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‘Trigger Warning’ Review: Supersoldier Jessica Alba Wages War on Domestic Criminals in Slick but Contrived Melodrama

Jessica Alba: Rambo Unleashed

In the movie “Trigger warning,” Jessica Alba appears as an active serviceperson in US military and returns home after a tragedy. However, her return to her homeland exposes a complex web of corruption that must be dealt with before she can leave again. It is a high stakes drama where Alba’s action chops are showcased in the story filled with intense confrontations and moral dilemmas.

Jessica Alba Stars in Action-Packed Trigger Warning Trailer: Watch

Mouly Surya, the Indonesian director, has made her first film in English language, well-crafted feature debut. In comparison to her previous works which were known for blending social critique with genre elements, there is such unique touch Surya applies on “Trigger Warning.” But this one is rather like a standard issue action melodrama than Surya’s usual ‘elevated genre’ work. However, despite this change, this movie still remains an entertaining fast paced experience which will be perfectly matched for its Netflix release on June 21st.

A History of Impactful Cinema

Surya’s earlier films were somewhat vague, but interestingly conceived. Just recently she won accolades for “Marlina si Pembunuh dalam Empat Babak”. The black comedy revenge thriller film was described as “feminist outlaw Western,” with socially driven character critique that drew audiences and critics.

“Trigger Warning” continues Surya’s trend of featuring strong willed, capable female protagonists. Nevertheless, it would appear that this was not the case for this particular movie as no input was received from her into its screenplay. The script by John Brancato, Josh Olson and Haley Gross offers a viable if, familiar pileup of perilous complications that make for a comparatively impersonal end result. Consequently it seems to have resulted into a rather impersonal end product when compared to other works done by Surya herself.

A Tale of Vengeance and Corruption

The core of “Trigger Warning” is a story about vengeance. Alba’s character is driven by a personal mission to cleanse her home from corruption in the same way as justice and retribution are prominent in Surya’s previous films. The narrative thread winds through different perils and moral challenges, never letting up and keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.

Although “Trigger Warning” may not be as idiosyncratic as some of Mouly Surya’s previous films, it still stands out for being an enjoyable action melodrama. Together with Surya’s direction, Jessica Alba delivers a great performance that will definitely attract Netflix viewers. Hence, the release date of this film on June 21st promises to make possible its exciting plot about revenge and corruption known throughout many audience members contributing to another female-led story by Surya.

Introduction to Parker Calvo

We first see Jessica Alba playing Special Forces commando Parker Calvo during a treacherous operation in Syria. She and her driver are trying desperately to escape from enemy fire across a barren desert landscape. The exact nature of their mission remains unclear, but the stakes are high indeed: at the end, only Parker survives.

Parker manages to survive; however, she gets heart breaking news following her return that her father passed away back home in America. Jesse (Mark Webber), now working as Creation; New Mexico sheriff, informs her about this since he is among those connected but not romantically involved with this girl before. Parker returns home only to find out that it is not what Creation’s name implies – it is nothing like paradise, hence its religious overtones contrast sharply with harsh reality upon arrival.

Again, Parker returns to Creation and immediately realizes that her hometown is never calm. Her attention is attracted by the series of strong arm thefts afflicting the town. Deep down, Parker feels that these crimes are not haphazard acts but have a link to a more devilish conspiracy.

Suspicions and Connections

It doesn’t take long for Parker before she begins to suspect that the robberies are related to Jesse’s brother who is played by Jake Weary as Elvis, one of those famous rascals. Without their father, Senator Ezekiel Swann coming to his aid, he could have found himself in jail years ago because of his criminal activities. Portrayed by Anthony Michael Hall, Swann is an expedient politician whose clout has saved Elvis from trouble.

As Parker digs deeper into the town’s problems, she starts noticing a complicated network of corruption within families. By intervening on behalf of his son Elvis, Senator Swann’s actions demonstrate how corrupt and morally bankrupt Creation has become. As she returns home, Parker sets the stage for confronting these deep-rooted issues in a bid to restore justice and sanity within the community.

