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The 50 Greatest Video Game Funko POP Figures

When it comes to collectables, Funko’s POP figures have grown substantially over the years to become one of the most popular and famous vinyl figures out there at the moment. They are affordable, adorable and compact enough to fit almost anywhere in a room. Personally, I’ve been collecting them for a while and I plan to continue to grow my collection for as long as they keep selling them. As a big gamer and POP collector, I’ve decided to put together a list of the 50 greatest video game POPs. I researched a lot of POPs for this list and decided to narrow it down to fifty by judging the figures on their attention to detail, unique style and how well they represent their game character and series. Of course, there will be awesome POPs that I’ve missed so I apologize if I haven’t included your favourite. The list is in no particular order so where they are actually placed on the list doesn’t depict a ranking of any sort.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Cultist Zenyatta-Overwatch

The Overwatch series of Funko POP’s are some of the best video game POP figures available. The game provides a wide variety of skins for each character and Funko have provided figures for the normal outfits as well as some of the fan favourite skins. Cultist Zenyatta is one of these, a skin that was released for the in-game Halloween event. The skin is a reference to the classic H.P. Lovecraft horror creature Cthulhu and the POP resembles this perfectly, tentacled face and all. The figure also utilizes Zenyatta’s orbs well, having them encircling him as he floats menacingly. The unique pose and attention to all the creepy detail makes Cultist Zenyatta an awesome collectible.

2. Flying Spyro-Spyro the Dragon

When Spyro made his triumphant return to the video game scene in 2018 with a full remake of the Spyro the Dragon games for the PlayStation One, throngs of merchandise were soon to follow. Spyro POP figures were aplenty in this time but the one I have chosen for this list is the flying Spyro. The flying Spyro POP has a transparent stand to make it seem like the purple dragon is performing his signature glide move. He also has a slightly different expression to the normal POP along with a unique pose to replicate his gliding stance. Spyro is a beloved character to many a gamer and this POP is a great reflection of his character as well as representing an element of gameplay really well too.

3. Nemesis-Resident Evil 3

The grotesque Resident Evil villain Nemesis has a POP figure that truly reflects his horrific nature. The figure perfectly portrays Nemesis’s gnarled visage, including his half-stapled face, blank eye and pulled back lips which expose his teeth in a permanent terrifying grin. He also has his trademark rocket launcher which is a nice touch. Though I personally wouldn’t get this figure as the character has always given me nightmares (I would be paranoid that I would wake up and it would be standing on my face or something), the Nemesis POP is certainly a must have for Resident Evil fans or horror fans in general.

4. Corvo (Masked)-Dishonoured

In my humble opinion, the Dishonoured series is amazing and underrated. Just wanted to throw that out there. Anyway, this POP depicts the player character and protagonist of Dishonoured and deuteragonist of Dishonoured 2 Corvo Attano. While there is an unmasked version of this figure, the mask is what gives this POP the edge. The attention to detail is fantastic, reflecting the clockwork style of his mask and the steampunk nature of the Dishonoured world.  The figure also holds a dagger and captures Corvo’s outfit well, complete with fingerless gloves and buckled boots. The detail of the mask on this figure is what truly makes it shine as one of the best video game POP figures.

5. Q*bert-The Q*bert Games

This is a truly unique looking POP figure which is why I have chosen it for this list. For a creature that sounds pretty creepy on paper–no arms, a weird snout and two spindly legs does not sound particularly appealing–Q*bert is cute and his POP figure is too. The figure has Q*berts trademark trunk like nose thing (is it a nose? I’m not a Q*bert specialist) and even has some little raised eyebrows to make him a little more expressive. He is basically an orange ball so expression may not be the easiest thing to convey. Nonetheless, I think this is pulled off really well with the Q*bert POP and does justice to the retro pop culture icon.

