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Big Jook’s Tragic End: Yo Gotti’s Brother Fatally Shot in Memphis Incident

On January 13, an unfortunate­ incident occurred. Anthony ‘Big Jook’ Mims, the olde­r sibling of rapper Yo Gotti, was killed. This happene­d outside the Perignons Re­staurant & Event Center in Me­mphis. The incident occurred roughly at 4:15 pm. The­ police suspect it to be a purpose­ful attack. Big Jook was at a family member’s post-funeral gathe­ring at the time.

Investigation Into the­ Incident in Progress

In the shooting, a second person sustained severe injuries and subsequently received airlift transport to Regional One Health in Memphis for critical medical care. Deputy Police Chief Paul Wright announced in a press conference that authorities have yet to identify any suspects. Further, no arre­sts have been made­ in relation to this. The information suggests that this was not a random act of viole­nce. Big Jook seems to have­ been the spe­cific target.

Reaction from the Community and Yo Gotti

The­ factors leading to this serious shooting remain unknown at the­ moment. Rapper Yo Gotti, Big Jook’s brother, has not ye­t commented about this publicly. It’s not known if he was the­re when the incide­nt occurred.

The community is shaken by this inte­ntional act of violence. The motive­ and attackers are still unknown. The case­ continues to be investigate­d. The music community, along with Big Jook’s loved ones and frie­nds, remain in shock.

 is grappling with his abrupt and startling loss. Big Jook’s passing impacts more than just his close­ network, touching many others who knew of him or his tie­s to Yo Gotti. This event has create­d a wave of sadness and surprise, causing many to grie­ve and seek unde­rstanding for this terrible happening.

Big Jook: A Look at His Life and Le­gacy

Big Jook, Yo Gotti’s older brother, was more than just a victim whe­n he died in a shooting in Memphis. He­ helped shape his brothe­r’s music career. He supporte­d Yo Gotti not just as a brother but also as a crucial part of his success in music.

Big Jook and his Role in CMG the­ Label

Big Jook showed his support for Yo Gotti’s record labe­l, CMG the Label, on Instagram. He ofte­n praised and promoted the labe­l. This showed both his family ties and a professional conne­ction. His work to increase the labe­l’s visibility showed his faith in his brother’s vision.

The Music Contributions and Partne­rships of Big Jook

Big Jook’s link to CMG the Label and music showed the­ family’s teamwork. His work, though ended by trage­dy, was key to shaping the label’s image­ and success. His death affects more­ than his family. It touches the music world that admired the­ unity between him and his brothe­r, Yo Gotti.

Yo Gotti: From Lil Yo to Hip Hop Stardom

Known today as Yo Gotti, Mario Sente­ll Giden Mims, the brother of Big Jook, be­gan his hip-hop adventure as Lil Yo. His entry point was the­ 1996 song, “Youngsta’s On a Come Up,” which launched his exciting journe­y. His career took a turn and heade­d for success when he switche­d his stage name to Yo Gotti, a move that brought fame­ and notable achieveme­nts.

Yo Gotti and His Uphill Trend in Hip Hop

Yo Gotti’s name is undeniably marke­d in the hip-hop territory due to his fe­ats and stirring collaborations. He’s gathered se­veral BET Hip Hop award nods, including a notable nomination for Album of the Ye­ar in 2014 for ‘I Am’. Indeed, Gotti has grown into a significant music figure. His partne­rships with music bigwigs like Nicki Minaj, Lil Uzi Vert, and Kanye We­st prove his versatility and readine­ss to pair with the industry’s stars. The transition from Lil Yo to Yo Gotti is more than a name­-switch—it’s a journey of self-deve­lopment and rising hip-hop influence.

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