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The 30 Best BTS Songs


The 30 Best BTS Songs

The 30 Best BTS Songs- Part Two: 15 To 1

Welcome to part two of my comprehensive list of the thirty best BTS songs! I’d suggest heading over to part one if you haven’t done so already to catch up with the songs I’ve already included.

15. “Not Today”- You Never Walk Alone (2017)

We have another motivational entry next with the hip-hop banger that is “Not Today”. The message is clear: don’t give up and keep going because we’re not going down without a fight. Not today at least. RM’s intro to the song is a perfect indicator of the core themes (which he speaks in English), “All the underdogs in the world/ A day may come when we lose/ But it is not today/ Today we fight”. A verse that was apparently inspired by Aragon’s monologue from The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, the song continues with this fighting theme throughout. Emphasized by heavy synth beats, the song is a contagious anthem to all of us who consider ourselves underdogs. The chorus is the highlight- due to its short and snappy nature- backed up by an absolute smash of a hip-hop dance tune. It is also highly accessible, making it easy to sing along to no matter what corner of the globe you hail from. An inspiring anti-establishment theme, a killer hip-hop beat, and a chorus that you will struggle to get out of your head make “Not Today” a highlight in BTS’s extensive discography.

14. “DOPE”- The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1 (2015)

Whilst “DOPE” may not be the most mature hip-hop/ dance-pop song from BTS on this list, you have to give credit where it’s due, and “DOPE” definitely deserves it. “DOPE” has quite possibly one of the most addictive beats of any early BTS songs due to the epic saxophone riff and insanely energetic dance beat. The song features the boys rapping and singing about their work ethic that has made them stand out in the crowd. That is completely true, with their hard work and determination being a clear factor in their rise to the top. “DOPE” has some great vocal performances from Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook but it is RM, j-Hope and SUGA who steal the show. They rap their verses rapidly and flawlessly, rubbing their success in the faces of haters and doing it with style. With lines such as “I reject rejection,” “You’re all my slaves” and “Everyone follow me”, there is no lack of confidence. Quite frankly, it was deserved back in 2015 and it’s still certainly deserved now. “DOPE” is the kind of song that makes you want to get up and dance to celebrate your successes. Whether it’s achieving infamous status as musicians as BTS has or just getting through a workday without slapping your annoying co-workers, “DOPE” demands joyful dance moves thanks to its fantastic dance beats, incredible raps, and in your face lyrics.

13. “Boy With Luv”- Map of the Soul: Persona (2019)

One of the purer pop songs that BTS has released, “Boy With Luv”- featuring American singer Halsey- was a huge success when it was released back in 2019. With both Korean and English lyrics, the song broke the record for the most viewed online music video in 24 hours (a record which they broke again this year) at the time and it won twenty one various music show awards in South Korea. As well as being a critical and commercial success, the song is a great pop bop that has had several interpretations. Whilst some think the song is simply a love melody, others think it could be another tribute to the dedicated BTS ARMY. An example of this is one of SUGA’s line in his rap verse “You’re the star that turns ordinaries into extraordinaries” which could be an allusion to how the ARMY successfully helped elevate BTS to the stars they are today. The song is also about the smaller things in life, such as asking someone about their day or what makes them happy, as Jimin sings in the first verse. The Korean version of the song translates to “A Poem for Small Things”, further emphasizing this focus on the smaller parts of our daily lives. “Boy With Luv” is also a brilliant example of how BTS have matured as musicians, with many considering it a follow up of sorts to their 2014 song “Boy in Luv”. I put that song in part one of this list as it is excellent but there is a certain aggressive tone to it. This comes across more in the music video where the boys try and get a girl to pay them attention by forcibly grabbing her, slamming her locker shut, getting up in her face, and so on (I’m actually not a fan of the “Boy in Luv” music video because of this even though I love the songs non-conventional approach it has to romance).

The song’s title- “Boy With Luv”- derives from “Boy in Luv” but demonstrates a significant growth as artists in the five years between the two songs. “Boy in Luv” is about changing yourself for the person you love whilst “Boy With Luv” – despite its multiple messages- seems to depict the notion of finding love within yourself and the smaller things in life. Whether it’s a love letter to ARMY, a retrospective look at their own development, or just a simple romantic bop, “Boy With Luv” is a bouncy bubble gum pop track with an addictive hook (just try getting that “oh my my my” out of your head) and stellar vocals from all parties.

