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Is Jessica Gunning Gay? Baby Reindeer Star Reveals Her Sexuality Status!

Jessica Gunning is not ashamed of her sexuality and proudly embraces her situation. During her appearance as a guest on the Reign with Josh Smith podcast on Monday, June 3, the Baby Reindeer actor, who is 38 years old, commented on the “massive moment” that occurred when she was finally able to come out as homosexual about her sexual orientation. In the critically acclaimed series that is available on Netflix and is based on a real-life event, the creator, Richard Gadd, plays the role of a character called Donny. After everything is said and done, Martha, the figure played by Gunning, follows him about and another person sexually assaults him.

Who is Jessica Gunning? All about the actress who plays Martha in Baby  Reindeer | The Sun

During the podcast, Gunning discussed the issue of self-love that was discussed in the program, and then she went on to discuss her personal experiences with the subject matter. “Are you experiencing a sense of stepping into yourself in new ways for the first time?” Smith inquired about it.

“Well, a significant event occurred to me, and maybe I’ll just speak about it for a moment. Gunning said, “I actually came out in November of 22,” as Smith extended a warm welcome to her arrival at the club. 

You are very much appreciated. I am grateful to you. “And that was a mega, mega thing for me because I’ve been surrounded by gays for such a long time,” she remarked. Similar to how all of my buddies are homosexual. In other words, it wasn’t that I was trying to hide something from myself. It’s just that I didn’t believe I was capable of being, and I still don’t know how to talk about it most effectively.

After a short period, the English actress stated that her emotions had become too powerful to be denied. 

However, I came to the realization that I was a big old homosexual. My reaction was, “That’s exactly how it’s been.” According to her, such is the situation.

Baby Reindeer' Stars Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning Attend London Event

Gunning continued by saying, “And that was like a massive moment where everything kind of clicked.” It was then that I really understood myself because, for such a long time, I had assumed — because I am a larger woman — that maybe it had something to do with the fact that I am a larger woman. However, I had the impression that I was following along or that I was a little bit alien. The fact that she alluded to her coming out as “the most liberating thing” brought to mind a moment from the show that struck a chord with her.

Who is Jessica Gunning?

Jessica Faye Gunning is a well-known English actress who has been on both television and stage. She was born on January 1, 1986. The television series White Heat (2012), What Remains (2013), Back (2017–2021), and Baby Reindeer (2024) are among the shows in which she has made appearances. Born on January 1st, 1986 in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, Jessica Faye Gunning is a member of the Gunning family. Her secondary education began at Holmfirth High School, which is located close to Huddersfield. She then went on to Rose Bruford College, from where she graduated in 2007.

Jennifer Gunning’s Personal Life

Gunning revealed her sexual orientation to her family and friends in November of 2022, revealing that she is a lesbian. She said that she was a “big old gay” in an interview that took place in June of 2024, further confirming her sexual orientation. When Gunning was asked about her coming out experience, she said that it was a “mega, mega thing for [her].” She went on to say that although she was “surrounded by gays” and that “all [her] friends are gay,” she “wasn’t repressing anything.” It was just that she didn’t believe that she could be gay.

Jennifer in Baby Reindeer

Meet Jessica Gunning, the star of 'Baby Reindeer' : r/popculturechat

Donny, a poor stand-up comedian who works at a bar to support himself, is the protagonist in the tragic real tale entitled Baby Reindeer. When he presents a lady called Martha with a complimentary cup of tea, his life takes a tragic and unfavorable turn. Because she misinterprets this gesture of compassion as love, she develops an unhealthy obsession with him.

At first, Donny exhibits a flirtatious attitude with Martha since he is enjoying the attention that she is giving him. However, she quickly crosses the line from friend to stalker, which brings to light Donny’s history of sexual abuse, which was a traumatic experience for him in the past.

The fans have referred to the program as “a true masterpiece” since it has a storyline that is both terrifying and surprising. In the film Baby Reindeer, Jessica plays the character of Martha, which is a co-leading role along with the comedian Richard Gadd, who portrays Donny. During her discussion of the character, the actress disclosed the reasoning for her choice to avoid acquiring an excessive amount of information on the actual Baby Reindeer stalker.

Jessica Gunning Career

Gunning made her theatrical debut at the National Theatre in works such as Much Ado About Nothing and Major Barbara. On television, she appeared in the Doctor Who episode “Partners in Crime”. [when?] She also starred in Mutual Friends before landing a recurring role as Angela on Law & Order UK in 2009. She also appeared in Life of Riley and as Branita in the Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes-written TV pilot Lizzie and Sarah.

Star of Netflix's Baby Reindeer makes huge personal announcement | — Australia's leading news site

In 2012, she portrayed Orla in the BBC television series White Heat. This was followed by the starring part of Melissa Young in the BBC drama What Remains. Gunning also appeared as Summer in an episode of ITV’s Great Night Out in 2013, and the following year as Siân James in the Golden Globe and BAFTA-nominated film Pride, before completing 2014 in That Day We Sang, a television film written and directed by Victoria Wood.

Gunning’s other television appearances include The Scandalous Lady W on BBC Two and Shirley Allerdyce in Sky Atlantic’s Fortitude. She portrayed WPC Kath Morgan in Prime Suspect 1973, DC. Sophie Carson in In the Dark, and Umm Walid in Channel 4’s miniseries The State. [when?]

Gunning co-starred with Cate Blanchett in Martin Crimp’s When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other, which premiered at the National Theatre in 2019.

Gunning starred as Jan in the Channel 4 comedy Back and will portray Diane Pemberley in Stephen Merchant’s BBC One series The Outlaws in 2021. Gunning starred as Martha Scott in the Netflix drama-thriller Baby Reindeer in 2024.

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