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I See The Light from Disney’s Tangled Has Been Recreated With Ducks Because Why Not

If you’re a frequenter of the blog both here and over on Goomba Stomp, you will probably be aware that I am all for that random content, especially the kind that is a lot better than it has any right to be. That’s exactly what we get with this crazily good recreation of the iconic lantern scene and I See The Light song from Disney’s 2010 animated movie Tangled. This animated interpretation is brilliantly made and there has clearly been a lot of effort put into it. The only striking difference from the original is that everyone is a duck. A minor detail.

This masterpiece has been created by a YouTuber by the name of SilliS, who has made some pretty brilliant parodies of Disney movies in the past. The level of detail put into this fan animation from SilliS is insane. I really enjoyed the film Tangled- I remember seeing it in the cinema back in 2010 when I was about 18- so I have seen it quite a lot, to the point where I know the little details quite well. I can confirm that every movement, every set piece, and even the character expressions have been nailed here. Yes, they may be ducks but it is as perfect as it is possible to get when you transform the main characters into ducks. I was literally amazed when I first watched this duck fuelled Disney fest because of how well every aspect of the scene has been recreated. From Rapunzel (or Duck Rapunzel? Duck-punzel?) gently placing flowers in the water at the beginning to the boats releasing their duck-shaped lanterns, it is just too good to put into words. Not to mention the costumes for the characters and those aforementioned lanterns that are in the shapes of little ducks and even Pascal the chameleon, who has been transformed into a tiny, green rubber duck. Magnificent.

Did I mention the singing? Because there is also singing. Not only has the scene been remade down to the minute details, it also has a cover of the “I See The Light” song sang in gorgeous Donald Duck-style voices. Glorious. As I said, this animation really has no right to be as good as it is. Even the Donald Duck impressions are top-notch. I just cannot help but love silly yet brilliantly done content such as this. Bravo SilliS, bravo. Make sure to check out SilliS’s YouTube channel and their Twitter here.

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Antonia Haynes resides in a small seaside town in England where she has lived her whole life. She's a simple girl with a passion for zombies, writing, film, television, drawing, superheroes, Disney and, of course, video games. Her ideal day would consist of junk food, fluffy pyjamas and video games because quite frankly going outside is overrated. Follow her on Twitter on @RainbowMachete

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