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Smooth Like Butter: A Look at Some of the Best Content From Fans Inspired by BTS’s New Single Butter

Fans of the Korean band BTS are celebrating today as the band won all four awards that they were nominated for at the Billboard Music Awards: Top Selling Song for “Dynamite”, Best Duo/Group, Best Social Artist and Best Song Sales Artists. Pretty impressive! The boys also performed their brand new song “Butter” for the first time at the BBMA’s and the tune is now taking the charts by storm. Now seems like a good time to look through some awesome “Butter”  based fan made content- including fan art and GIFs as well as some clips and edits- to celebrate BTS’s huge successes and the creativity of their ARMY fans. I recently wrote a review of “Butter” and I know that I kind of picked the song apart, but that’s what we writers have to do with reviews. We have to be brutally honest and look at the subject in question objectively. Because of that, I really wanted to write a fun article that celebrates “Butter” as well as BTS and their music. With that being said, let’s take a look!

One of the running jokes amongst the BTS ARMY is every new song that BTS release trumping their previous release. Based on this, there is a lot of tweets of “Butter” lording it over “Dynamite” that are rather humorous (don’t worry though; it’s all in good humour. We still love you “Dynamite”). There is also an in-joke amongst the ARMY that the group’s song “Spring Day”- their highly popular 2017 song ,one of their absolute best– always ends up coming back to destroy all of their other songs. In a good way of course. Let’s have a look at some of the best tweets I could find with this theme.

@lowqualtybts hits the nail on the head with this one. “Dynamite” doesn’t deserve this harassment.

@taetheists clearly has a passion for graphic design with this post. I love it so much.

I love this one from @_Maang_bts. It’s the little “Spring Day” sitting in the corner watching “Butter” torment “Dynamite” whilst scoffing popcorn that makes it.

This one is a little more positive, with “Dynamite” and “Spring Day” – played by Jin and Jungkook respectively- lifting “Butter”- Yoongi a.k.a Suga- in an act of camaraderie. Thanks to @A_a_t_i_k_a_h for this wholesome meme.

Another wholesome one next as “Dynamite” humbly passes the crown to “Butter”. Beautiful work for @H0EFORJHOPE. Interesting name by the way…

@vantaesprint demonstrates the audacity of “Dynamite” and “Spring Day” when it is clearly “Butter’s” time to enjoy some attention. So selfish.

This point is also demonstrated well with this tweet from @nung039. Excellent work.

So @tteokminnie’s Tweet is pretty similar to the one I mentioned above but it is still funny to me damn it.

“Butter”- or Jimin- and “Dynamite”- Jin- argue it out but then there is Hobi in there with that bogoshipda from “Spring Day”. Thanks for sharing this one @mpeachyungs.

Again, I must insist that “Dynamite” does not deserve this kind of abuse. Damn you @jesussunbaes for making me feel terrible for laughing at this.

The last one for the “Butter” vs “Dynamite” posts featuring “Spring Day” and I think this is my absolute favourite. “Spring Day” is relentless. Thanks to @BTS_bungee for making me laugh hysterically.

@filesforjin posted this snippet from the behind the scenes look at the shooting of the BTS music video. Jin is rocking that freestyle elevator dance but he goes in a little too hard as his ring goes flying off his finger. His reaction is super adorable as he seems to apologise to the crew for his clumsiness.  Jin is my bias and so this clip makes me very happy. Spread the Jin love people.

Whilst we are on the topic of my future husband erm *cough* uh I mean…….anyway this clip from @seokjinstrack shows how steady Jin’s vocals are in the live version of “Butter”. You can’t even tell the difference. A lot of people have said in the past that they consider Jin the “weak link” of BTS with the worst vocals and dancing ability. No. Not the case. Not even slightly. There isn’t a weak link in the group anyway but Jin definitely proves himself as a hugely talented individual in this clip. Keeping your vocals that stable in a live performance is so hard and he makes it look effortless. We stan a multitalented, worldwide handsome king.