12. “DNA”- Love Yourself: Her (2017)

“DNA” is one of BTS’s hugest successes as it was their first music video to reach over one billion views on YouTube ( which also made them the first K-Pop boy band to do so). The song was a turning point in their careers, signalling a move to more mainstream music that could be likened to western artists in the charts at the time.  The theme of the song is pretty straight forward: love at first sight and the idea of our fates being predetermined within our DNA. It is the technical musical achievements of “DNA” that make it stand out. The iconic whistles, electronic sound, acoustic guitar riffs, and synth beats create a song that is catchy without being repetitive and unique without being out of character for the band. “DNA” is passionate and expressive but it is the implications of the song that earn it a high place on this list. With “DNA”, BTS managed to successfully manoeuvre themselves further into the mainstream western market without having to sacrifice what makes them who they are as artists. They are still a Korean band after all, but they didn’t need to eliminate their culture within their music to make a dent in the western music charts. “DNA” is a classic electro-pop song but it also marks an important and hugely significant change for the band and that is why it has earned its place on this list.

11. “Blood, Sweat & Tears”- Wings (2016)

An eclectic fusion of trap, moombahton, and tropical house music, “Blood, Sweat & Tears” is another example of a turning point for BTS. It is a song that made a mark in the western music industry as “DNA” did, sounding perfectly in place with other various Billboard artists whilst still maintaining their trademark hip hop and pop style. “Blood, Sweat & Tears” is incredibly accessible, with an electro trap beat that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Major Lazer or Marshmello track. For me, I feel like Jimin is the shining star of this song, particularly in the music video. His soft yet sultry vocals bring the song to another level of excellence and his dance moves in the MV are sublime. That’s not to say the others aren’t brilliant too, but Park Jimin owns this one and he truly deserves it. “Blood, Sweat & Tears” earns its place on this list for its cultural impact; perfect fusion of genres, and excellent vocals.

10. “The Truth Untold”- Love Yourself: Answer (2018)

“The Truth Untold” embodies the creativity and effort that is not only put into BTS’s music but also the lore behind it. A collaborative effort with Steve Aoki- American music producer and DJ- who also helped co-write the song with RM and several other writers, “The Truth Untold” is another song from the vocal line of BTS: Jimin, Jin, V and Jungkook. Bighit Entertainment first created a blog in 2017 with various fictional stories, including one in particular that “The Truth Untold” references. The story- known as “La Citta di Smeraldo”- is set in Italy between the 15th and 16th century and revolves around a man living in a castle who wears a mask to conceal what he considers as his ugliness. He feels that he cannot show his true self. He eventually finds someone that he wishes he could show his face to: a woman who keeps breaking into his garden in the castle grounds to steal his flowers- the only thing the man takes solace in- and sell them due to her poverty. Sadly, the woman dies before the man plucks up the courage to remove his mask.

“The Truth Untold” is sung from the perspective of this man but there is also another meaning behind it related more so to the band themselves. Much like the man in the story, the lyrics suggest that the group feel they must hide their true selves due to their global idol status. They have to conceal the parts of themselves that they consider to be ugly- such as their fears or their negative traits (we all have them, even BTS) – so as to protect their real identities and mask them with their star personas. Technically, the song is gorgeous. A gentle piano theme plays throughout and gradually builds as the story goes on. The vocal line is on top form too, with each of them bringing something unique to the song. The fact that this song has its own narrative built from invented lore is impressive enough. The reflection with BTS’s own struggles with stardom is a clever and brilliant way to intertwine a fictional story with reality. Add this to the beautifully somber nature of the song, the excellent writing, and the incredible performances and you get one of BTS’s greatest songs and one of my all-time favourites.

9. “Good Day”- Youth (2016)

 “Good Day” was released as part of the Japanese BTS album “Youth” back in 2016 alongside Japanese versions of some of their songs. This is a song that I probably would have put further down the list if it wasn’t for the global pandemic we’re currently going through. Sometimes, you just need to be told that everything is going to be okay and a pandemic is certainly a situation that calls for that. Sweet, simple, and genuinely hopeful, “Good Day” is a hopeful song that encourages sharing happiness and learning how to laugh again. To put it bluntly, it is kind of what the world needs right now. The song itself is referring to the relationship between the BTS boys, the bond that they share, and their ability to rely on one another even in the darkest times.