6. Gentleman Claptrap-Borderlands Series

Claptrap is basically the mascot of the Borderlands series and so it is no surprise that there are a number of collectables based around him, including various POP figures. I’ve chosen Gentleman Claptrap for this list because he is the most dapper of chaps.  How can you not adore him? Complete with top hat, moustache, tuxedo etchings on his casing and even a little monocle that he is holding. There is no way that this classy boy can be ignored, no matter how annoying you might find him.

7. Kratos-God of War Series

The triumphant return of the God of War franchise in 2018 came with a whole new host of merchandise for the infamous god killer, including POP figures. The Kratos POP figure that came with the next installment of the game came with his brand new weapon: the Leviathan axe. This, along with some awesome outfit details and his renowned red facial war paint, make this Kratos one of the coolest POP’s out there. He is even getting a new POP soon with his Blades of Chaos.

8. Aeroplane Cuphead-Cuphead

Cuphead has several POP vinyls out there, including figures for his companion Mugman, villainess Cala Maria and the big bad Devil himself. There are also various iterations of Cuphead himself, like Evil Cuphead. The Cuphead POP I have chosen for this list though is Cuphead in his aeroplane from the flying levels of the game. The POP has some great details and has a unique pose due to Cuphead being in a vehicle. Cuphead has a cheesy grin and goggles on while the transparent stand gives the illusion of flight. Personally, I would rather own this figure than attempt to beat this game on Expert Mode. I am not strong enough for that kind of torture.

9. Dogmeat-Fallout 4

I couldn’t resist putting this good boy on the list. The Dogmeat POP is not only a cute and accurate representation of the companion from Fallout 4 but he also has some great detail. In the game, you can customize your furry friend by putting various accessories on him. These keep him protected in the harsh apocalyptic wasteland but they also make him look fabulous. This POP reflects the games customization for Dogmeat by giving him a pair of goggles and a red bandana. For all your wasteland fashion needs.

10. Mad Moxxi-Borderlands Series

The sadistic siren of the Borderlands series is one of the many characters from the games to have a POP figure. I chose Moxxi because of the little details that make the figure true to her character. The white face make-up, the mole on her face, the feather and playing cards in her hat and the tiny love heart tattoo on her chest are some of the aspects of her character that make her feel individual, and yet very much still a Borderlands character, and this figure captures them perfectly.

11. Spider-Punk-Marvel’s Spider-Man

One of the best games of 2018 was the latest in a long list of Spider-man video games: Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4. In the game, the player can unlock various versions of Spidey’s outfit. While I love the POP figure for his regular in game costume, it is the Spider-Punk POP that has earned his place on the list. Spider-Punk was a PX Preview POP and comes with metal spike mohawk, sleeveless denim jacket, skater shoes and of course a spider web themed guitar. He also has a unique pose, giving him some extra authenticity. Spider-Punk is one of many Spider-Man themed POP’s, but he certainly has a bit of an edge to him over his fellow Spider folk.

12. Chell with Companion Cube-Portal Series

I must admit, I do have a soft spot for the POPs that come with small add-ons. Some of my personal favourites are Spyro with a tiny Sparx the dragonfly or Bo-Peep from Toy Story 4 with Giggle McDimples. Choking hazards they may be, but when cared for properly they make for cool accompaniments to your POP. Chell from the Portal series comes with her own mini Companion Cube to keep you company when feeling lonely and/or being held against your will by an evil sentient robot and being forced to complete various puzzles. Just try to avoid taking it near any incinerators.

13. Scarecrow-Batman: Arkham Knight

Scarecrow from the Batman franchise is a pretty creepy villain in general but I find one of his creepiest iterations to be in the Arkham games. His design in Arkham Knight is the eeriest of due to his run in with Killer Croc in Arkham Asylum leaving him deformed. His teeth are left exposed and his nose is eaten away. By Arkham Knight, he has had reconstructive surgery with the intention of making what was left of his face look as similar to his iconic mask as possible. Thoroughly creepy. His Arkham Knight POP nails this spooky look, particularly his messed up teeth underneath the strands that cross the mouth of his mask. This POP is sure to be a hit for anyone who enjoys the creepier collectable.

