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Lucky Daye on His New Album ‘Algorithm,’ Working With Bruno Mars and Saving a Woman’s Life With Raye

The Reward and Risk of Lucky Daye

For Lucky Daye, the risk lies in the reward, his sophomore album “Candydrip” was released two years ago and for its follow-up “Algorithm,” which came out last Friday; he wanted to probe even deeper. In an interview in Los Angeles, he said, “When I’m making music, I want to be vulnerable.”. “I can make something straight up whatever, but I want to show myself. I’m a work in progress and God be working on me, so I want to share that stuff. It’s an exciting feeling.”

This creative strategy began last June when he started work on ‘Algorithm,’ going with his usual routine of shutting the outside world off and this time, gathering a group of musicians including Bruno Mars, D’Mile & J. Kercy as partners who helped him give it shape. As a result, an ambitious album has emerged that will be performed live while jumping from one genre to another. For example, there are tracks like this single (“HERicane”) which has a little bounce to it. The track’s captivating energy sets the tone for the entire project as exemplified by the album title itself. On other songs such as “Breakin’ the Bank”, or “Never Leavin’ U Lonely” there are fuzzy funk patterns where Daye weaves various elements together masterfully.

Accordingly, “Algorithm” records personal growth musically in his life journey . Audience vulnerability is what he concentrates on most by revealing his transformation stages with them.“ It is clear therefore why Algorithm epitomizes not only his artistic maturity but his personal development too. He states The album chronicles his personal expression through music, hence testifying to his growth both as an artist and as an individual encapsulating his life moments of trials and errors.

Collaborative Effort

Through collaboration with recognized artists such as Bruno Mars, D’Mile and J. Kercy, Lucky Daye expanded his artistic horizons. Their contributions helped him create a sound that is both new and familiar, thus challenging his own type of music while still remaining true to his roots. “Algorithm” is meant to be performed in concert. The tracks on this album are characterized by a great deal of energy and dynamics which makes them ideal for live performances where Daye can demonstrate his talent as a showman. The album is also highly versatile; thanks to its genre bending nature allowing it to connect with different audiences.

Daye’s last album feels like the culmination, or at least one significant milestone along the way. Since debuting with 2018’s “I” EP, he has been omnipresent in R&B and other genres, earning 11 Grammy nominations as both an artist and songwriter working with Beyoncé & Mary J.Blige among others. His artistry inches forward iteratively over time and ‘Algorithm’ represents the most complete realization of these efforts; it is an account ripped by heartbreaks but lightened by all-consuming romance.

Back in 2018, Lucky Daye made his first steps into the world of music with his debut EP “I”. This marked the beginning of a major career change for him as an artist who continued to grow with each release afterwards. For years now, he has not only established himself as a solo performer but also written songs for some of the biggest names in the industry including Beyoncé and Mary J. Blige. This recognition was only strengthened by receiving 11 Grammy nominations for various categories such as best progressive R&B album- won by “Table for Two” EP in (2022). In each release, he has grown musically and pushed himself to new depths.”

The Realization of “Algorithm”

When we talk about Lucky Daye at his most realized, we refer to “Algorithm.” The journey of this album comprises all that he has gone through and his growth as an artist. It is a tale of heartbreaks that have shredded him and a consuming love that floats him. It’s been an emotional roller-coaster that has made him who he is today, and through “Algorithm” he bared his soul to the world. Although it was a musical project for creating music with others, making “Algorithm” enabled Daye to share a piece of himself with fans, bringing a level of vulnerability and authenticity that resonates with listeners.

Lucky Daye looks back on how he recorded Algorithm in preparation for the upcoming tour scheduled for July 11. This tour is not just aimed at promoting an album, but instead moving forward towards experiencing life in front of live audience from the record studio. This tour is an opportunity for Daye to connect with his fans on a deeper level, by sharing the stories and emotions behind the songs. He believes that sharing this much of himself through his music is worth the risk, allowing him to form a genuine connection with his listeners.

Daye discusses how sharing this much of himself is worth putting it all on the line. For him, music is not just about entertainment; it is a form of self expression and a way to connect with others. By being open and vulnerable in what he does, he hopes to inspire others and create some sense of shared experience too among many different people out there who are trying their best towards achieving success in their lives. Nonetheless, visiting those dark places was essential because only then would he truly be able to tell his story to her audience.

The Diverse Styles of “Algorithm” by Lucky Daye

“Algorithm” is one of those records where he brings out many different genres into his music which is something you are used to all along, however, this tapestry features a mix of styles that include some funk, rock and R& B elements. His music even gets a bit psychedelic in places for extra layers of complexity or obscurity. It shows how diverse Daye’s body of work can be when he moves beyond genre limitations.

