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Is Anna Burns-Francis Pregnant? The Truth About Her Pregnancy Revealed!

Anna Burns-Francis, based in the exciting metropolis of New York, has established herself as a hardworking US reporter for 1News in the fast-paced world of journalism. Her previous employment includes working as a journalist covering current events and as a presenter on TVNZ. Her unrelenting pursuit of the truth, her ability to identify villains, her advocacy for those who are vulnerable, and her capacity to do in-depth research and consumer product testing have earned her a great deal of notoriety within the industry.

NZ Media News on X: ".@FairGoNZ reporter Anna Burns-Francis has been named  as TVNZ's new US correspondent: "This is the most exciting opportunity I've  ever had in my career and I can't

On the other hand, there have been rumors going around on the internet recently regarding the beginning of a new phase in her life. A great deal of attention and speculation has been generated as a result of the stories that have been going around concerning Anna Burns-Francis’s pregnancy.

To determine whether or not the rumors that are going around concerning her pregnancy status are true, we will investigate them in the following article. Continue reading this article if you are interested in finding out whether or not the well-known journalist is expecting.

Is Anna Burns-Francis Pregnant?

Anna Burns-Francis is definitely expecting a child. In the wake of the return of TVNZ’s Breakfast Show, the enthusiasm around Anna Burns-Francis reached a fever pitch, and this time, it wasn’t only about breaking news.

In the most recent episode, Anna revealed something that nobody was anticipating: she is expecting a child! After Anna quietly divulged, in passing, what she had been doing throughout her vacation, the hosts were taken aback. “I got sick of waiting for us to announce the fourth presenter, so I just made my own,” Anna said. When it comes to generating news in a really personal manner!

Anna announced on Instagram four days ago, along with a heartfelt caption that read, “A holiday for two that was three – we’re very excited for a little Burns-Francis-Gordon baby due later this year (we celebrated by heading to the land of raw fish and delicious umeshu).” This served to further heighten the anticipation that was already present.

At the moment, the seasoned journalist is taking pleasure in a substantial and emotional personal victory in addition to breaking news on the job. For Anna Burns-Francis and her expanding family, there is a cause to rejoice and celebrate.

Who is Anna Burns-Francis’ Husband?

Burns-Francis is married to Simon Gordon. The marriage between Simon Gordon and Anna Burns-Francis is filled with joy and satisfaction for both of them. A modest church wedding took place in August of 2023, and the pair exchanged their vows in front of their closest and most loving friends and family members.

They decided to have a large party one week after their wedding, rather than organizing a little ceremony to commemorate their union. The difficulty of wedding preparation was brought to Anna’s attention when she decided to go with the path that first looked to be less challenging.

Following the proposal that took place in New York City a year earlier, the couple decided to go on the more challenging but ultimately profitable route of preparing a wedding that would be unforgettable. Anna and Simon decided to be married after dating for a total of three years, which lasted for two years. Anna reflects on the significance of their relationship and says, “It meant incredibly profoundly and extremely much to us that this marriage is.” This statement speaks to the significance of their friendship.

From the moment they announced their engagement until the day of their wedding, it was abundantly evident that they loved and devoted themselves to one another. While the couple is moving on with this new phase of their life together, they do not lose sight of the shared experience that transformed their marriage into a profoundly personal commitment rather than a mere celebration.

Anna Burns-Francis from Voting to Vaccines to Vacations

Anna Burns-Francis, a foreign journalist for TVNZ, arrived in the United States of America amid a pandemic that took place all over the world and an emotionally charged presidential election. Her anecdotes from behind the camera are shared with us, and she also discusses the prospects that she sees in a nation that is beginning to open its doors.

For some individuals, the very thought of moving to the United States of America amid COVID-19 would be sufficient to cause them to reevaluate their current position. With that being said, Anna Burns-Francis, a foreign journalist for TVNZ, was determined to cover one of the most important elections in the United States of America, even if a pandemic broke out all over the world. 

“COVID-19 became the theme of my life, my ability to get to New York and start my job was all about what level COVID-19 was at, setting myself up in New York was harder because the Government departments were closed, I had to report on the pandemic, and then, most importantly there was this huge election, and the overarching theme was, how do I cover it and not catch Covid-19?”

Breakfast host Anna Burns-Francis' dream double wedding | Woman's Day

After arriving in New York, Anna immediately began traveling with Joe Biden and Donald Trump as they made their last campaign pushes. She followed them as they traveled around the country. She claims that it was impossible to predict the result of the election, although she was deeply involved in it. 

“It was extremely difficult to call since the race was constantly shifting. It was not until five days after the election that we received a result. The early postal vote swayed it in ways no one had seen before, and a sitting President declared the results fraudulent before they were even entirely in. There were so many emotions from individuals, and there was this enormous surge of rage that seemed to keep growing, culminating in the Capitol Hill riots and then actually to President Biden’s inauguration.” 

The US reporter covers everything from elections to award events, severe weather, terrorist incidents, and everything in between. But there is also the opposite side: long days, tight deadlines, and constantly juggling time zones. “I literally work from my homeroom a lot of the time, particularly during a pandemic. World news is coming to you from my lounge! It’s certainly not always as glamorous as it seems.

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