14. Turret-Portal Series

In the Portal games, the player–who takes on the role of a mute woman named Chell–is the only human that is physically encountered. The rest of the game is populated by various robotic forms of artificial intelligence. This includes the Turret, whose sole purpose is to mow you down if they spot you. These turrets are actually kind of cute though. They will speak and say things like “No hard feelings” or “I don’t hate you”. Portal is able to give personality to the most unexpected of items and the Turrets–and their POP–are definitely one of them. Not only that, but it is a considerably unique figure in comparison to your average POP, due to the size and robotic nature.  A must have for Portal fans but no singing included unfortunately.

15. Lara Croft-Tomb Raider Series

One of the most iconic women in gaming is without a doubt Lara Croft so, of course, she has a multitude of merchandise. She has a regular POP figure in her traditional green vest and short shorts, complete with dual pistols. As cool as this one is, I’ve chosen the figure from the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot for this list. The figure depicts a bloodied and dirtied Lara, reflecting what happens to her in the reboot. The POP comes with her dual pistols–though one is holstered and one is held–her bow and arrow and her climbing axe. There is good detail on her bloodied bandages, having them on her arm and leg in the same position they are at the beginning of the game. She also stands in a determined stance, reflecting the unwavering nature of her character in the reboot. The POP also has Lara’s jade necklace around her neck. The 2013 Tomb Raider game showed Lara to be a capable survivor despite her youth and lack of experience and this POP certainly reflects that. When it comes to strong female POP figures, this is one of the best.

16. Garrus Vakarian-Mass Effect Series

Everyone’s favourite calibration loving Turian from Bioware’s Mass Effect series is a somewhat older POP that is a little harder to get a hold of. Not for cheap anyway. The Garrus POP is one of the earlier ones from the Funko Company, releasing in 2013 when the POP vinyls were introduced in 2010. Despite this, Garrus still has plenty of accurate detail. From his trademark sniper rifle, his visor, his blue face markings and even the scar on his face, the Garrus figure is a spot on replication of his Mass Effect 2 look. Garrus is not only an awesome video game and Mass Effect POP specifically; he is also a cool figure for sci-fi fans or alien enthusiasts.

17. Sora (Lion Form)-Kingdom Hearts II

The Kingdom Hearts series is another game franchise that has a fair amount of POP figures associated with it. One of the best of these is the adorably charming E3 2019 exclusive POP of Sora in his lion form. In Kingdom Hearts II, Sora, Donald and Goofy enter the world of Disney’s The Lion King, where all three of them are transformed into animal versions of themselves. As a lion cub, Sora’s design is super cute as well as perfectly reflective of the design of the cubs from the Lion King franchise. His spiky mane and tail, cheerful grin and crown necklace differentiate him from the Simba and Nala POPs while staying true to his design from the game. I would die for him and I swear I’m not even exaggerating.

18. Ajani Goldmane-Magic: The Gathering Arena

Though Magic: The Gathering is mostly known for being a card game, there is a PC version of the game called Magic: The Gathering Arena. Therefore this POP can qualify for this list. I’m definitely not making up the rules as I go along. Another feline-based POP, Ajani Goldmane is a character from the Magic: The Gathering series who comes from a race of cat people known as the Nacatl. Ajani’s armour is full of wonderful little details and the scar over his eye adds to the authenticity of the figure. Ajani is a very eye-catching POP and, despite not knowing a huge amount about Magic: The Gathering myself, I would gladly add him to my collection.

19. Big Daddy-Bioshock Series

Bioshock is arguably one of the more atmospheric game franchises out there, with two titles set in a dystopian underwater city, and a third set in a radicalized floating city. With creepy, and often weird, settings and scenarios comes creepy, and often awesome, merchandise. Though there aren’t that many POPs for the Bioshock series, the ones they have are pretty impressive. Big Daddy is a character that Bioshock fans will know well but he is also a recognizable video game personality in general. His POP figure is a special super-sized one, standing at 6 inches tall. This makes sense as his large and intimidating stature in the games is part of what makes him so memorable.  His unnerving diver’s suit and weaponized arm drill make him very unique, standing out from most POPs and looking more like a regular action figure in his own right.