They even manage to squeeze a literary reference in to j-Hope’s verse with a nod to the “Peach Garden” in the Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms where three male characters swear a bond of brotherhood, “Between men, the idea of the “Oath of the Peach Garden”/ We’re pretty much family”. The togetherness and kinship that the group display in “Good Day” is admirable and something we should all embrace at the moment. Not physically though since -you know-social distancing and all. The core message of “Good Day” comes in its main hook, “One day it’ll be a good day, for sure/ You won’t be alone, always/ I’ll be by your side, we’ll be okay/ (If) we’re connected, surely it’ll be a brighter tomorrow.” With its themes of standing strong and looking to a brighter future, “Good Day” rises higher up the list of BTS’s discography due to its positivity in these uncertain times and soothing easy listening pop stylings.

8. “Baepsae/ Silver Spoon”- The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2 (2015)

“Baepsae”- also known as “Silver Spoon”- is another song with various interpretations. From my research, I believe it is a cleverly written song wherein the band embraces their underdog nature once again whilst also calling out the Korean class system and highlighting the lack of opportunities for the youth in Korean society. Okay, so that may seem a little bit out there without context so let me explain. First off- “Baepsae” is an absolute banger that can be enjoyed purely for that fact. With a pulsing beat and an on-point performance from the whole band (the rap line is once again on fire), the song can be enjoyed without having to delve into the lyrics. When you do consider the lyrics, it becomes clear that “Baepsae” is far more than just a hip hop jam. There are two major symbols in “Baepsae”- the silver spoon (representing the elite who are born into wealth) and the Baepsae- which translates to Crow Tit, a Korean bird. The song takes jabs at those with the titular silver spoon- made up of the older generation- who are constantly pressuring the young people of Korea and blaming them for the economical dive within their country. BTS constantly repeats the phrase “a noryeok noreyok” in the song, translating to “try harder” to emphasize this pressure put upon their peers by their elders. Suicide is the main cause of death for young people in South Korea and so the song feels like the band is venting their frustrations at the narrow-minded ways that some of the South Korean elders can have.

The Baepsae symbolism refers to a Korean proverb surrounding the shortness of the crow-tits legs in comparison to a stork and how the crow-tit will likely fail if it tries to keep up with a stork. In SUGA’s verse, he raps “I have crow-tit legs, and you have stork’s legs…/My legs are shorter, so how do you expect me to keep up?” Again, this seems to reference the older generation of South Korea assuming that the youth can and should maintain what they had built and that the only reason they cannot is that they refuse to work hard. SUGA’s inclusion suggests that there is no way that the youth can keep up if they continue on in the same way as their elders did. Change is what is needed in order for the young people of South Korea to grow and improve their country. They cannot remain as baepsaes destined to be overtaken by storks. RM’s follow up to SUGA’s verse notes how important change is and how they cannot always maintain the traditional values, “Change the rules, change/ The ones’ that came before us want to, want to maintain/ But we can’t do that…/This ain’t normal”.

“Baepsae”/ “Silver Spoon” was one of the biggest surprises to me when researching this list. Honestly, I didn’t think much about the lyrics the first time I heard it as I don’t speak Korean and I was merely enjoying the beat and raps. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is one of BTS’s most impressive in terms of political themes and social commentaries, with a strong message for the younger generation of South Korea. They prove once again that they are the underdogs, fighting for real change within their culture.  

7. “Magic Shop”- Love Yourself: Tear (2018)

“Magic Shop” is another song that feels written just for the ARMY. This one- however- is the most moving and in-depth when it comes to its lyrics and message. The song was co-written by various songwriters including RM, j-Hope, SUGA and the BTS baby Jungkook who also produced. To understand the song, it is first best to define the term that is “Magic Shop”.  This is actually psychological terminology- a “psychodramatic technique” as Sydney Rubin- a writer and self-proclaimed psychology nerd- describes on their blog about the song. The Magic Shop is a place where all fears can be exchanged for the positive and it is used as a beacon of hope and light within this song. It is a place of escape for both their fans and the band. BTS have been relatively open with their mental health struggles in the past- particularly SUGA and RM- and this song shows it.

