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Loki The Nexus Event Episode 4 Review Marvel Studios Disney+


Loki Episode 4 Makes an Authroity to Escalate it’s Shocking Narrative

Loki Episode 4 “The Nexus Event” Review

As Loki closes in on reaching its penultimate episode, the third Marvel Studios series on Disney+ makes another Wednesday comeback with more mischief and chaos as it etches closer to wrapping up its glorious tale. After last week’s doomsday apocalypse, the prince of Asgard had set expectations ridiculously high on delivering a follow-up to the explosive halfway point that was “Lamentis.” This week as Loki dives into answering some of its long-awaited questions, the series takes no time tackling what viewers want to know most. In what might be the best episode of Loki yet, “The Nexus Event” is another fantastic entry of the series that is glowing with potential chills and thrills. It may have only been one week since the last big shocking twist was revealed, but Loki is back and packed with surprises this time from beginning to end.

Picking up shortly after Lamentis’ ultimate destruction began, “The Nexus Event” pays a strong focus on the Time Variance Authority while continuing the developing story of Loki and Sylvie. In a quick effort to recapture the variants, the TVA can restore order to the timeline before their potential downfall can be ignited. Of course, the agents manage to secure Loki and Sylvie before the former once again causes a nexus event that is out of his control. While the two come under interrogation and torture from the overlord organization, Agent Mobius learns the truth about his existence as he realizes his former trickster ally might not just be spouting nonsense after all. Like every other episode of the series thus far, “The Nexus Event” is another massive push forward for the overarching narrative and character development in Loki as all the key players get to shine in one mysterious, cohesive, and compact entry.

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Right off the bat, “The Nexus Event” resonates with its long-term goals before the title can even hit. Loki may have only two episodes left in its run, but the show has wisely continued to commit to two important tasks: building upon a massive future reveal for the TVA and making the audience care about its cast that is thriving and doomed. If there is anything that Loki has learned from both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it was the importance of starting slow and ending big. The series definitely has had moments of long dialogue and using chunks of its runtime to establish ideas related to its own science, but inevitably having those scenes comes with a long-term payoff. While the previous episodes took their time to forge relationships and mysteries, episode four can hit hard with revelations by building a better climax. It does not have to explain its science or forge a new villain. Loki has established all its stepping stones, and now it gets to across all of them with ease.

While audiences are completely unaware of who the actual villain of Loki might be, it has continually pushed forward with building upon the genius mystery that is the Time Keepers and the TVA. “The Nexus Event” finally shows the foreign beings in a physical form, and the result, as expected to be, is satisfying and shocking. Episode four will constantly keep viewers on the edge of their seats as they ever so slowly get a look at these characters in the flesh. However, as the TVA only grows more paranoid from the presence of the two Loki variants, some of its mysteries begin to unravel and evolve into greater questions at the same time. Loki might be starting to initiate the viewer’s understanding of the TVA as a whole, yet it has only thrown them bread crumbs. It is only escalating its enigma in favor of creating a larger spectacle when it is finally cracked. Every twist and turn the series has taken has been shocking, but episode four hits home hard because of the relationship viewers have forged with the cast.

On top of creating tensions for an impending reveal, Marvel Studios has not forgotten about making the audience care for its characters. Once again, Loki benefits most in its interactions with the cast and their independent moments of screentime. Not only is the acting simply pristine as every player is giving it their all, but no matter whether the show is spotlighting pairs such as Loki and Mobius, Sylvie and Loki, or even Mobius and Ravonna by themselves, it is always utilizing its time accordingly. The chemistry between the cast has always been spot on with creating a more believable world. Still, this episode truly allowed the characters to evolve in ways that were only possible after building them up for their fateful moments. The unveiling of Sylvie’s past might be short, but it is ever the more satisfying thanks to everything we learned about her last time — and the same goes for Mobius, who is slowly coming to terms with the reality Loki presents to him as his relationship with the god grows more multiplex.

Image courtesy of Marvel Studios

Loki has done a phenomenal job creating a memorable cast, yet it also does not fear introducing some old and new faces from time to time. Out of all the actors from the Thor films to finally make an appearance in Loki so far, Jaimie Alexander’s latest reemergence as her character Lady Sif is quite welcoming, albeit a bit odd in retrospect. Because this character has always been seen around the god of thunder and the Warriors Three, having the character interact with Loki on her own seemed a bit out of place. They may have never had a moment to shine together in the Thor films, but the audience was always aware that she was a critical childhood friend of the two Asgardian gods. Nonetheless, Alexander’s short appearance was a welcoming nod to Loki’s past.

On the topic of other familiar characters appearing in the show, it may have been a small reference, but it is nice to know that Mobius confirms the existence of vampires in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — in other words, Blade is certainly on its way to making a comeback (perhaps sooner than we may think).

“The Nexus Event” might be the best episode of Loki so far since its original premiere. Packed with an emotional punch, unexpected twists, and hundreds of questions, episode four is an absolute thrill ride that will leave audiences dying to see what exactly is next in store for the god of mischief and a world that is overwhelming against him. Just when audiences thought last week’s “Lamentis” was going to uphold one of the series best endings in its run, “The Nexus Event” absolutely blew the doomsday apocalypse aside for a closing moment with more weight than the desolation that brewed beforehand. Between the number of heart-wrenching deaths and selfish betrayals at hand, Loki is gearing up for one heck of a finale. Remember to stick around for the end credits this time around, as there is one extra scene you do not want to miss!

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