20. Tiny Tina-Borderlands Series

Another quirky addition to the Borderlands family, the Tiny Tina POP is just as lovable and weird as her video game counterpart. Her outfit in the second game is reflected really well, right down to the odd shoes and socks, various bandages, and bandit mask hair accessory. Her pose is a little bit altered from the stock POP figure standing position and she also has her beloved bunny rabbit plush. This adorable little psychopath has certainly earned her place on this list with her accompanying POP figure. Don’t let her go near any explosives though.

21. Black Hole Bomb 8-Bit Mega Man-Mega Man Series

This is one of the most unique POP’s on the list as it is part of the 8-Bit Pop Funko series. These POP’s are made differently so that they resemble the classic 8-bit effect that retro games are known for. This Mega Man POP was an E3 2018 exclusive and it is so cool to look at. The 8-bit style gives an effect that perfectly resembles the classic Mega Man games, making the figure feel like it has been pulled directly from one of them. Whether you’re a fan of the Mega Man series or not, there is no denying that this POP would be an awesome addition to any collection.

22. Joker-Persona 5

Joker is the code name of the protagonist- and playable character- of Persona 5. He is hugely popular amongst gamers and die hard Persona fans and even makes an appearance as a DLC fighter in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. This is only one of the POP figures based on him, with another unmasked version also being available. I have chosen this one though as I feel it conveys the suave and mysterious persona (see what I did there) of Joker when he take on this alias. His mask is well detailed and there is even has some hair falling in front of it. This could have easily just been tacked on so it is always nice to see the extra effort put in. He also wields his signature knife alongside his red gloves and black trench coat. His stance is also a little different, looking similar to the poses he pulls in the marketing material for the game. The Joker POP is a great representation of his character and deserves a place in this list.

23. Songbird-Bioshock Infinite

Much like the Big Daddy to the Little Sisters of Bioshock and Bioshock 2, Songbird acts a protector and guardian to Elizabeth- the deuteroganist of Bioshock Infinite. His POP figure is also similar to the Big Daddy in that it perfectly reflects the characters intimidating nature. Songbird is another 6 inch super-sized POP to reflect his stature in the game (he is more humongous than exceedingly large like the Big Daddies though). His hunched pose and giant red eyes are great features but my favourite aspect of this POP is his large mechanical wings. The wings even have the stitching detail on them. Songbird is a man-made beast, created in Frankenstein form by being stitched haphazardly together.  It is the little details like this that make Songbird one of the best video game POP vinyl’s.

24. Murloc (Spectral)-World of Warcraft

This POP was a Blizzard exclusive from San Diego Comic Con 2016 and it is a variation of another available POP. The Murloc is a weird fish person thing (I do believe that is the technical terminology) that is well known within the World of Warcraft game.  Because of their popularity- they’re known for a particular gurgled noise that they make- they have a fair amount of merchandise. They have a regular POP figure available in various colours and even in a creepy ghoul form but the one I have chosen for this list is the Spectral Murloc POP. Spectral creatures are ghost like forms that appear in the World of Warcraft series. To achieve the ghostly appearance, the POP is transparent which gives it an see through effect. The eyes are white- the normal Murloc POP has black eyes- and has some glitter scattered on the inside of the figure. This is really cool take on an existing POP. Just look at his little see through fishy face and tell me he doesn’t deserve to be on this list. You know you can’t.