When asked about the musical influence behind this album, Lucky Daye talks about big sounds and legendary artists. The Bee Gees stand out as being his most influential act noting that their music felt like R&B to him regardless of its classification on charts or genres. He stresses the soulful aspects of these songs and how much he wants to draw attention to their R&B side in each track he loves. Thus, the personal algorithm made up of life experiences intertwined with musical influences constitute “Algorithm” sound making it an intimate soul project.

The concept of “Algorithm” is more than just a bunch of songs thrown together, but rather Lucky Daye’s outlook on the project. He said his process involves making space out of now and holding onto his beginning idea of where he is in life. Doing things this way helps him maintain an overall consistent feeling throughout the album. At that level of perception, within these different directions, he tries to go through admitting the fact that almost every emotion has two sides. Such technique makes him write a complicated record which includes wide range of emotions and experiences.

Exploring Different Emotions

“Algorithm” is a varied mixture of emotions and musical styles, he refers to it as science, electric, happy or celebratory music. Each track on this album reflects a different aspect of these emotions, hence it becomes dynamic and engaging to listen to. In order to express multiple facets about his emotions, Daye makes up an album with personal notes that are relevant universally too.

Music that leaves you at a loss of words

A lot of the songs sound spellbound; on “Soft” you go as far as saying you are literally under a spell. Was there any particular relationship or experience that motivated these songs?

The idea of being under a spell is what Lucky Daye acknowledged on his song entitled “Soft”. When asked if there was something specific that inspired these songs, he muses about what feelings actually entail. It’s probably all mixed up feelings and incidents, says the artist. He notes that some people do believe in spells, others don’t, while some are not sure if they exist or not. Everything whether light or heavy might be around for all I know. May be he has been influenced by some kind of spell but he thinks music helps to relieve them. His music expresses each moment’s inconsistencies, wrongs and uncertainties.

And also about regret and loss in relationships. Regretting or longing after someone dies is difficult for some people to accept therefore did it become hard for you to say this on track as well as communicate these emotions?

Indeed, Lucky Daye found it very challenging expressing sorrow and regret about relationships. During the making process of the album he underwent those feelings first hand . During this creative process he tried figuring out who were meant to stay near him ,what were his mistakes and how could he manage his life .This period of reflection can be seen in HERicane song which is like an emotional hurricane showing an internal fight within himself.

Troubled Waters

This was a phase characterized by uncertainty and reorientation in his life which fostered his creativity. Daye was actually shifting other individuals or things around trying to find out why he made mistakes. Influenced by intense personal journey ,this aspect makes his music more profound and genuine. His vulnerability took him time before admitting this feeling through recording these emotions on an album.

Personal experiences and emotions have played a huge role in Lucky Daye’s music as he was creating his album. The theme of being under a spell, losing loved ones and regretting is a constant thread throughout his works. His willingness to delve into these difficult emotions has resonated with listeners making his music a window into the depths of his soul.

The meaning behind “Mary”

“Mary” is also a standout; it brings back memories of DMX’s “What These Bitches Want.”

Lucky Daye reveals that this particular song was inspired by DMX’s iconic track. He had it in mind and just wanted to materialize it. “Songs I wrote were literally DMX, DMX and Sisqo,” this shows how much he loves developing concepts. Every song for him is an attempt at creating a distinct world and “Mary” wasn’t any different. The songs world was based on the DMX record but Daye made it his own thing.

Lucky Daye’s creative process sometimes brings him to a point where he experiences a mixture of human and divine inspiration. “Sometimes I get to a point where I’m like, I’m human but I’m a little god,” he admits. This germane thought influenced “Mary,” as he contemplated, “what would God say?” So, he conceived of a narrative in which God speaks to Mary, building triple entendre into the song for depth. With this layered meaning, Lucky Daye reflected on the concept of divine communication and pointed out that Mary is special.

Daye’s personal life provides another layer to the song, in his words, “I had to talk about a little marijuana because I smoke a little bit”, this piece connects “Mary” back to his first single “Roll Some Mo,” which fans associate with him. This connection helped in tying his musical journey together and making him feel like the “R&B Snoop Dogg.” Therefore, Daye’s approach towards ‘Mary’ was one of combining various influences and personal aspects. These three elements – DMX and Sisqo inspirations; religious storytelling; plus individual choices make it stand out from other songs. By merging these features in one composition, he showed his creativity and readiness to explore different issues through music.

World building in Music

Lucky Daye’s songs are often full worlds encapsulated in themselves as it can be seen in Mary. He doesn’t just write songs but rather creates experiences that invite people into imaginative spaces that are not easy for people to get into easily on their own accord, unlike other artists who gets you there within seconds with their melodious voices or instrumentals. The multiple connotations underlying this tune reveal how impressive Lucky Daye is when telling stories through music.

The Collaboration Behind “That’s You”

One of them is called “That’s You” which he co-wrote with Bruno Mars?

