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Who is Yilmaz Bektaş ‘Wife? A Possible New Marriage for The Turkish Businessman?

Yilmaz Bektas is a Turkish businessman who is now in charge of the Intel Group of Companies in Istanbul. He is also the CEO of the company. Because of his money and his business success, he is well-known. He was also previously married to Ruffa Rama Gutierrez, who came very close to winning the title of Miss World in 1993. At the time of their marriage in 2003, Yilmaz and Ruffa had been dating for around four years. Two of their girls are theirs. Yilmaz was born on 19th July 1977 in a little town in Turkey known as Eruh, located in the Siirt metropolitan region.

Even though he is well-known for his company, not a lot is known about his childhood. His father’s name is Muhittin Bektas, however, we do not get any information on the occupations of his parents. Yilmaz received his education at the TED Ankara College Foundation in Turkey, which is an institution that educates students from elementary school up to high school. He then continued his education at Cyprus Girne American University, where he majored in economics and ultimately earned his degree.

After that, he pursued his master’s degree at the University of Richmond, which is located in the United Kingdom. Yilmaz established the Intel Group of Companies in Turkey in the year 2000, after he graduated from school and a brief period of employment.

Could it be that Yilmaz Bektaş, a well-known Turkish businessman, is on the brink of getting married for the second time today? The question that everyone is asking is, “Who could be the next person to step into the role of Yilmaz Bektaş’s wife?” This question is being asked amid a frenzy of rumors and expectation. What implications does this possible union have for the personal and professional life of the flamboyant magnate on both fronts?

Yilmaz Bektas Wife

Yilmaz Bektas is not currently married. A model and actress from the Philippines named Ruffa Gutierrez was his ex-wife. He was previously married to her. Between the years 2003 and 2007, they were married for about four years. In recent times, their two daughters have been featured in the media as a result of the tales that have been written about Yilmaz Bektas. 

Yilmaz Bektas Wife, New Wife, Children, Net Worth, Age & Is Yilmaz Bektas  Married Now?

Who is Ruffa Gutierrez?

Sharmaine Ruffa Rama Gutierrez is a well-known person from the Philippines. She was born on June 24, 1974, and she is in the Philippines. She has won championships in beauty pageants, in addition to being an actor, a model, and a TV personality. Both in 1992 and 1993, she was awarded the title of Binibining Pilipinas World. In 1992, she was recognized as the Look of the Year in the Philippines. Additionally, she was able to attain the position of Second Runner-up at the Miss World competition in the same year.

In the 1980s, while Ruffa Gutierrez was still a teenager, she began her career as an actress by signing with BMG Films. During the early 1990s, she was a performing artist on a variety program that was named That’s Entertainment. In 1990, she was selected to take over the main part that had previously been occupied by Snooky Serna in a Regal Film film titled Wunder Woman Plus One. In this film, she intended to collaborate with Rene Requiestas, a comedian. However, this movie was never produced; instead, she and Requests appeared together in a film that was released in 1993 and was named Hulihin: Probinsyanong Mandurukot.

She was the representative of her nation in the Miss World pageant, which took place in Sun City, South Africa, in the year 1993. Her performance was outstanding, and she ended up coming in second place. The Jamaican Lisa Hanna became victorious in that particular year.

Additionally, in the same year, 1993, Ruffa Gutierrez was brought up in connection with the Brunei beauties scandal.

During the latter part of the 1980s and the 1990s, Gutierrez was very busy in the film industry. From 1987 to 1998, he worked with Regal projects on many projects each year. She went back to hosting television by becoming a host on The Buzz, a conversation program that airs on Sundays. In 2010, she also appeared in a show called Paparazzi, which was shown on TV5.

Yilmaz Bektas and Zuleyka Rivera Wedding Speculations

We should also investigate the latest reports that have been circulating regarding Yilmaz Bektas’s claimed wedding to Zuleyka Rivera to have a clearer understanding of whether or not he is now married. Since a considerable amount of time ago, there have been discussions about the possibility of Yilmaz Bektas and Zuleyka Rivera getting married. On the other hand, they are only rumors.

There has been no confirmation from Yilmaz Bektas on whether or not he is now in a relationship with Zuleyka Rivera or any other person. Some rumors say he is not dating anybody, which is something that we have previously highlighted when we were talking about his divorce status.

Yilmaz Bektas Daughter

Yilmaz Bektas garnered a lot of attention in part because he had recently reunited with his daughters, Laurin and Venice, after almost 15 years. The children he has with Ruffa Gutierrez are the result of his marriage to her. They got together for a reunion two days ago. The wife of Yilmaz Bektas, Ruffa Gutierrez, said on Instagram how heartwarming it was for a father and his daughters to be back together after being separated for fifteen years. She referred to this as the most incredible love story.

Yilmaz Bektas Ethnicity, Nationality

Yilmaz Bektas’s ethnicity unfortunately, remains unknown. His nationality is Turkish, and he uses it. This article investigates the mysterious personal lives of important persons, specifically focusing on the mystery that surrounds Mark Laita’s wife. The purpose of this investigation is to discover the identity of the person who is partners with the well-known photographer. Analogously, it also investigates the marital status of Myron Gaines, the well-known YouTube vlogger from the United States, and questions whether or not he has entered into a marriage relationship. The answers to these interesting questions give insight into the private lives of two individuals who are notably powerful in their respective areas.

Yilmaz Bektas ‘s Net Worth, Height and Weight

Yilmaz Bektas is a businessman on the Turkish side. His wealth is around $1.5 million at the moment. The height of Yilmaz Bektas is twelve feet. At 85 kg, he weighs.

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