Parker’s journey through Creation goes beyond returning home; it becomes a new cause for her. She must deal with her past with some people back at home as well as city crime activities and also most of all, Senator Swann’s reach in this place among other things. However, as she tries her best finding out what is true and calming peace over creation district, it will challenge Parker’s commando skills acquired during special forces training.

Suspicions Arise

Jessica Alba, quickly come to suspect that her father was not a victim of accident or suicide as suggested by her ex-lover Jesse. In flashbacks Alejandro De Hoyos plays the role of Parker’s father and these memories only increase doubts in Parker’s mind. As she gets deeper into it however, there is increasing evidence of foul play.

Trigger Warning has Jessica Alba facing external threats but also personal and moral struggles that come with returning home. The movie strings together action, suspense and emotional depth revealing issues like family, corruption and redemption. By embodying the relentlessness needed to rid her hometown of graft, Parker becomes an epitome justice that stopped at nothing while having enough self worth to exercise both personal and societal demons. Elvis is found out by Parker who discovers his gang’s involvement in selling stolen military weapons. This leads her investigations to abandoned mineshafts; her father’s “favorite place” where he died during a suspicious cave-in. This reveals a connection between the mineshafts and illegal arms trade which gives Parker more determination to know what transpired.

There are some reliable allies for Parker as she digs deeper into the mystery. For example Mikey, played by Gabriel Basso who is an amiable local stoner provides unexpected help. In addition Spider who is quick witted special forces buddy, played by Tone Bell is another key ally among them all. These male supports add humor and resourcefulness in parker’s mission.

The Supporting Cast

But apart from Mikey and Spider who shone in their roles along with Senator Ezekiel Swann played by Anthony Michael Hall, the rest of supporting casts do not have enough character development that makes their roles memorable enough despite noticeable departure from his famous role in “Sixteen Candles” . Through her investigation, Parker discovers corruption and deceit that put her through emotional roller-coaster. As she uncover more information about her father’s death and the place of his residence, it only gets stronger in her desire to bring justice. “Trigger Warning” is a story of bravery, resilience and the tenacious search for truth against all odds.

Jessica Alba as an executive producer must have been drawn to the role of Parker because of her hard competence and unique edge. Her preference for knives over firearms provides her with an unusual quirk that she inherited from her father. The action sequences are sold by Alba, though some of the fights/explosions are less convincing at times. Furthermore Parker just happens to stumble upon crime scenes constantly, clues and incriminating conversations — it comes across as being too staged.

The script for “Trigger Warnings” addresses politically relevant topics such as illegal activities on dark web or even immigration issues but in a shallow manner, which seems intended not to offend any particular group. The most daring statement the movie makes is when Senator Ezekiel Swann is asked why politicians lie so much; which resonates with all political parties.

Maintaining Viewer Engagement

“Trigger Warning” has its shortcomings, but it is slick and eventful enough to keep viewers interested. Director Mouly Surya may not be a master of suspense or staged-blood drinks, but the film continues moving thanks to its narrative power. The film’s visual appeal is significantly enhanced by cinematographer Zoe White and production designer Natasha Gerasimova.

Visually, the film works well with Zoe White’s cinematography and Natasha Gerasimova’s production design being particular highlights. However, Enis Rotthoff’s original score misses the mark and sounds like a clichéd action movie soundtrack that lacks originality and impact.


“Trigger Warning” tells a story that does not break new grounds; nevertheless it keeps us watching with its glossy visuals and fast-paced sequences. Jessica Alba’s portrayal of Parker in addition to the themes explored by this action thriller and competent direction ensure that it remains absorbing despite some flaws at times. Even though, films dealing with political issues have a way of adding flesh to their stories thereby making them multi-dimensional action thrillers.

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