Even in the first verse alone, it is clear that the writers and the band understand how tough depression can be, with V and Jungkook singing that they aren’t just going to tell us to “find strength”. As someone who has struggled with this myself, there is nothing more frustrating than someone telling you to just “be strong”, “get over it” or- as the band says here “find strength”.  The band then site their ARMY for keeping their feet on the ground during difficult times with the lines “You’re the last reason/ For me who was standing at the edge of the cliff”. Just as we find strength in their music, they too have found strength within us. SUGA and RM rap about their own feelings with palpable emotion within “Magic Shop”, with RM referencing his disbelief at their success and SUGA being brutally honest about his struggle with always trying to be the best “My greed that was my weapon suffocated me and also became a leash”. Even the pre-chorus of the song has strong connotations in regards to the mental health issues of BTS, “On days where I hate myself for being me, on days where I want to disappear forever/ Let’s make a door. It’s in your heart/Open the door and this place will await / Magic Shop.” By sharing their personal feelings in such a way, BTS are sharing a part of themselves with their legion of fans to show them that no matter how bad things get, they are not alone. That mask that I talked about when discussing “The Truth Untold” has finally been removed, if only for a moment. 

“Magic Shop’s” chorus is continuously inspiring too, “You gave me the best of me/ So you’ll give you the best of you.” We helped BTS get to where they are today and so they are urging us to show ourselves the same love. As long as they continue to make music, we can all find some light with BTS within the soft and billowing pop that is “Magic Shop”.

6. “IDOL”- Love Yourself: Answer (2018)

If “DNA” and “Blood, Sweat & Tears” were precursors then “IDOL” is the main event in terms of songs that took the US by storm. There is only one song that overtook “IDOL” in terms of impact in the US and around the world, but we will get to that later. “IDOL” is another great mix of various genres, managing to succeed as a club dance track and a Korean inspired theme.  The song gives off some epic clubbing vibes with saxophone riffs and synth beats but also African styled themes alongside various Korean folk instruments. The result is a noisy and intense track with a lot going on, so much so that it really shouldn’t work. But it does work, and amazingly at that. “IDOL” represents many different cultures around the world with its diverse sound. It was also the start of a real impact on the US due to the collaborative version of the song with Nicki Minaj. Her presence is sure to have attracted more diverse fans to BTS and their music.

The song also has a great message of self-acceptance and knowing who you are, even when others might question and criticize you. The main hook of the song is “you can’t stop me loving myself”, constantly reinforcing BTS’s chosen message to the world of loving and accepting yourself as a person. With the catchiest chorus out there- I can hear those oh-oh-owoahs everywhere I go, it’s a real problem- a huge impact on the global music market, fantastic writing and choreography (it spawned the “IDOL”  Dance Challenge), “IDOL” is not only one of BTS’s most influential songs but also one of their best.

5. “MIC Drop” (Steve Aoki Remix)- Love Yourself: Answer (2018)

“MIC Drop” is a song that was released in both Japanese and Korean. I went for the Steve Aoki remix as it elevates the original and gives it an extra jolt of energy, making it even more infectious than the original. The track goes back to BTS’s hip hop roots and in doing so, becomes one of their absolute best. “MIC Drop” is a classic hip hop track with lyrics that emanate a theme of “screw the haters”. BTS has dealt with a huge amount of hate since their inception in 2013 and “MIC Drop” is a direct response to some of their most hurtful criticisms. j-Hope’s initial verse immediately references the metaphor of the spoon in regards to social hierarchies within Korea that I mentioned briefly when discussing “Baepsae”. The fancier the spoon, the higher the class you are. j-Hope slays his rap verse with “who said my spoon is dirty? I don’t care, when I grab the mic, I have several golden spoons”. This seems like a blatant disregard for the nature of the Korean hierarchy, suggesting that it is j-Hope’s talent alone that makes him worthy of those “golden spoons”. This once again highlights the underdog nature of the band, basically throwing up a middle finger to societal norms within their country and the haters who considered them unworthy.

