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Is Kalani Miller Pregnant? Is She Expecting a Child Soon?

Kalani Miller, Kelly Slater’s girlfriend, and the great surfer Kelly Slater have been together since 2006. Miller, who is 36 years old, is not only a model but also a co-founder of MIKOH, a swimsuit brand. Miller is married to his wife. In addition to being a successful businesswoman, Miller is enthusiastic about other sports, including surfing and fitness.

Kelly Slater and Longtime Partner Kalani Miller Expecting First Child  Together | Entertainment Tonight

She was brought up in the quaint community of San Clemente, which is located in Orange County, California, and it was during her childhood that Miller acquired a deep interest in the creative process and design. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss whether or not Kalani Miller is currently carrying a child.

Is Kalani Miller Pregnant?

Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller are expecting their first child together. In a post that was published on Instagram on Tuesday, the professional surfer, who is 52 years old, and his girlfriend of many years, Kalani Miller, revealed that they are expecting their first child together. An endearing black-and-white film shows the pair walking hand in hand down the beach. The camera captures the expanding baby belly of the co-founder of Mikoh, which is a lovely sight to see.

Kalani Miller Dating History

Miller and Slater started dating in 2006. Miller referred to Slater as her “ride or die” in an interview with Graham Bensinger that took place in the year 2020. Miller and her sister had previously established a bikini firm together. In addition, she expressed her desire to have between two and three children with the professional athlete via their union.

On the occasion of Slater’s 52nd birthday, Miller commemorated the occasion on Instagram by posting several black-and-white photographs of the two of them collected over the years. “Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world!” she wrote in her journal. “Thank you for letting me and those close to you bathe in your light and thank you for giving me the world and beyond.”

Kelly Slater, Kalani Miller Expecting First Child Together

Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller, his long-term girlfriend, said they were expecting a child. Tuesday was the day that the couple broke the news to their followers on Instagram by posting a little video.

The video was shot in black and white and showed Slater and Miller, who was pregnant, strolling along a beach while listening to an instrumental version of Ben Harper’s song “The Three of Us.” The film concluded with a close-up of Miller’s tummy. A white heart emoji was all that was included in the description; there was no more explanation provided.

Slater, who is 52 years old, and Miller, who is 36 years old, have been together for sixteen years. Even though this will be their first kid together, it will be Slater’s second child entirely. Taylor Slater-Kelleher, Kelly’s daughter from a prior relationship, was born in the year 1996 according to Kelly.

As was to be anticipated for a person who has won the world championship eleven times, compliments started pouring in from all around the surfing world almost immediately. In a nutshell, every professional surfer, shaper, and member of the surfing business sent their best wishes to the happy couple via the use of comments.

Kelly Slater’s girlfriend

A businesswoman and surfer, Kalani Miller co-founded a well-known swimwear line in 2008, and the eleven-time world champion surfer are together. At an event held in San Diego, California, the two individuals had their first encounter approximately twenty years ago. Miller was born and raised in the state, but Slater, who was born and raised in Florida, often came there for reasons relating to surfing competitions and business.

Throughout their partnership, Miller has provided some insight into her connection with Slater. “I remember exactly seeing him for the first time and it felt like time really did stop,” she recounted of the surf icon in an interview with Graham Bensinger in 2019. “It was like time stopped,” she said.

They have been together for a long time, and even though they keep their relationship somewhat quiet, they have posted touching Instagram tributes to one other on several occasions. “Thank you for letting me and those close to you bathe in your light and thank you for giving me the world and beyond,” Miller wrote to Slater on his 52nd birthday in February. Slater was the recipient of Miller’s birthday messages.

Slater had earlier written the following statement as a birthday greeting to Miller: “Happy birthday, my darling! I am grateful that you have accompanied me on my travels throughout the world and that you have taken care of our little fluffy ball. It’s strange to think of all the places we’ve gone and all the friends we have on the other side of the planet, but here are some recollections from throughout the years. I hope that today is wonderful for you.

According to reports, Miller and Slater are now expecting their first child together. Additionally, the surfer is a father to Taylor Slater-Kelleher, whom he and Tamara Mitchell welcomed into the world in the spring of 1996.

Kalani Miller Career

Kalani Miller is a multidimensional person whose career has included a variety of professions, including surfing, modeling, and business. Miller has made a name for herself in the modeling profession because of her unique appearance and the distinguishing style she has. She has been able to exhibit her ability and flexibility in front of the camera thanks to her job as a model, which has enabled her to partner with a considerable number of businesses.

Meet Kelly Slater's girlfriend, Kalani Miller, an entrepreneur -

Miller is not only a great model, but she is also a successful businesswoman. She and her sister OLEEMA were the co-founders of the swimsuit firm MIKOH, which was established in 2009. A significant factor that has contributed to Miller’s image as a shrewd businesswoman is the fact that MIKOH has garnered attention for its unique designs and high-quality items.

Kalani Miller Hobbies 

Miller was reared in San Clemente, California, with the beach as her backyard. As a result of her upbringing in a family of surfers, she has been captivated by the sport and lifestyle of surfing throughout her whole personal life. Additionally, she is dating the guy who is widely considered to be the best surfer in the history of the sport!

Miller has had the opportunity to surf incredible waves in some of the most breathtaking locations on the planet, including Hawaii, Bali, and Australia, whether she is going for her business or to support Slater on tour wherever she has traveled. In addition, she rode at Slater’s renowned Surf Ranch, which is located in Leemore, California.

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