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Who is Shia Blanca? Exploring Eddie Huang’s Girlfriend and Their Relationship Timeline!

Eddie Huang, a well-known restaurateur, operates the BaoHaus restaurant in New York City. He was born on March 1, 1982, in Washington, District of Columbia, and his profession encompasses more than just the ownership of eateries. As well as being an author, Eddie is also a producer and a food expert. His parents, Louis Huang and Jessica Huang, emigrated from Taiwan to the United States to start a new life there. In addition to being Eddie’s younger brothers, Evan and Emery are also business proprietors of restaurants.

Cattleman’s Ranch Steakhouse and Atlantic Bay Seafood & Grill are only two of the well-known steakhouses and seafood restaurants that were among the establishments that Louis, Eddie’s father, owned and maintained. The Huang family has deep roots in the Chinese provinces of Shandong and Hunan, where they have a rich heritage.

Bauhaus was established in 2009 by the Huang brothers in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. The restaurant became well-known for the unique cuisine it served and the affordable prices it charged. Furthermore, it received praise from TimeOut, which is a well-known journal. Eddie Huang, on the other hand, decided to permanently shut the restaurant in October of every year.

Who is Shia Blanca?

Eddie Huang’s cherished wife, Shia Blanca, is a talented artist who is well-known for her ability to paint with water. The respect that she has for vintage clothing is shown in both her style and her artwork. She has a substantial fan following, as shown by the fact that she has over 10.5 thousand followers on Instagram, where she is known by the handle @shiablanca.

She often shares glimpses into both her personal and professional life on her Instagram profile, which she maintains publicly. Even with their prominent personalities, Eddie and Shia both value their privacy and would want to keep the particulars of their relationship concealed from the media. They both value their privacy.

Shia Blanca Relationship Timeline

Eddie Huang is presently enjoying a joyful relationship with Shia Blanca, who was once his girlfriend but is now his wife. After announcing their engagement in May 2022, the celebrity, who is now 41 years old, just tied the knot with his significant other in the Santa Barbara County Courthouse on March 22, 2023. On Instagram, Evan Huang, Eddie’s brother, has posted a number of photographs that he took at the couple’s wedding.

There have been several romantic situations that Eddie Huang has had experience with. Just before falling in love with Shia Blanca, he had already committed to another lady named Dena. On their journey through love, they experienced both highs and lows. During the trip that Eddie and Dena took to China to see their family home, he had every intention of proposing to Dena.

Up until the point that Mr. Fusco, Dena’s father, expressed his opposition to the plan due to his biased ideas about China, everything looked to be perfect. Sadly, as a consequence of this, the engagement was terminated after eighteen months.

Shia Blanca looked radiant in a stunning little dress, while Eddie Huang looked smart in a dark blue suit with a white shirt and white shoes. Shia Blanca was also wearing a white shirt. Following their wedding ceremony at the courthouse, the newlyweds and their friends went on an adrenaline ride at Universal Studios Hollywood that was themed after Jurassic World characters.

Who is Shia Blanca?

Was Eddie Previously Engaged to Dena?

Eddie Huang made his proposal to Dena, who was his girlfriend at the time while taking a vacation to China. But after 18 months of engagement, the couple decided to end their relationship because of cultural differences.

On the other hand, Huang’s book asserts that he and Dena were having a wonderful time together and that he had planned to propose to her when they were traveling to China to visit their ancestral home.

Unfortunately, their plans were interrupted when Dena’s father, Mr. Fusco, refused to accept the proposal due to his anti-Chinese attitude. This situation caused their preparations to be wrecked. It was finally decided to call off the engagement since Huang’s sentiments had been hurt.

As time has passed, Huang has moved on with his life and is presently connected with Shia Blanca, whom he married not too long ago.

Who is Eddie Huang?

Edwyn Charles Huang, well known by his stage name Eddie Huang, is a household figure in the culinary world. He is a businessman and co-owner of the BaoHaus restaurant in Lower Manhattan’s East Village.

Eddie Huang was born on March 1, 1982, in the nation’s capital. In addition to running a restaurant, he is an author, culinary celebrity, and producer.

Huang’s parents, Jessica and Louis Huang, moved to the United States from Taiwan. Originally, the Huangs lived in Silver Spring, Maryland, a DC suburb. They finally relocated to Orlando, Florida, where they built a store and established their permanent residence.

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Eddie Huang is Emery Huang’s elder brother and Evan Huang’s younger brother; both work in the food service sector. Eddie is the eldest of two brothers and one sister.

Louis Huang built a successful restaurant empire that includes Atlantic Bay Seafood & Grill and Cattleman’s Ranch Steakhouse, both of which were named after him.

Eddie Huang’s parents were born in Taiwan, however, they are of Chinese descent, originally from the mainland regions of Hunan and Shandong.

In 2009, the Huang brothers opened BaoHaus on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The restaurant relocated to the East Village in July 2011, where customers could enjoy a broader assortment of cuisine.

TimeOut, a well-known worldwide journal, praised BaoHaus’s unique food and inexpensive costs. However, Eddie Huang has said that the shop would shut permanently in October 2020.

Eddie Huang owns a restaurant, but he has also dabbled in other professions. He began his legal career in 2006 with Chadbourne & Parke, a corporate law firm in New York City. In 2008, he left his legal job to focus solely on stand-up comedy.

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