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Robert Hight Illness: What Affected NHRA Drag Racer? 

Robert Hight is a well-known personality in the world of drag racing, notably within the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) circuit, where he competes in the Funny Car category. He is a member of the International Drag Racing Association (IRRA). Hight was born in Alturas, California, on August 20, 1969, and during his career, he has consistently established himself as one of the most accomplished drivers in the sport. There will be a discussion on Robert Hight’s illness as well as his career in this piece.

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Robert Hight Illness

Robert Hight, who is known for being the head of John Force Racing and a three-time champion in the Funny Car class, has decided to take a short vacation from his racing career owing to health concerns. As of right now, neither the nature of the illness that Hight is suffering from nor the length of time that he will be sidelined is known.

In addition to expressing his want to go back behind the wheel as soon as his health lets it, Hight has emphasized the need to put his health first. Austin Prock will serve as the driver for the 2024 season in the interim when the driver is not available.

Prock has noted the conflicting emotions that are associated with his new job. He has expressed his joy at the opportunity to drive a Funny Car, especially in light of the heritage that his family has left behind, while also acknowledging the sad circumstances that led to his opportunity. As Hight is temporarily relieved of his driving responsibilities, the racing world sends its warmest wishes for a speedy recovery to Prock.

Hight has underlined the need to prioritize his health and has voiced his excitement to resume racing once his health problems have been rectified. He has also declared his desire to return to racing. In the meanwhile, Austin Prock will be taking up driving responsibilities for the Cornwell Tools/AAA Chevrolet Camaro SS Funny Car for the 2024 season. Hight will be replaced by Prock.

The statement that Robert Hight made was that he is dedicated to prioritizing his health, and he said, “I have to prioritize my health.” As soon as this issue is rectified, I will return. I am somewhat of a competitor, and I can’t wait to go back to doing what I love, which is racing. I will be looking forward to racing again. As a substitute for me, I am certain that Austin will perform very well for Cornwell Tools, AAA, Chevy, and all of the other sponsors of John Force Racing. He will undoubtedly come out on top in races.

NHRA shocker: Robert Hight temporarily exits Funny Car for health reasons,  to be replaced by Austin Prock - Auto Racing Digest

Robert Hight Career

Robert Hight’s ascent through the ranks of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) is an inspiring story of dedication and advancement. After beginning his career as a fan, he began his professional journey in 1995 with John Force Racing, where he worked as a clutch expert until 2005, when he made the transition to the position of driver under the team.

He finished his first year with two victories and a fifth-place finish, which is rather outstanding. He had improved to second position by the time the next season rolled around, and he had won three races. His career reached its pinnacle in 2017, the year that he reunited with crew chief Jimmy Prock and drove a Chevrolet Camaro to remarkable success. This was the year that he finally fulfilled his full potential.

It was during that season that several ground-breaking accomplishments were accomplished, one of which was the establishment of the record for the greatest speed in the NHRA. Hight finished the year with four victories, which meant that he was able to capture the crown during the Countdown to the Crown events. His career highlights include creating new records, winning many championships, and matching his greatest season in terms of final rounds and lowest elapsed times. They also include establishing new records.

Robert Hight Putting Health First

The importance of Hight placing a priority on his health has been emphasized, and he has expressed his enthusiasm to return to racing once the medical matter concerning him has been handled. The driver position will be filled by Austin Prock for the 2024 season, which he will be absent from. Although driving a Funny Car is a dream come true, Prock noted that the circumstances are bittersweet. He expressed his joy at the chance and realized that the circumstances were bittersweet. Because Austin Prock will be taking over the driving duties, the racing world is sending Hight their best wishes and praying for a speedy recovery after his injury.

Robert Hight’s Achievements and Legacy

Robert Hight is not only a well-known drag racer in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), but he also serves as the president of John Force Racing. Hight has been a significant character in the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series Funny Car since 2005. He is well remembered for directing the Chevrolet Camaro SS Funny Car that was owned by the Auto Club of Southern California during his whole racing career. 


His incredible path includes winning three championships in 2009, 2017, and 2019, making a big contribution to the heritage of championships that John Force Racing has established. Throughout fourteen competitive seasons, Hight routinely achieved top-10 finishes in points, demonstrating both his talent and his dependability. Although he was born in Alturas, California, he presently lives in Yorba Linda, California, where he can effectively manage his jobs as a seasoned drag racer and a leader inside John Force Racing.


Unfortunately, the specific nature of the sickness that Robert Hight, the three-time Funny Car world champion, is suffering from has not been disclosed to the general public. The statement that he would be taking a short break from driving, citing personal medical reasons, did not disclose any precise specifics regarding the health problem that he is now dealing with. Hight has highlighted the utmost significance of making his health a top priority, and he is looking forward to getting back into racing once his medical difficulties have been resolved. Austin Prock will take up the driving duties for the next 2024 season if Hight is unable to compete. The racing world is anxiously awaiting any new information on Hight’s health.

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