Namjoon- known by his stage name RM- is known for being kind of buff and these screenshots from the behind the scenes of the MV show the reactions of the other members when Namjoon starts to take off his jacket at the directors suggestions. I don’t know about you but I’m the kind of person who doesn’t care if you’re a man or woman or what your orientation is. An attractive person is an attractive person and RM is rocking that hotness with this confidence. Apparently, his band mates think so too if their facial expressions are anything to go by. Tag yourself. I’d say I’m either Jimin with that star struck awe or V who is just far too shaken by the experience. Thanks for this one @mollajoon!

Another hot RM tweet with a clip of him applying some frosting to some food, from a video taken during the viewing party that the band held to celebrate “Butter’s” release. The caption is so true. No one is looking at that frosting. Dang, those are some nice arms.  Anyone else feeling a little warm under the collar? No? Just me? Let’s move on…but thank you for this @420JOON

Nope this is worse. Much worse. But I love it. @H0EFORJHOPE blessing us with this content once again.

@cvjinkook and @peachcrushJK provide this fantastic video of Jungkook accidentally becoming a flight attendant during dance practice. That’s definitely a plane I want to be on.

Another Jin clip now. I’m so sorry. I am a little bit obsessed. What I want to know is why this move wasn’t used in the actual music video. Such a tragedy. Thanks to @seokjinfile for this.

I will now never be able to get these images out of my head. @candiejoons makes a comparison of the three youngest BTS members- Jungkook, V and Jimin- to cartoon characters Coraline, Dennis from Hotel Transylvania and that creepy Boss Baby character. I cannot unsee this. Side note: I’m loving V’s new perm. Super cute.

I saw a few of these GIFs of the elevator dances from Butter doing the rounds and this one is absolutely amazing. @luvviabts out here doing the Lord’s work.

Continuing on from those iconic elevator dances, we get some creative titles for the freestyle moves that the boys give us. I would say that I am either “Just Vibin” or “Social Distancing on the Dance Floor”. “The Gay Twirl” is pretty sweet too. They are all fantastic to be fair but that last shot of “LGBT Elevator” sells it for me. This one comes courtesy of @kithmoni.

So apparently Taehyung- also known as V- has been doing that aforementioned elevator dance for a while now. If the “Applying Perfume” dance isn’t a thing then it really should be. Thanks for this comparison @taesmug.

Whilst we’re on elevator dances, this clip isn’t actually funny or anything. It’s just j-hopes amazing elevator dance. He is such a talented dancer and I just want to keep watching his freestyling over and over. Thank you for making that possible @flrtyjhs

Also this incredible piece of fan art based on that elevator dance by Hobi. How are y’all so talented @hobichuus.

I mean…he is definitely a work of art though. No questions asked about that @jhopepicbot.

At one point in the music video, the boys form the word ARMY with some poses and as you can imagine, the Internet went wild. Here are a few of my favourite content to come out of that moment. We’re going back to @ttweokminnie now with a highly accurate description of what else the poses could mean. I think my favourite here is Jin and Jungkook “sharing their one braincell via osmosis”.

BTS actually did this pose once already, all the way back in 2013 when they first debuted. It’s so sweet to see them recreate that moment in the music video to show just how far they’ve come but also how they haven’t really changed much since then. Shout out to @kookvtwins for this.

An amazing animated piece of fan art of the ARMY moment from @circadraws. I love how simple but adorable this is.

And another from @Randomsplashes. There are so many talented artist ARMYs out there and I am completely not jealous at all.

No seriously how are you all so talented. I both love you and hate you at the same time @n0k_n.

I really like the stylised nature of this one. It shows a real individual art style but also perfectly demonstrates that moment from the MV. From the talented @kanimiso_misoso.

So this one mashes up to upcoming BTS collaboration with McDonalds in a super sweet and creative way! I wish this was what the real BTS meal looked like. Fantastic work @nappynapkin!

Why is this art all so good?? How are you even real?? Damn you @ryooo_yun_7 you talented person.

Okay, I think this one is my favourite. Love it @vmscherrie.

This one too @glossco.

The bunny comparisons with Jungkook have been picking up traction since the music video was released. I mean, the resemblance is a little uncanny. Nice work @fairyprincejk.

@vntku suggests that JK is more of an anime character than a bunny. Why not both?