25. Riley-Call of Duty: Ghosts

As you can probably tell by now, I have a soft spot for the good boys and girls of the canine species. Riley is one of the goodest boys as he literally risks his life fighting for his country in the Call of Duty series. Like Dogmeat who I mentioned earlier in this list, Riley is a German Shepherd. However, you can very much tell that they are two different dogs. With figures like this it would be easy to reuse the same model for dogs, especially when they are the same breed. This isn’t the case for Riley. He may share the basic dog base as Dogmeat but the detail is so thorough that you couldn’t mistake these two for the same POP. Riley has different colouring, multiple scars, a military harness and headpiece as well his serial number tattooed in his ear. Riley also has his tongue and teeth showing and his tail is on the opposite side in comparison to Dogmeat. I have chosen this POP as it shows the detail that has gone into creating him. The two POP’s were released in the same year- 2016- so like I said, it would have been easy to simply copy and paste the German Shepherd stock figure and only include minor changes. Riley is individual and true to his character- just like Dogmeat- and I think this is an important trait in animal figures as so many can be super generic.

26. Reinhardt (Coldhardt Skin)-Overwatch

Another exclusive POP figure, this Reinhardt POP from Blizzard’s Overwatch is based on one of his game skins and was exclusive to the NYCC 2018 Fall Convention. The Overwatch characters all have numerous skins that can be unlocked and this one is personally one of my favourites for Reinhardt that I have had equipped for him for the longest time. The Coldhardt skin is a Halloween event skin and features Reinhardt without his infamous helmet but with a glowing spectral head instead. This POP figure gets the skin spot on. The armour of the figure seems cracked in places with an eerie blue light gleaming through, just like the skin. His face is pale blue and his eyes are white in the same fashion as the in game skin. It is also another six inch figure due to Reinhardt’s massive seven foot four frame.  The best part about this POP is that it glows in the dark. His face turns from pale to glowing. In the game, it looks like Reinhardt’s head has been engulfed in blue flame. This is probably the most accurate you’re going to get for that look without literally setting the figure on fire. Side note: please do not set this figure on fire. Coldhardt is an awesome POP for one of the most awesome Overwatch skins (in my humble opinion).

27. Hanzo and Genji Twin Pack (Kabuki and Oni Skins)-Overwatch

Staying with Overwatch for a moment, these POP’s were limited edition releases from E3 2019. I know this is cheating a little bit as it is one entry for two POP’s but they are sold together as one so I’ll treat them as such. These two are some of the best skins available for their respective characters as they have a lot of attention to detail and connection to the characters Japanese heritage (The Oni –Genji’s skin- being a troll like creature from Japanese folklore and Kabuki- Hanzo’s skin- being a classical Japanese dance and/or drama that often includes various masks). From Hanzo’s red bow and arrow to the green fleck of energy coming from Genji’s sword, these POP’s are beautifully detailed to reflect the splendour of these in game skins.

28. Alduin-The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The big bad of Skyrim is just as big and bad in his POP form. Alduin is a super-sized pop, most likely because he is a gigantic dragon. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s it.  The Alduin POP is incredibly unique due to his size, shape, texture and posture- so much so that if it wasn’t for the signature POP style eyes you would be forgiven if you thought this was a regular action figure or collectible. Aludin is particularly stylised- again, being a dragon factors into that- and his detail is fantastic. His scales are well made and he has a bit of a distressed look to him, like the paint is fading a little. Alduin is meant to be around seven thousand years old so his scales would likely be a little worn. He also has horns, wings and a long scaly tail as well as a snout that completely changes the look of the figure. He almost looks gargoyle like, menacing and other worldly. His red eyes make this even more so. Alduin is not your typical POP figure, but that is what makes him one of the best.

29. Blanka-Street Fighter Series

Blanka is an incredibly well known character from the Street Fighter series with a pretty specific look. His POP figure stands out for the same reason that Blanka stands out in general: lots of colour and a fabulous hair style. The Blanka POP is bright green- like the character- and has the infamous shock of spiky orange hair with tufts on his arms, knees and chest. His unique pose also makes him a little different from the average POP, crouching low to the ground in an established pose from the game series. His brow is furrowed and he actually has a mouth too. POP’s are usually mouthless and it can be a bit unnerving when they do give them one, but for Blanka it works well with those angry eyebrows and special blue eyes. Unique and hugely accurate, this is one of the best gaming POP vinyl’s.