Firstly, Lucky Daye introduces Bruno Mars as a genius, he adds that since his song with B.o.B, “Nothin’ on You,” he has always admired Bruno. The writer, however, confesses that he has always adored the songwriter skills of Bruno and that motivated him to study Motown music. Thus, he knew well what influenced those bars and melodies for Motown songs written by Bruno. For instance, Daye states that working with Bruno was like a dream come true because it had been something he always wanted.

When Bruno called Lucky Daye about the concept behind “That’s You,” he mimicked Daye’s voice; this elicited an emotional response in him. Hence, not wanting to disappoint his friend and mentor, Daye recorded Bruno’s melody on his phone. They then transferred it to ProTools and Daye took it home to put some words over it. With these lyrics, all Daye aimed at was making sure that the final product would make Bruno proud of him as such endorse my point above. In effect, it is a collaboration based on respect on both ends resulting in finalizing these two men’s talents being showcased together.

The Creative Process with Raye for “Paralyzed”

What was the process of linking with Raye for “Paralyzed?”

Lucky Daye tells how he started working on the first verse and the hook of Paralyzed at home and after that he took his initial idea to a recording studio, when Raye heard it, she immediately resonated with the song. They started working on it together in the studio, and Daye could tell that Raye wanted to delve deeper into the song’s emotions and themes. At this point, they played two songs to Raye, and she selected “Paralyzed.” The work on the song continued but it was apparent that Raye wanted more depth in the song. Once at home she went deeper than they did in-studio adding her own touch and perspective into it.

Working with Raye was an incredible experience for Daye as their collaboration ended up saving someone’s life unexpectedly, adding a huge layer to their creative partnership. The process of creating “Paralyzed” with Raye was characterized by mutual respect and a common desire to create something significant. His initial concept combined with Raye’s deep emotional input resulted in a powerful and meaningful song. This collaboration demonstrates how blending different viewpoints or talents can give birth to music that is truly relatable.

A Strange Night at the Beach

What do you mean?

Lucky Daye recalls an odd incident that happened one night when he was at a beach.  After a late night studio session with Raye he suggested taking her home since it had been late. She asked him what he intended doing after ; It’s 2:30 am; I want to go down to beach, he replied. Therefore being interested Raye decided it’s not over yet till we are done tonight so she joined him. While strolling along, they talked about their session, coming songs, careers more as artistic individuals hence getting better acquainted as friends. During their chat, Daye saw something strange in the corner of his sight. On the pier, there were a boy and girl, initially he thought that the man was pulling a dog, intrigued and worried, they walked nearer to see what is happening.

On closer inspection, it became very obvious that this situation was far more sinister. For fear of being put in danger himself or even becoming part of some illegal activities, Daye decided not to approach the man directly. To avoid immediate confrontation, he decided to watch from the safety of his car, ensuring safety as well as figuring out what they could do. Soon another car arrived and four men started dragging her towards it, She didn’t look good which alarmed Daye even more. Out of dire necessity he called the police wanting them on site as fast as possible. He told them about someone at the beach who needed serious help after giving his name and other information so that they take him seriously. This is not a joke; I really want to help him- I did everything i could.

Arrival of the Police

The police were quick to respond and upon reaching, confined everyone involved. It was evident that something suspicious and dangerous was taking place; hence, the authorities acted fast to handle it. Daye felt relieved for his timely action which might have saved someone from injury. This occurrence had a great impact on him and reminded him how unpredictable life can be and how important it is to intervene when others are in peril.

Looking back at “Algorithm”

When you take a step back and look at Algorithm, what do you think it says about the kind of artist you are right now?

He sees “Algorithm” as a new beginning in his musical journey. In spite of not wanting to rest, he mentions that he had taken time off to fix minor things here and there. This album signals a new page for him in terms of career progression. He recognizes that he has earned his place in music industry with Grammy nominations as well as love from his fellow artists and fans. He concedes that he is confident enough where he stands because of this unyielding support, network built over time by those who adore him. With such a solid foundation beneath him, Daye can now explore creative spaces without worrying about where they may lead.

Daye feels free through “Algorithm”. To him, this album shows the way he moves around creatively without boundaries in mind. He implies that this project has allowed him to break out from set norms thereby creating something totally new, feeling satisfied irrespective of whether accolades come with “Algorithm.” He underscores that artistically it is still fulfilling its purpose for existence. This sense of acceptance and confidence in his work reflects his maturity and growth as an artist who believes people will not yet comprehend what makes the album special or why they are not ready for novel ideas.

Daye’s approach to ‘algorithm’ involves embracing uncertainty while taking risks, the possibilities excite him including different directions into which his music might go. This album is a testament of his artistic vision and willingness to push boundaries and challenge the status quo in him.

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