Yoongi has become something of a meme due to some intense eye contact he shared with the audience during the “Butter” viewing party. I would certainly agree with @kkoobap that this is a step up from the original meme. 

Wait… so is there like a BTS Cinematic Universe with continuity?? Because the airplane from the groups song “Fire” in 2016 seems to have been making appearances throughout the years- in “IDOL” in 2018 and “Dynamite” in 2020- and it looks like it finally landed in “Butter”.  Thanks for pointing out this interesting little titbit @KTHSPAMZ.

There is a moment in the MV where the group line up in the same style as The Usual Suspects and some of the ARMY have taken it upon themselves to speculate what their crimes might have been. @bunjkay’s take on the matter is pretty accurate. I think my favourite here is Jungkook breaking into a pet shelter to pet the puppies and keep them company. That is a crime we can all get behind.

@track11sea also throws in their ideas for potential crimes from BTS. J-hope’s one made me laugh out loud. I also love that the only major offender here is Jin. Stealing hearts and also stealing money in the millions. Yeah, I can see that happening.

And another one from @uvulas. Why is everyone making Jin the actual criminal? Clearly Jimin is the deviant here. The KitKat abuse is real. Also, V’s crime is clearly discrimination of some kind.

Okay but now I need an animated series with criminal duo Seokjin and Hobi causing a ruckus whilst still being lovable in every way. Thanks for this one @dijinmustard.

I really like the different take on the line up scene from @kindofbblue_. Very unique and stylish!

@hotaruart replicates the line-up moment in art form with this gorgeous piece.

@squishieyoogie brings more cuteness to the fore with this one.

I love this one so much! The changing outfits are a great reminder that BTS can pretty much pull off any look. Brilliantly done @nizzyno.

This one from @Hamboggy is just *insert chef’s kiss here”*. The expressions are absolute perfection.

I’ve already mentioned a few awesome pieces of fan art inspired by “Butter” but there are just so many that I want to mention some more that caught my eye.

Beautiful work from @_hanasart! Everything about this is excellent. The expressions, the colours, the background, it’s all fantastic. I’m so jealous of those art skills.

This little animation of Jungkook and V when in the scene in the music video where the members are all dressed in track suits is simple yet perfect. Thank you for making this @_H_A_M.

A fantastically colourful piece from @strayuu which really captures the fun and easy-going nature of “Butter”. Brilliant work!

@inudazo02 captures all seven BTS members perfectly with this piece of art. They have really made them all very recognisable, from Yoongi’s adorable gummy style to Jin’s pouty lips and Hobi’s trademark grin. Amazing.

I really like the side profile style of this one from @ayilings. So good!

J-hope is all for that butter in this fan art from @zebracelery. Why did they make him eat a piece of butter at the end of the video though? Seems kind of cruel.

Pulling at my heart strings with this gorgeous Jin piece from @xeroyii. My heart is on fire right now.

The same goes for this lovely piece from @yooniechums. I’m just happy to look at Jin’s face in any form to be honest.

Okay, I will stop posting Jin art after this amazing piece from @ulsiart, I promise.

I LIED. I love you so much for this gangster Jin art @inluvwtk.

I have run out of words…thank you @reiz_i. Thank you.

So this one from @pixelplume is still Jin but it’s more adorable than attractive like the others. He is even cute when he is confessing his love for crime.

Ahh now I’m feeling things for a V drawing. Damn you @97_vk_95


Holy heck, this Jungkook art from @_holixri is absolutely astonishing. That’s it. I am in love with a drawing. I can’t help it. I’m weak.

This one too! I adore the anime style of this Jungkook art, particularly those bunny ears. Nice work @Cherymochii.

Damn, now we got Jimin looking fine too. Awesomely done @KIRI29738253.

Cute, colourful and just generally fabulous work from @Taikoodles!

Seokjin and Hobi are a total dream team and this art shows that off wonderfully. Thanks to @mowaaa for this.

@PaintedPaperT has a brilliantly stylised piece of art of the boys in the music video here. I feel like this should be on the wall in a gallery or something.

I love this one! It’s super cute and incredibly well done too. Bravo @inluvwtk (again!)