30. Peely-Fortnite

I don’t have much to say about this one. I think he speaks for himself. This POP is a humanoid banana- complete with arms, legs and a winning smile- based on a skin from Fortnite. I love him. You should too. That is all.

31. Shantae-Shantae Series

This cute collectable perfectly resembles the character that she is based off of. Shantae- a half genie, half human- is a little different from a lot of POP’s. She comes with a transparent stand that gives her the appearance of hovering off of the ground (she can fly in her game series) and she is posed so that she is not facing directly forward like most POP vinyls. Instead, she is turning to the side with one arm in front and one arm behind. This dynamic pose gives her a lot of personality, along with her pink cheeks, elf like ears and her trademark long purple ponytail. Shantae is certainly one of the more distinctive video game POP figures.

32. Halloween Town Sora-Kingdom Hearts Series.

This Hot Topic Exclusive POP is another Kingdom Hearts figure based on one of Sora’s transformations as he traverses the various Disney worlds. A fan favourite, the Halloween Town outfit is what Sora wears during his time in Halloween Town from A Nightmare Before Christmas. The outfit very much fits into the Hot Topic style (I’m not from America but even I know what the Hot Topic look is) so I’m not surprised it was an exclusive for that particular store. The Halloween Town look is an awesomely gothic style for Sora and the POP figure recreates it effortlessly. My favourite elements are his devil pumpkin hair accessory, pointed boots and little black vampire wings. The POP even has the little shadow marks on his eye. Another great example of the attention to detail that goes into these figures.

33. Sonic the Hedgehog-Sonic The Hedgehog Series

Sonic is a classic video game character so of course he was going to be included on his list. He has a POP vinyl holding a ring as well as one holding a Chaos Emerald but I have chosen the ring POP for this list because the ring is- in my opinion- a more iconic symbol of the series than the emeralds are. Sonic was always going to have a POP that was a little bit different due to the design of his characters. He wouldn’t look right with a normal POP design. The Sonic POP has replicated his beige snout, pointed ears, spiky quills and slightly odd eye design (I mean he basically has one giant eye white with two irises and pupils. It’s a little creepy right??). This makes him stand out from your average POP. I also like that this Sonic figure is doing his classic finger waggle whilst holding a ring behind his back. There is some great detail on his red and white sneakers too. The Sonic POP is a must have for Sonic fans to add to their hoard of Sonic the Hedgehog memorabilia.

34. B.O.B-Overwatch

B.O.B is not actually a playable character in the Overwatch series. Rather, he acts as the ultimate ability for the character Ashe, charging at foes and then shooting at them relentlessly. For a character that isn’t technically playable, BOB gets (and thoroughly deserves) a lot of love and his POP figure is testament to that. B.O.B is another super-sized POP and his design in the game transfers over well to this figure. His tiny top hat, moustache and green eyes are all unique features that make him an interesting POP. He is also holding a sign for Route 66, referencing the map in the game and the animated short from which he was first introduced. I don’t think you even have to be an Overwatch fan to enjoy this POP. If you like adorable robots, this is a collectable for you.

35. Jumpscare Funtime Foxy-Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

I may be disowned for the decision to only include one Five of Nights at Freddy’s POP on this list but I feel that a lot of them are kind of samey. This one however- and the few others like it- are pretty special in that they are incredibly nightmare inducing. The Five Nights at Freddy’s games are known for their creepy animatronic antagonists based on the kind you would find in pizzerias in the 90’s. They will often perform jump scares on the player and in the Sister Location game, the animatronics have an even more horrifying scaring tactic. The animatronics will open up the casing on their faces, displaying their metallic innards. Exploding creature faces. It’s not like I wanted to sleep tonight anyway. This POP was an exclusive at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con and it depicts the pink variation of Foxy, aptly named Jumpscare Funtime Foxy. There is something unnerving about a pretty pink and white fox with an exposed metal face. The detail on the face casing of the POP- with it split into four pieces to show what’s inside- is impressive and adds to the overall disturbing nature of the POP. You’d better hope that Funtime Foxy doesn’t pay you a visit in your dreams tonight.