RM later goes on to mention Aesop’s Fables by saying that BTS knows how to “fly” like the fables suggesting that -much like the morals within Aesop’s Fables– BTS too will transcend and be able to teach others lessons from their journey. Three years after the original song’s release and it seems pretty evident that this is true now that they are global superstars. This is the ultimate song from the rap line. RM, SUGA and j-Hope bring all of their energy together to blast their haters away and literally drop their mics afterward. With the amount of hate they have had thrown their way, I think they deserve to do some boasting and “MIC Drop” allows them to do this whilst dropping some sick raps. The hypnotic beat, impressive raps and themes of confidence and tearing down the hierarchy make “MIC Drop” one of BTS’s best hip hop songs as well as one of their best in general.

4. “Save ME”- The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever (2016)

This 2016 hit song has been interpreted in various ways but when it boils down to it, it is an emotional cry for help fuelled by the desperation that young love can create. “Save ME” is a song that is both relatable and incredibly well done. As the title suggests, the song revolves around the boys pleading to be saved by the one that they love the most. The lines “Give me your hand/ Save me save me” are repeated throughout and the lyrics are sung and rapped by the whole group with heartfelt, raw emotion. What makes this song one of BTS’s best is that it never becomes too clichéd and angst-ridden. It is not a depressing ballad like you might expect with this kind of song. Instead, it is an electro-pop bop that doesn’t hold back on the techno elements. It makes you want to dance, which is definitely a different take on a song about loneliness and desperation to be loved. It might be a sad dance, but you’ll still be dancing. This is one of the things I truly love about BTS and their music. Even when they perform songs with sad themes about loneliness, isolation, or anxiety, they do so with various, versatile music genres. They refuse to be put in a box and “Save ME” is a perfect example of this.  There is always more beneath the surface with BTS’s music- in terms of their lyrics, general production, and musical style- and “Save ME” is one of the earliest of their songs to break the mould in this way.

3. “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal”- Map of the Soul: 7 (2020)

One of their more recent releases, “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” is a retrospective look back for BTS as they reflect on their journey from seven boys with a dream to worldwide superstars who have not only achieved those dreams but have made a significant impact on the music industry, pop culture, Korean culture, and the world. They’ve done alright if I do say so myself. The reasoning behind putting this often overlooked (in my humble opinion) song near the top of my list is that it is not only a humble reflection on the band’s struggles but also another love letter to their dedicated fans. There aren’t many artists who are as appreciative of their fans as BTS. They are constantly making songs for them- as I’ve demonstrated in this list- and reaching out to the fan base in various ways. This is likely because of how reliant they were on their small amount of fans in the early days of their career. They have never forgotten their ARMY and “We Are Bulletproof (The Eternal)” proves this with its emotional lyrics about the group once being “only seven…/But we have you all now”.

The song also shows that BTS are not afraid to speak of the more difficult times for them in their career, such as in the songs opening verse where Jungkook and V sing “We had nothing but dreams/Nothing but foggy mornings when we opened our eyes/ We stayed up all night to dance and sing/ The endless music sheets.” In his later rap verse, SUGA refers to these times as “bad memories” with “numerous trials”. It is invigorating to hear a group sing so openly about how difficult their early careers were and how it wasn’t all perfect like it is so often made out to be in the media. Their honesty is refreshing but also inspiring when we look at what they have achieved. 

RM’s verse is one of the more expressive as he raps about his disbelief with BTS’s success and the mockery they faced when they debuted due to their name (which translates to Bulletproof Boy Scouts in Korean), their look, and their style “I always think/ Am I still in a dream? Is it really spring/ That came after the long winter? The name that everyone laughed at/ That was once embarrassing. This is the iron proof/ “Bullet-proof””.  Though once mocked for this title, “Bulletproof” has become a badge of honour for BTS, proving that they can overcome any hardships that are thrown their way. With a strong focus on their adversities, their love for their fans and their constant bulletproof demeanor, the song is neatly framed within a techno-pop ballad that elevates the emotional lyrics.  The song also has some of the most impressive vocals to date, especially the high notes from Jimin and Jin. “We Are Bulletproof (The Eternal)” is a song for the fans but also a song to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and strength that BTS has displayed in their rise to the top.

2. “Dynamite”- Dynamite Single (2020)

The most recent song in the group’s discography is also their most successful. When I say successful, I mean insanely, ridiculously, stupendously successful. “Dynamite” was released in August this year and it has made history with its various achievements and records, such as becoming the first BTS song to top the Billboard charts in the US –the Billboard Hot 100, the Billboard Global 200 Chart, and the Billboard Digital Sales Chart. That is only a fraction of its success though, becoming one of the most popular songs of 2020. The global impact of the song is not something that can be ignored for this list but that popularity is not the only reason I have chosen “Dynamite” for the runner up spot. “Dynamite” came about in a time when it was truly needed.

