fault! It really is!! Be warned. It’s a slippery slope. It started with Hwarang-just to see Taehyung-now I’m on my fourteenth drama!!!! I’m not ashamed to say I love them. I blame it all on BTS. Happy Days! I’m ARMY and all the better for it.”

Note from Antonia: I’m kind of crying right now. Thanks, mum. Love you. You still need to watch Squid Game though.

My mum’s bias is Yoongi and her favourite song is not actually a BTS song but Yoongi’s solo work under his alter ego Agust D (Suga spelt backwards with DT at the end, standing for Daegu Town where Yoongi grew up). The “Daechwita” music video is rich in culture, filmed in the historically themed Yongin Daejanggeum Park which was created specifically to replicate Joseon period buildings in dramas. Jin and Jungkook also make a cameo!

My BTS Story

29. Female. Part Time Ward Clerk and Part Time Writer from England.

So, here we are. We are finally at the end of this insightful series that has made me feel so much closer to both BTS and the ARMY. I’ve told stories from people around the world, even my own mothers! I guess I should tell mine right? I warn you, it’s pretty boring in comparison to everyone else’s but I’ll try and jazz it up a little.

Before I started writing this, I didn’t actually know of the saying between ARMY that BTS find you when you most need them. It’s always easier to look at things in hindsight but I genuinely feel like this was the case with me too. I found them just after my 28th birthday in August 2020, the first summer of a new world thanks to Covid-19.  I had lost my job in February thanks -to being a temp and being the first on the chopping block in the office when the world went to hell- but I had gotten a part time job as a ward clerk at a hospital in July on top of my writing work. I was working but it was terrifying to go to a new job in a hospital during a global pandemic. It made me truly appreciate all of the hospital staff that worked throughout the catastrophe. With the world in a major crisis and uncertainty at an all-time high, I-much like so many others- fell into a depression. I have been on antidepressants since 2019 and I have ups and downs but even with a new job- and doing what I love with my writing too- I was still struggling massively. Getting out of bed was almost impossible on some days. My anxiety was heightened thanks to the combination of social distancing and my naturally shy nature. I was already nervous of talking to people but now I had been separated from the outside world for about four months so I was even more frightened of being around my fellow humans again.  I knew things were taking a turn for the worst when I no longer had an interest in music.

Music has always been a saving grace for me. No matter how down I’m feeling, I put it on an instantly feel at least a little better. I would wear my earphones nonstop as teenager, only taking one out one of them when talking to my family. I know now how rude that was of me (sorry mum!) but it was actually because I felt like I needed it to keep going. With my interest in music waning, I could feel the dark tendrils of my depression creeping steadily outwards, spreading everywhere and contaminating everything. Oddly enough, I feel like I have had worse episodes but this felt the most concerning as the one thing that I always fell back on (other than my family and boyfriend) was no longer enough. I kept trying to find something to bring that musical spark back though. Every Friday, I would go on iTunes and skim the charts and the new releases (Friday is the day new music tends to be released). One day, I was playing snippets from the top 30 UK chart songs or so. I was bored and uninterested. Nothing stood out, as was the case whenever I checked. I absent mindedly clicked the play button on the next song and felt myself stop for a moment upon hearing the tune. I liked it. I actually liked it. It was funky, fun and upbeat. I was already tapping my foot after a few seconds. I checked the name. “Dynamite”. Then the artist: “BTS.” I knew of BTS at that point but knew next to nothing about them. I had some friends from where I used to work- Kira and Joanna who have since helped me out with some of my articles- who had gone to the 2019 Wembley concert and I remember them talking about their struggles to get tickets back when we worked together.  The names that I had heard tossed around before were Jungkook, Jimin and jhope. I knew nothing else significant but I did know of the reputation of their fans. I- like many others- was instantly a little judgemental before I even knew anything about ARMY and that is one of the reasons why I wanted to write this series.  I remember going for a walk with my boyfriend and feeling like I was admitting to something highly embarrassing when I said I greatly enjoyed a BTS song. Oddly enough, he was the one who was convinced I was going to become an ARMY and fall deep into BTS’s fandom. Apparently, he knows me much better than I know myself as I was certain it was just a one off. In case you couldn’t tell, it was not.

For me, it all began with “Dynamite”. The song, the video, the choreography, the boys themselves; everything just worked and I was immediately hooked. My favourite version of the music video is the “B-Side” thanks to it being a little more relaxed and less polished then the official MV. They are just having fun and I am all for it.