36. Aloy-Horizon: Zero Dawn

I’m being a little biased with this one as Aloy is one of my favourite characters in contemporary video games but I still believe this POP deserves a place on this list. This figure has a lot of great detail, especially with Aloy’s outfit and weapon. It’s the attention to smaller aspects of the figure- such as Aloy’s beads, her fading hair colour, her braids, her Focus earpiece and the red and blue trim on her outfit and bow- that brings this POP to life. Aloy is a fantastic female character in gaming and her POP figure is one of the best from the gaming world.

37. King (Caped)-Tekken Series

Here’s a fun fact for you. I genuinely thought that King was  a half man, half leopard when I was a kid rather than just a guy in a mask. Don’t judge. That being said, if you didn’t know the Tekken the franchise and you saw this POP vinyl you may well think it is a dude with a big cat face. I’m just trying to make myself feel better now. Anyway, this King POP is awesome because of the detail on his leopard mask. It has a furrowed brow (most POP’s don’t have eyebrows) and a cat like snarl to reflect the mask from the game. I also chose the version with a cape because why wouldn’t you? Whilst the body of the POP figure is also pretty cool, I have to be honest and say I chose this one because of how awesome King’s mask is.

38. Pikachu-Pokémon Series

Another classic video game character, this POP is more adorable than it has any right to be. Again, this is a POP that is very different to the norm. Pikachu has the traditional black, round eyes of the POP figures but that’s about it. His head, body shape and face are all very specific to the little yellow Pokémon. He has a smiling face and of course those big red cheeks. His head is also a little tilted which just adds to the cuteness. One of his pointy ears is flopping to one side too. There are a few various Pikachu POP’s with different poses and expressions but the one I have chosen is the one where he is giving a little wave with chubby detailed fingers. This is another POP that could easily be mistaken for a different kind of action figure but the cuteness and the great resemblance Pokémon’s adorable mascot make it one of the best gaming POP’s.

39. Harley Quinn-Batman: Arkham Asylum

Harley Quinn is a character who is bursting with personality in every version of her character and her appearance in the Arkham series of Batman video games is no exception. I have chosen the POP from the first instalment of the series- Arkham Asylum– as she represents the start of what would become one of the greatest superhero game franchises. Harley has her nurse’s outfit from the Asylum game, complete with hat and fake name tag as well as her personalised style of red and purple accessories. Her look is topped off with her purple face mask and white face make up, reflecting her affiliation with the Joker. My favourite aspect of this POP is that she has the cane that she steals from Warden Sharp in the game which she proceeds to use as a weapon. It’s just such as Harley Quinn thing to do and I’m glad it was included to represent her character a little more and change up the standard POP pose.

40. Ciri-The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This E3 2019 exclusive is an awesome variation of the original Ciri POP figure from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It shows Ciri demonstrating her power, with all the same detail of the original figure but with pale blue lines depicting the energy from her power on the lower half of the body of the figure and on the face. Ciri’s eyes are also this pale blue colour which is a striking feature in comparison to the usual black POP figure eyes. This POP is another glow in the dark one, with the blue features glowing a bright green in the dark and her sword turning dark blue. Ciri is an awesomely cool POP vinyl so it is no surprise that it was marketed as a limited edition POP for E3. She is one of the best Witcher POP vinyl’s available as well as one of the best gaming POP’s.