A creative take on “Butter” with this awesomely unique piece from @tomatosoupart.

Adorable chibi art from @kawanovte next. The cuteness is unreal.

I love the designs of the boys here. It kind of reminds me of comic book art crossed with chibi art. Either way, amazing work from @jxsxk13.

This one is of Jimin in his various styles in the music video from @BTS_risa_JIMIN. So well done and adorable.

Our precious Yoongi gets the fan art treatment from @awktoboogie! I love him. He is the nice guy after all.

Yoongi is also the star of this one from @aesthetic_jessi. The poses of the other guys in the background though. Nailed it.

I just love Yoongi art okay? Probably because he is my bias wrecker. I am a weak woman to a handsome face. Also can we appreciate the way that @YoonYoonGalaxy has drawn the other boys in the background? I’m living for Jungkook’s face.

Hobi is looking fine in this anime/cartoon style from @pineaporu. I really shouldn’t feel this way about a drawing. I think I need help.

Whilst we are still with @pineaporu, I want to give them a standing ovation for this reference to that Brooklyn 99 meme. Nicely done.

Still looking fine thanks to @emecce. I’m getting a major j-hope crush right now.

And now I’m getting an RM crush. If y’all are going to do drawings like this then I cannot be blamed for these feelings @MinaIsLate.

Another highly stylised piece of art with some of the quotes from the song. I love the retro, pop art look to this art from @_ariesaa.

@monnwi1 captures the boys excellently with this one. I really like the poses as they represent each member perfectly. Why are they all so fine though? I feel so weird right now.

I adore these art pieces from @inudazo02 whose work I mentioned above. Literal perfection.

I don’t really get the hand kissing that happens in the music video but I am still here for it. @atrm_sub combines chibi with an anime style in this one. It’s also Jin centric so it makes me very happy.

These little “Butter” art pieces are so great. They would make awesome pin badges. Fantastically done @jintian314.

@kai_sh1 points out that in their tracksuits- and with their various hair and outfit colours- the group kind of look like Pokémon trainers. Now I can’t unsee it. I love this animated fan art too, it’s so cute and kind of looks like official Pokémon artwork. I need that crossover in my life. In fact, there are quite a few pieces of fan art doing the rounds with this idea in mind. Let’s take a look at some more.

I wouldn’t mind bumping into this Pokémon trainer on Route 7 to be perfectly honest. My Yoongi crush intensifies. Fantastic choice of Pokémon with Meowth too from @lilmoongles.

Why does this work so well?? Even the Pokémon choices are spot on. Great job @m_idol_collage! Someone make this an actual thing please.

Perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect. These guys look like gym leaders in this edit from @mulletjin and now I’m yearning for this crossover even more.

@2jihope only speaks truth.

Back to the regular fan art! Jimin in this one is so cute I cannot stand it. Also, Yoongi looking like an old man is amazing @mervilluu.

Not sure why they have animal ears and tails but I bloody love it once again from the talented @ayilings.

Jhope and his tiny friends! I am so happy that j-hope is getting so much fan art. He is criminally underrated at times @taejinfai.

Why is this so stunning? Why are you so talented?? You are amazing @milkcryptid

@thisiskeets mashes up the “Butter” music video with the BT21 cartoon line– that BTS had a hand in creating- in this super cute and creative artwork. I love that TATA- the character that V created- has got a tiny version of V’s new permed hairstyle.

V debuted that aforementioned perm in the “Butter” press conference and then again at the viewing party. This piece is such a sweet representation of how all the other members seemed fascinated with his new, curly locks. Such amazing work from @lilidrws.

Another sweet one based on the viewing party/ V hair touching party. The members starting putting yellow forks in his curly hair and @_ma1c0 makes this adorable moment even more adorable.

This is a favourite of mine from @bbleventeen. The style just works perfectly and again, they are giving off strong Pokémon trainer vibes.

Closing this article off with two adorable pieces of fan art from @emu03910, focusing on that hand kissing again. So cute and I love the traditional art style.

There is so much great fan content out there, I could have gone on and on but I have already created something of an essay with this blog! Don’t forget to keep streaming “Butter” to support BTS and definitely give it a listen if you haven’t already.

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