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Movies Like Midsommar


Movies Like Midsommar

We can relate if you loved Midsommar and are looking for more similar watches!

This psychological horror is one-of-its-kind with a gripping storyline and horror elements that keep you hooked throughout. Besides scenes that make you feel like someone’s watching you, Midsommar depicts trauma, grief, broken relationships, and more.

We’ve compiled 11 spine-chilling movies like Midsommar you can enjoy this week.

11 Movies like Midsommar

The Witch

What could be a more befitting name for a frightening movie than “The Witch.”

The movie is set in the 17th century when a family is exiled from their community for a religious disagreement. Their isolation leads to terrifying and bizarre events in the middle of nowhere that you might not see coming initially. 

The Witch builds slowly, allowing you to feel the 17th-century vibe and feel every moment realistically. It is one of the best works of Robert Eggers, much similar to the unforgiving horror Midsommar offers. 

Duration: 92 minutes

Where to watch: HBO Max

The Invitation

What would you do if your hosts told you they had joined a cult?

This dramatic thriller begins with David and Will’s ex-girlfriend inviting Will, Kira, and other friends to dinner. Like Midsommar, The Invitation also shares how grief impacts the characters and how they get trapped in unavoidable circumstances.

It is an unsettling watch dealing with emotions and cults, making it a notable mention among movies like Midsommar.

Duration: 100 minutes

Where to watch: Amazon Prime & Pluto


TW: Mentions Suicide

The title does not reveal much about the movie, but it might haunt your nightmares for days!

Alex Garland has been known for his stunning work in multiple genres, and Men is no less. This intriguing feature revolves around Harper, who goes on a vacation to grieve her husband’s suicide but encounters men who agonize over her. It also navigates grief related to the death of someone you did not share a good relationship with. 

The fact that Rory Kinnear plays the characters of all the men she endures makes it even more enjoyable.

Duration: 100 minutes

Where to watch: Apple TV+

The Sacrament

The Sacrament is a 2013 horror by Ti West that shows two journalists who follow a colleague visiting a secluded religious commune. 

Unlike many overly dramatic thrillers, it is one of the most realistic horror movies you’ll watch. The film shows the dangers associated with real-life cults and supernatural horror. The fright and sense of helplessness each character feels seeps into your bones.

If you love movies like Midsommar, you’ll love this one!

Duration: 99 minutes

Where to watch: Hulu


Barbarian is among the most popular horror and thrill features of 2022, thanks to its unpredictable plot that makes you curious about the next advancement.

This unflinching watch begins with a young woman renting an Airbnb and later realizing she’s sharing it with someone else—her decision to stay the night results in creepy events from a dark secret.  

Duration: 102 minutes

Where to watch: HBO Max


Hereditary is another exceptional work by Ari Aster, released in 2018 as his debut. The movie shows the impact of grief on different family members that break apart. While the film does not follow the exact plot, the themes, and nightmarish scenes make them quite similar. 

This film gained nationwide acclaim; viewers and critics especially appreciated Toni Colette’s electrifying performance. Expectedly, the movie does not have a happy ending.

Duration: 127 minutes

Where to watch: HBO Max

The Ritual

Talking of movies like Midsommar, The Ritual effortlessly earns its spot on the list.

The Ritual tells the story of a small group of friends who hike through the Swedish countryside. They have gathered and taken this trip to honor their friend’s death in a robbery. An incident pushes them to change their path, leading to a series of dangerous events.

This movie begins with grief and moves towards supernatural, bizarre incidents.

Duration: 94 minutes

Where to watch: Netflix


TW: Mentions Child Death

Antichrist is another horror watch with a plot centered on grief. The spine-chilling film shows the journey of a couple that loses their child in an accident. 

As this loss impacts their relationship as well, they decide to embark on a journey in the woods to heal emotionally. The story unravels a plethora of dark, disturbing incidents that might not suit everyone’s tolerance of horror.

The movie might seem too real as the director/ writer Lars von Trier’s mental health struggles are reflected in this film. Antichrist’s distressing nature and violent content led to its streaming ban in France. 

Duration: 108 minutes

Where to watch: DIRECTV

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project, one of the best horror movies of its time, deserves a mention among movies like Midsommar. 

The movie features three students shooting a documentary about the Blair Witch in the forest. They see something disturbing that eventually disappears, leading to fright and terror. The setting and feel of the movie are incredibly realistic, making you believe it’s happening in real-time. 

Despite being a low-budget movie, it was a huge success, and you would enjoy it too!

Duration: 81 minutes

Where to watch: Paramount+

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is another must-watch if you like tense thrillers that engage you thoroughly. 

The movie features two lighthouse keepers living on a remote island who experience horrifying incidents. It is set in the late 19th century, allowing you to experience fright in a realistic setting. 

Though the movie is not exactly similar to Midsommar, you will love how it unfolds!

Duration: 109 minutes

Where to watch: Amazon Video, DIRECTV, & Apple TV

Kill List

The last one on our list of movies like Midsommar, Kill List, is a treat for horror lovers.

This Ben Wheatley film shows a series of killings by two hitmen moving from one target to another. Each murder is more brutal than the previous, making you want to puke – one of the characteristics of a good horror movie!

Watch it only if you can withstand unforgivingly frightening scenes that might haunt you.

Duration: 95 minutes

Where to watch: Tubi

Choose your favorite from these creepy, haunting movies like Midsommar, and get ready to experience the thrill!

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