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Memphis Anchor Cause of Death Revealed! How Did She Die?

Amanda Hanson, a 38-year-old news anchor in Memphis, died due to difficulties arising from an unexplained medical issue. Hanson is a news anchor for Action 5 News in Memphis. Her untimely demise has left her colleagues and viewers very saddened, as her lively personality and passion for dancing had made her a cherished figure at Action 5 News.

Who was Memphis anchor Amanda Hanson and what was her cause of death? | The  US Sun

At the beginning of her career, she was well-known for successfully mixing her passion for dancing into her broadcasts. The first time Hanson took dancing classes was when she was eight years old. She became a member of the dance team at the University of Memphis. Amanda Hanson’s career, the circumstances surrounding her death, and further information will be discussed in this piece.

Memphis Anchor Cause of Death

Memphis’ Action 5 News anchor Amanda Hanson passed away at the age of 38 due to complications from an undetected medical issue. When the network broke the devastating news of her untimely death on X, which was once known as Twitter, it horrified both her staff and her followers.

Hanson was well-known for infusing her enthusiasm for dancing into her live broadcasts, which she did often. Her disposition was renowned for being energetic and passionate. Within the early stages of her career, she established “Dance Party Fridays” at KAIT-8, which resulted in her colleagues affectionately calling her “Dancin’ Hanson.” This led to her being familiar with the station. The anchor’s passion for dance has been a lifelong hobby, beginning with her participation in dance courses when she was eight years old and continuing through her stint with the dance team at the University of Memphis.

Amanda Hanson Memphis Obituary 

Amanda Hanson, a popular figure at Action 5 News and a news anchor in Memphis, unexpectedly died at the age of 38 after battling problems attributable to an unidentified medical issue. The network disclosed the tragic news of her untimely passing on X, which was once known as Twitter. This news left both her coworkers and viewers in a state of utter devastation.

In addition to having a personality that was full of vitality and energy, Hanson was well-known for incorporating her passion for dancing into her broadcasts on the radio. At the beginning of her employment at KAIT-8, she became well-known for launching “Dance Party Fridays,” which resulted in her being affectionately referred to as “Dancin’ Hanson” by her coworkers. Beginning with dancing classes when she was eight years old and continuing as a member of the dance team when she was attending the University of Memphis, the anchor’s love for dance was a goal that she pursued throughout her whole personal life.

Hanson eventually found herself working in the profession of journalism, although she had first envisioned herself dancing on Broadway or aboard a cruise ship. In 2010, she became a member of the KAIT-8 staff, and later on, she became a prominent character at Action News 5, where she was a member of the Action News 5 Digital Desk and played an important role there.

Hanson’s recent marriage to Darren was made clear in a touching video that was provided by a friend of the family. The video showed the pair dancing in their kitchen, which had just undergone renovations. She brought excitement to the workplace, and Action 5 News fondly remembers her contagious smile and the enthusiasm she brought to the establishment.

As a result of the fact that the reason for Amanda Hanson’s medical emergency has not been acknowledged, people who knew and adored her are experiencing an increased level of shock and sadness. A number of her coworkers and colleagues have expressed their sorrow, recalling her as an incredibly vivacious and joyous person who made a lasting impression on the community of Memphis.

Amanda Hanson’s Profession 

Amanda Hanson is credited as beginning her professional career in 2004 when she was hired by Flinn Broadcasting Corporation. For more than three years, she brought her abilities to the promotional team, making an image that will not soon be forgotten.

In 2006, Amanda obtained a new career at Local TV LLC, where she worked as an editor and photographer on a part-time basis for all of the almost four years that she was employed there. She made a significant turn in the course of her career when she began working for Raycom Media. After working as a morning anchor, she transitioned into a role as an investigative reporter.

Amanda relocated to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, but she never faltered in her dedication to Raycom Media until the time of her tragic death in January 2024.

Amanda Hanson Marriage And Family Life

Amanda Hanson just married Darren Niedermayer, a telecom data analyst and excellent pole vaulter. Amanda and Darren’s love story began at work, according to friends and family.

Their relationship became stronger over time, and they eventually decided to marry. After the gorgeous wedding in May 2023, the newlyweds moved into their new home in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Who was Memphis anchor Amanda Hanson and what was her cause of death? | The  US Sun


Amanda Hanson, a beloved television news journalist in Memphis, Tennessee, fell unexpectedly under terrible circumstances as a result of complications resulting from a medical emergency, as verified by her employer, Action News 5. After hearing the news on Thursday, both coworkers and viewers were left in utter disbelief. Hanson, who is well-known for her creative and contagious enthusiasm, became a member of the Action News 5 team in 2021 and was given the position of Leader of Digital Innovation.

In addition to her recent marriage to Darren Niedermyer, Hanson gave a great deal of delight to her coworkers by sharing stories about the restoration projects she had completed. After working as a K8 news anchor in Arkansas for two separate periods, from 2010 to 2015 and from 2018 to 2021, she eventually made her way back to Memphis, where she was born and raised during the year 2021. As a result of her on-air dance parties that were held on Friday mornings, she became affectionately known as “Dancin’ Hanson” when she was working at KAIT.

Colleagues and friends expressed their sorrow at Hanson’s passing, recalling him as a guy who was cheerful, friendly, and helpful. During their time together, Justin Logan, a former coworker at K8, revealed his sadness and shared recollections of their relationship. Not only did Hanson’s influence reach beyond the realm of her professional life, but she was also referred to as a beloved friend who would also be much missed. .

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