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I Am Not Okay With This Season 2


I Am Not Okay With This Season 2

I Am Not Okay With This Season 2 is one of the most searched-for and viewed shows Netflix has produced; the romance, family drama, and coming-of-age superpower theme interest viewers, especially teens and young adults. 

However, season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers longing for a second season, and the wait continues even after four years of the first season’s release.

You might be surprised to know that over 13,000 people signed a petition for a second season! 

So, is I Am Not Okay With This Season 2 coming to Netflix or should you abandon the hope to see how the story unfolds further? 

Know all about it in this detailed article.

I Am Not Okay With This Season 2

I Am Not Okay With This fans have been eagerly waiting for season 2 of the show, but it’s nowhere in sight.

Sources say the show was originally renewed for a second season and was already in production when the pandemic hit, leading to a pause. Though fans expected the shooting to resume after the pandemic, there has not been any progress since then, and there is no update regarding the show’s filming. 

Director Jonathan Entwhistle said:

“Many of the questions we posed in the first season were mapped out for a second season. When they commissioned season two and they greenlit us into the writers room, they told us it was to be the final season. So we were writing to a finale that we’d already planned.”

He added: 

“There was obviously the impending writers’ strike, which was definitely a huge thing at Netflix. We were working almost week to week, not knowing how long it was going to last before somebody pulled the trigger on something that would have an effect [on us]. . . . We were budgeting, we were ready to roll. The show was due to start shooting in May/June and obviously it got delayed. We just realized that to COVID-proof the show was going to cost a lot more money. I think I’ve seen a few people talking and the figures are about right: It’s about anywhere between $5 to $10 million per season of television for the PPE, and for the testing, and for the systematic changes with which to make it safer.”

Furthermore, Jonathan mentioned that Netflix considered it a replacement for stranger things, and he would like to release the second season as a novel, possibly if it doesn’t make it to Netflix screens.

I Am Not Okay With This Story

I Am Not Okay With This is a comedy-drama about a teenager with supernatural powers navigating her sexuality. 

The main lead, Sydney, juggles family drama, high school awkwardness, and a crush on her best friend while keeping her superpowers hidden. 

Small-town girl Sydney Novak lives with her mother, Maggie, and younger brother, Liam, as her father committed suicide. Her neighbor Stanley Barber has a crush on Syd (Sydney), but she’s secretly in love with her best friend Dina; but, the show is much more than teenage romance. You’ll get lost in the mesmerizing world of supernatural elements and magic, making it one-of-its-kind.

Star Cast & Crew of I Am Not Okay With This

Though I Am Not Okay With This Season 2 is not releasing, the cast had mentioned that they would like to complete the show if the crew decides to.

The main cast of I Am Not Okay With This includes stars such as Sophia Lillis, Sofia Bryant, Wyatt Oleff, and Kathleen Rose Perkins. 

The crew comprises Jonathan Entwistle as the Director, Co-creator, and Executive Producer, with Christy Hall as the Writer, Co-creator, and Executive Producer. 

Other Executive Producers of I Am Not Okay With This Season 2 are:

  • Dan Cohen
  • Dan Levine
  • Josh Barry
  • Shawn Levy


Sydney Novak (Sophia Lillis)

Sydney is the main protagonist, who labels herself boring and is angry with people around her following her father’s suicide. The 17-year old teenager’s angst leads to her having telekinetic powers as she explores her sexuality and the reason behind her father’s death.

Stanley Barber (Wyatt Oleff)

Sydney’s weird neighbor, Stanley Barber, played by Wyatt Oleff, initially has a crush on Syd, but they eventually become friends. While he seems nerdy at first, Stanley is struggling with an alcoholic father. 

Maggie Novak (Kathleen Rose Perkins)

Maggie is Sydney’s distressed workaholic mother who has been keeping herself busy at the local diner after her husband’s death. She (Maggie) and Sydney do not share the best relationship at the beginning of the series. Later, Syd apologizes for her behavior and lets her mother dress her for Homecoming.

Liam Novak (Aidan Wojtak-Hissong)

Liam is Sydney’s little brother with whom she shares a positive and friendly relationship. Sydney uses their good memories as a coping mechanism to control her powers. 

Dina (Barber Sofia Bryant)

Sofia Bryant effortlessly plays Dina, Sydney’s best friend. Sydney has a crush on Dina but has feelings for Brad, with whom she eventually starts dating. Syd kisses Dina at a party, which she mentions she did not like.

Brad (Richard Ellis)

Brad is the antagonist in I Am Not Okay With This. He comes off as rude and despicable but is seen dating Dina and tries befriending Sydney. However, Sydney discovers that he slept with Jenny, leading to his breakup with Dina. As revenge, Brad steals and reads Sydney’s diary on the stage at Homecoming.

What is I Am Not Okay With This Based on?

I Am Not Okay With This is based on a Charles Forsman novel of the same name. However, the book and movie have some striking differences, including the ending.

While Sydney discovers her supernatural powers in the show, she is already aware of them in the book. Furthermore, the book does not mention the Novak family moving to a new town, unlike I Am Not Okay With This on Netflix. Thus, Stanley has known Sydney since Childhood, according to the book. Liam and Sydney’s relationship dynamic is different in the book too. 

Key Takeaway

While fans have been waiting for I Am Not Okay With This Season 2, Netflix cancelled it, and there is no hope of it returning to the platform. However, the Director, Jonathan Entwhistle, mentioned that he would like to release the second season as a novel.

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