I immediately bought the songs as well as the instrumental and the plethora of remixes. That was it. That was all it took. I’m not just saying that is all it took to get me into BTS. It was also all it took to rejuvenate my love of music. Not just their music either. I started listening to my iPod again and actively turning back to music when I was feeling down.  I scoured through BTS’s discography and bought so much of it. As the months went on, I would end up buying almost all of it including their solo work. This also led me to other K-pop artists and whilst I enjoyed lots of songs from artists like TXT, Blackpink and ENHYPEN, it was BTS that stayed with me and kept revitalising me every time I could feel those pesky, aforementioned tendrils sneaking back in. It wasn’t just the music either. I got hooked on the videos such as Run BTS and In The Soop clips and just general YouTube videos too, such as Cameron Philip’s hilarious dubs or compilations put together by ARMY. Their personalities shined through in their content and they seemed very genuine. They haven’t had it easy in their rise to stardom and it seems like their struggles have humbled them as people. I hope that I can see them in concert one day, though I am going to be watching their “Permission to Dance On Stage” concert from Seoul online with Kira and Joanna at the end of October. A less likely dream is that I could one day meet them to interview them. If you know my writing work, you’ll know that I write about them a lot and so being able to interview them would be a dream come true. Pigs will fly first but you gotta have a dream. I’m even learning Korean now because of them introducing me to the Korean culture and I hope to visit the country one day. BTS truly changed my life and saved me from falling further into my depression and anxiety. When I’m having a bad day I just put on my headphones and blast their music and it always manages to help, even if it is only a little bit.

Biases are hard because I love them all but if I had to pick one, it would probably be Jin followed by Yoongi and RM. It was initially V as his look in the “Dynamite” music video- with the slicked back blonde hair and the green suit- immediately caught my attention but as I watched more and more of their content and music, I couldn’t help but notice the slightly more awkward- yet still highly talented- guy dancing in the back. The taller one with the crooked fingers and the twitchy eyes and the face that literally looks like it’s been carved out of marble. Yeah, he’s handsome but as I watched their content, more of his personality shone through such as his lame dad jokes, weird windshield wiper laugh and the way his voice would go supersonic when he got annoyed. I’m sure that what we see isn’t all that there is to him or the rest of the group (the cameras have to turn off sometime) but I couldn’t stop feeling drawn to him because of how much of a contradiction his goofiness and laid back, regular demeanour was to his model like looks and polished demeanour when performing. The great thing about BTS is that through all of this content, you can’t help but feel like you know them a little bit as people. Yes, there are cameras but it must be exhausting to act for them all the time. Surely- during their reality shows like Run and In the Soop– there must be moments when we see the real them. I personally feel like they are themselves most of the time. They must be so used to the cameras by now that it’s likely easy let the mask slip, to relax and just be themselves. I could be wrong- we can never really know for sure- but their genuine vibes are part of what keeps me a fan of theirs.

When it comes to favourite songs and albums, it’s hard to choose as they all have their highlights. “Dynamite” will always have a special place in my heart due to it introducing me to them. Some of the songs that I have mentioned throughout this series as my favourites include “We are Bulletproof: The Eternal”, “Zero O’Clock”, “Outro: Tear” “Dope”, “Love Maze” ,“Cypher Part 4” , “Answer: Love Myself”, “Dionysus”  and “Spring Day” whilst some others are “The Truth Untold”, “Telepathy”, “Fly to My Room”, “MIC Drop”, “Good Day”, “Friends”, “Life Goes On”, “Permission to Dance”  and “Save Me.” I love their recent Coldplay collaboration “My Universe” too. There is probably more that I can’t think of right now too! Their performances are always top notch but if I had to recommend just one it would be “Dionysus” from the 2019 MMA’s. I have no words to describe it that would do it justice. The timing of the choreography, the intensity of it and the synchronisation is insane, all whilst they sing live. It’s crazy how good it is and when I say that I am speaking about the background dancers too as they are just as amazing. This routine is proof of their incredible talent as performers.  Just watch it.

Again, thank you so much to everyone involved in this series and for reading this far if you managed to do so! There is no doubt that BTS are going to go down in history and when they do, I hope it is for their talents, their music and their continuing dedication to their devoted fan-base. One day- when I’m old and hopefully still have all my marbles- I hope I will be able to tell the younger generation about the age of BTS in the same way that the older generation talk about The Beatles today. I know for a fact that I will be proud to say that I was and will always be ARMY and that I was here to witness the change that BTS made in the music industry and across the world.

Part One. Part Two. Part Three. Part Four.

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Antonia Haynes resides in a small seaside town in England where she has lived her whole life. She's a simple girl with a passion for zombies, writing, film, television, drawing, superheroes, Disney and, of course, video games. Her ideal day would consist of junk food, fluffy pyjamas and video games because quite frankly going outside is overrated. Follow her on Twitter on @RainbowMachete

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