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Who is Anthony Joshua’s Wife? Meet His Wife and Learn About Their Love Story!

Anthony Joshua is a well-known professional boxer from the United Kingdom who is recognized for his accomplishments in the championship heavyweight category. Joshua is now well recognized as one of the most prominent names in the sport of boxing all over the globe. He was born on October 15, 1989, in Watford, which is located in Hertfordshire, England.

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Anthony Joshua Wife

Anthony Joshua is either not married at the moment or has never been married. Despite this, Joshua said not too long ago that his future bride would eventually marry into his home. His prospective bride must show respect for his complete family, which includes his kid, his parents, and his other relatives. He does not want to get married to someone who, after the marriage, causes the family to be divided.

Anthony Joshua Ex-Girlfriend

Nicole Osborne, who is employed as a yoga teacher, is featured in some videos on YouTube in which she displays a variety of yoga positions. It was in Watford in 2014 that she and Anthony Joshua, a professional boxer, first came into contact with one another. One year later, in October 2016, they became parents to a boy named Joseph Bayley Temiloluwa Prince Joshua.

Even though they were in a relationship and gave birth to their children together, Nicole and Anthony did not end up getting married and ultimately decided to go their own ways.

Joshua has said that he would allow any future bride to marry into his family and that he continues to live with his mother. “I continue to reside with my mother. As a part of our tradition, we were raised in the house of our own family, and we provide for our parents,” he said. I don’t see why I’m going to walk out on my mother and leave her alone for some other female. The most essential thing in life is one’s family. The moment a girl falls in love with me, she is not only marrying me, but she is also marrying my family.

As part of his efforts to get a crack at the undisputed heavyweight world championship against the victor of Tyson Fury’s fight against Oleksandr Usyk on May 18, Anthony Joshua will face Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia tonight.

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Joshua weighed in at 252.4 pounds before his heavyweight fight against Francis Ngannou, who weighed in over two stones more than Joshua. The fight was scheduled to take place on Friday. The former two-time world champion, who is now 34 years old, was somewhat heavier than he was in his most recent fight, which took place in December and was against Otto Wallin.

Anthony’s close relationship with JJ

Anthony Joshua revealed a charming detail about his connection with JJ in an article that he and Hugo Boss wrote together. With the video of the professional boxer and his cute youngster playing in the background, Anthony made the following statement: “The most important thing is getting a little cuddle, that’s nice.” I want him to form a connection with me…At the same time, it is time for him to discover who he is and express himself. My goal is to establish a relationship with you that will allow us to both discover excellence and collaborate on projects.

After that, he went on to describe the ideal Father’s Day for him, stating that it would consist of him sitting in front of the fireplace and watching his kid run about. “That’s what life’s about,” he concluded.

Who is JJ’s mother?

Nicole Osbourne, who is a dance instructor and a yoga instructor, is JJ’s mother. She is no longer with her son’s boxer father while they were together. At the Watford school, the fitness enthusiast first became acquainted with Anthony.

It took Anthony six months to announce to the world that he had given birth to his son, and he has managed to keep his relationship with Nicole out of the spotlight. JJ’s parents were living together in a flat in Finchley, which is located in North London, around the time of JJ’s birth, even though they had previously separated. 

Anthony Joshua Career

He won the gold medal in the super-heavyweight division at the London Olympics in 2012, which was the beginning of his journey to prominence and laid the groundwork for his professional career. In 2013, Joshua made the transition from amateur to professional boxing, and he immediately established a reputation for himself thanks to his tremendous striking skills, amazing knockout record, and agility.

Throughout his professional career, Joshua has reigned as the heavyweight champion on many occasions. Through his victory against Charles Martin in 2016, he was able to achieve the title of IBF heavyweight champion. 

After that, he went on to capture the WBA (Super), IBO, and WBO championships by defeating Wladimir Klitschko in a bout that goes down in history in April 2017. This fight is sometimes seen as a defining milestone in his career. Because of this win, he became the world’s undisputed champion in the heavyweight division.

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There have been several high-profile bouts that Joshua has participated in, in which he has defended his belts against a variety of competitors. Despite a setback that occurred in June 2019, when he was defeated by Andy Ruiz Jr. in a surprise upset, Joshua was able to win his championship in a rematch that took place in December 2019, demonstrating his capacity to recover from adversity.

Anthony Joshua’s Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the celebrity is worth an estimated £62 million. He clarified that because of his jet-setting lifestyle, he longs to return to Earth when his schedule permits. He went on to say, “I spend a significant amount of time away from home in different parts of the world, but my primary residence is at home with my mother.” If I can wake up, I will be able to see her and spend time with her whenever I can.


However, at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, the former Olympic gold medalist is unlikely to have a companion cheering him on ringside. In reality, the Englishman is believed to be unmarried, making him one of the most desirable bachelors in sports. Joshua instead devotes himself to his trade, so much so that after winning his first world championship, he moved in with his mother Yeta to their two-bedroom flat in Watford.

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