A funky, 70’s disco bubble gum pop song that is as groovy as it is catchy, “Dynamite” is the first song from BTS entirely in English which is probably why it resonated with so many people when it was released. There’s no way you can listen to this song without getting it stuck in your head. It’s that addictive. It is also incredibly feel good and joyous. This year has not been the easiest with the world dealing with a global pandemic. There is no one who hasn’t been affected by COVID-19 in some way, no matter how big or small. “Dynamite’s” happy nature and chirpy, charming, and cheerful lyrics make it the perfect antithesis to this global crisis. “Dynamite” is the song that made me discover BTS, not to mention rediscover my joy of music again. It picked me up when I was at a low point in my life and made me want to sing, dance and smile in spite of everything.

My personal connection to the song isn’t why I feel it deserves the number two spot though. It’s huge success- which surely has attracted thousands more to BTS’s already substantial ARMY- record-breaking accomplishments; funky disco beat and positive themes make it one of the best and most necessary songs of this year as well as one of BTS’s best. “Dynamite” is sure to go down in history.

1. “Spring Day”- Wings (2016)

That brings us to the song that- after much research and list rearranging- I have deemed the best that BTS has to offer: “Spring Day”. “Spring Day” is- much like “Dynamite”- a song that we desperately need at the moment. Whereas “Dynamite” is a happy tune to make you forget about the overwhelming state of the world, “Spring Day” focuses on how to deal with grief, loss, and loneliness- three things that many people around the world are experiencing even more so due to the pandemic. The song continues a theme of seasons that is present in several BTS songs. The winter is considered a difficult time whilst spring is used to symbolize rebirth and a chance to move on from the bitter cold and darkness of winter, hence the title “Spring Day”. There is maturity and depth in the lyrics as well as in the soft alternative pop-rock musical style. It demonstrates their growth as artists from their pure hip hop “No More Dream” days and shows their willingness to explore different musical genres.  That being said, elements of their usual hip hop and electronica are still present to maintain an air of familiarity.

“Spring Day” is definitely a melancholy and sorrowful tune but it never crosses into the realm of pure misery. There is a sweet sadness mixed with nostalgia and themes of hope in the lyrics and music, such as the chorus “Passing by the edge of the cold winter/ Until the days of spring/ Until the days of flower blossoms/ Please stay, please stay there a little longer”.  The lyrics acknowledge the difficulties of getting through hard times. It does not sugar coat the truth of the feelings that these traumas can bring. But its message is an important one- especially now: you will get through it. This is a crucial theme throughout and is emphasized in lines such as “The morning will come again/ no darkness and no season can last forever”.  The same can be said for this pandemic. It will not last. Not forever. It may be for a long time, maybe even longer than any of us can imagine. But it will pass. The dawn will break and the darkness will fade. Whether you are grieving for a lost one or are separated from those you love most, just remember that. It may not feel like it right now, but it will get better eventually.

This mature and incredibly topical message combined with the soft pop-rock and beautiful vocals (RM and j-Hope actually sing in this one rather than rap and they are amazing. They need more love and more singing parts. SUGA too) make for a song that feels like a necessity in the current climate. “Dynamite” may encourage you to forget about your problems, dance, and have a bit of fun ( which is also hugely necessary)  but “Spring Day” tells us that it is going to be tough, it is going to hurt and you are probably going to come out the other side a changed person,  but that darkness will not last. Winter will end and the Spring Day will come.

If you actually made it to the end of this list then I must commend you for your bravery and patience with my ramblings! But I also must thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read my list of the best BTS songs. I put a lot of time and effort into making an objective list- though of course I still snuck in some personal stories here and there! I know this list won’t please everyone so feel free to let me know if there is a song you feel should have been included. With their next album BE soon upon us, I’m sure BTS are going to be bringing us plenty more bangers, bops and smash-hit songs soon.  So here’s to BTS! Thank you for bringing so much joy and emotion with your music and here’s hoping you continue to do so for many years to come. 

BE is due for release on November 20th, 2020 and is available to now to pre order.

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