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Who Is Shawn Mendes Dating Now? The Truth His Current Relationship Revealed!

People are usually inquisitive about who Shawn Mendes is now seeing since he is one of music’s top heartthrobs. This is particularly true after his separation from Camila Cabello in 2021, which placed him back on the dating scene.

The Canadian singer-songwriter began his career in 2013 by sharing song versions on Vine. After a year and a contract with Island Records, Mendes released his debut EP, which was only his name. His first album, Handwritten, was released in 2015.

Who Is Shawn Mendes Dating Now 2023? Girlfriend Camila Cabello

His popularity skyrocketed, and people began to wonder who he was seeing. Mendes seems to be a caring person. In a 2020 interview with Elle, he spoke about his first experience falling in love: “When you fall in love for the first time, a lot of things happen because you really feel supported and grounded, like, ‘Hey, if everything goes away, I’ll be okay,'” he told me. “It’s a lovely way of looking at things. And it makes you think, “Well, if I’m going to do this, I might as well do it for the right reasons and really, really, really enjoy it.” If not, I’d rather spend the whole day with you, watching movies.” who he is now seeing.

Are Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Dating Again?

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s unexpected kiss at Coachella on Friday didn’t indicate they were back together; a source says Page Six. The individual said that Mendes and Cabello are both single and simply friends. It was “a one-time thing.”

“Shawn and Camila are not dating again, but they are still friends and have a long history of love,” the source said. “They’ve been in contact after their breakup, and because they’re both going to Coachella, they agreed to meet there. “As the night went on, one thing led to another,” the individual said. This resulted in just one kiss.

Cabello and Mendes ended their two-year relationship in November 2021. According to an anonymous source, “The relationship was getting old and boring, and they decided it would be better for them just to be friends.”

Who Is Jocelyne Miranda? - Meet Shawn Mendes' Rumored Girlfriend and  Longtime Chiropractor

Cabello said in March 2022 that they ended their relationship because they were both still unsure of who they were. While I was with him, all I could think about was having a great life and being in a healthy relationship. She said, “I was going to therapy a lot.” “My concentration has shifted significantly. What’s the purpose of promoting myself if I’m not having fun? My priorities shift as I get older. I believe that was true for both of us. We’re still learning how to be excellent adults since we began so young. And sometimes it means not prioritizing your career. And that’s okay.”

Who Is Shawn Mendes Dating Now?

According to sources, the singer of “Nothing Holding Me Back” is meeting Sabrina Carpenter. A source said that Shawn is dating Sabrina. They spend a lot of time together and try to keep things casual. “They were cute together at a birthday party a couple of weeks ago,” they added. “Shawn is very happy.”

People assumed they were dating when they were seen together in Los Angeles in March 2023. They were also alleged to have slipped out of Miley Cyrus’s party for the premiere of her new album, Endless Summer Vacation, which was packed with celebrities. According to a video released on Twitter, Mendes quietly unlocked Carpenter’s vehicle door as they drove away.

Who Is Shawn Mendes Dated In the Past?

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have been buddies since their music careers began. They met in 2014 when Cabello was touring with her boyfriend Austin Mahone. Cabello was in Fifth Harmony. Cabello told Mendes, “I thought we met on the Austin Mahone tour,” in Interview magazine. I wanted to hang out with you, but you were usually on the tour bus studying guitar.” I did that. He replied, “I didn’t talk to anyone.” “You alone spoke to me. You were the only tour participant that spoke to me. I guess we have a photo from our first meeting in our DMs.”

Mendes and Cabello denied dating for the first time on The Late Late Show with James Corden in 2015 while promoting their duet “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” “Every time I try to get close to her, she just turns away,” Mendes quipped. Cabello said, “He friend-zones me, he calls me kid!”

They denied dating rumors for years. Mendes told The New Paper in 2017 that Cabello would make a fine girlfriend but that they were “just really good friends.” Cabello was dating Matthew Hussey.

In 2017, their hit song “Seorita” had listeners suspect words like “They say we’re just friends, but friends don’t know the way you taste” were about their hidden romance. Cabello and Hussey split in June 2019, and Mendes and Cabello began dating on July 4, 2019.

People felt their relationship was a marketing hoax, although they dated for three years. Mendes told Elle that Cabello was his first love. During the COVID-19 lockdown, the pair composed music and welcomed fans into their private life, and bought a golden retriever called Tarzan. By November 2021, they split. Hello, we’ve ended our romantic relationship, but our love for one other is greater than ever. We’ll always be great buddies. Your assistance from the outset and beyond is much appreciated. Shawn and Camila.” Shawnmila Vale.

A source informed Entertainment Tonight on November 18, 2021, that Mendes and Cabello split because they are in “totally different places in their lives.” The insider added the separation was “mutual” and that both singers were “sad” about it. Source: “Shawn and Camila’s breakup was mutual. “They realized their lives were going in different directions and decided to end it. They’re both heartbroken about the separation, but they’re trying to stay active and spend time with friends and family.

Who Is Shawn Mendes' Rumored Girlfriend? All About Charlie Travers

Shawn Mendes and Hailey Bieber

When The Sun reported that Hailey Bieber (then Hailey Baldwin) and Mendes kissed at the MTV EMAs Afterparty, some thought they were dating. Although they walked the 2018 Met Gala red carpet together, Mendes stated they were never together. I don’t want to name it. In 2018, he told Rolling Stone, “I think it was more of a limbo zone.” After a Met Gala date, she proposed to Justin Bieber a month later. “She’s still one of the coolest ever. She has one of the most lovely souls I’ve ever met and seems stunning.” He stops himself from saying more about what occurred. I consider it foolish not to…But you can’t control your heart.”

This was never verified, but Mendes and Chlo Grace Moretz seemed to flirt on Twitter in 2016. Shawn has loved Chloe for years. Shawn likes her strange humor and willingness to speak her mind. He considers her clever and cocky. The insider told, “He loves all of these things about her.” During last year’s American Music Awards, they were dating other individuals. He’s always liked her. The insider stated he may have asked her out.

Shawn Mendes' Alleged 51-Year-Old Girlfriend Confirms Camila Cabello Is in  the Past

Mendes revealed his secret lover in a 2017 Q&A. Some admirers thought it was his 2015 prom date, Lauren Arendse, but the “Mercy” singer never identified her. “I had a girlfriend for two years, and I wrote songs about her,” Mendes remarked. “But I write a lot of songs about love that I may not fully understand, but I think I have a good almost understanding of it, and I try my hardest, and it’s a lot of fun because I think love is the most powerful feeling a person can feel.”

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