41. Creeper-Minecraft

Much like my only including one Five Nights at Freddy’s POP vinyl, I’m only including the one figure from the global phenomena that is Minecraft. This is for a similar reason. Even though the Minecraft POP’s are pretty unique due to their blocky nature, they are all a bit similar to one another. The Creeper POP has an advantage as he glows in the dark (I feel like such a child being so impressed by these glow in the dark POP’s) but he also has that aforementioned block style synonymous with Minecraft to make him a little unusual. This Creeper POP is certainly worth mentioning due to the impact that this little green time bomb and Minecraft as a whole has had on the gaming industry and pop culture in general. His tiny, block like Creeper legs are also pretty cute, even if he does have a tendency to kamikaze you when you least expect it. I just can’t stay mad at him.

42. Wrecking Ball (Toxic Skin)-Overwatch

The previously mentioned Coldhardt Reinhardt was an exclusive for the New York Comic Con Fall Convention of 2018 and the same convention of 2019 provided another awesome Overwatch POP with a distinctive skin from the game. The Toxic Wrecking Ball POP is super-sized and super cute. Hammond- the adorable hamster within the Wrecking Ball- sits atop his mechanised ball and points forward reflecting his emote from in-game. The ball is equally detailed to the usual Wrecking Ball POP but the toxic skin transforms Hammond into a bright green version of himself and adds a hazard logo to the front of his mech. It is only a little difference but- just as the various skins do in the game- it adds some fun and personality to the figure. The Toxic Wrecking Ball POP vinyl is a radioactive bundle of joy.

43. Pathfinder-Apex Legends

Pathfinder is one of the main legend characters in the popular free to play battle royale Apex Legends and his POP is just as optimistic as the character himself. Pathfinder- whose real name is MRVN- is a legend who comes with the base game and was used in a fair amount of the marketing. The POP depicts his well-known thumbs up pose and includes the screen on his chest that displays various emotions (the POP has his KO screen). I feel like this figure would be a good motivator to have on your desk. If you’re feeling down or stressed, Pathfinder would be there to give you motivating thumbs up. This robotic optimist is a great POP for fans of Apex Legends, gaming and inspirational androids.

44. Cuddle Team Leader-Fortnite

Fortnite has large array of skins for players willing to spend a few V bucks during their time with the battle royale/ worldwide pop culture phenomenon. One of these is the Cuddle Team Leader, an equally cute and creepy POP. The pink bear skin is posed with a tilted head and its hands cutely placed under its chin. There’s not much to the skin but the POP reflects what there is well including the heart shaped nose, broken heart chest motif, diagonal rip across the head and white snout with matching white, slightly dead eyes. The POP reminds me of both the symbolic pink bear from Breaking Bad as well as a somewhat deformed Care Bear. Whilst the bear itself gives me mixed feelings, (should I be frightened or charmed?) I think this POP vinyl is one of the best from the many that Fortnite has to offer.

45. Watcher-Horizon: Zero Dawn

The Watcher is one of the many machines encountered in Horizon: Zero Dawn and this POP figure is an incredibly accurate replica. The Watchers have a certain look in the game- as all the machines do. Their movements and design reflect various animals. The Watcher takes on the traits of several creatures but the most striking resemblance is to that of a velociraptor or a theropod in general. I have chosen this POP for the list because I think this animal stature is represented really well in the figure. Unlike some of the other mechanical POP’s I have included here, the Watcher POP doesn’t have any anthropomorphic traits. Despite it only being a vinyl figure, you can tell there is a certain animalistic nature to it. Its three large blue (or yellow if you prefer that variation) lights in its head do not suggest anything human, just like in the game. The figure also has the long and limber body and the tail that really finishes off the animal look. The Watcher is actually kind of a cute- both in POP form and in the game- which is why I would always override them so they would fight for me whenever I could. As well as a formidable enemy or an excellent guard dog, it also makes for a great collectable.

46. Crash Bandicoot: Spinning Crash-Crash Bandicoot Series

This POP is another character that would likely be considered a gaming legend. As with most hugely popular characters, Crash Bandicoot comes in a wide variety of POP figures. From Jet Pack Crash to Scuba Suit Crash and even Racing Crash with his own go kart, there is many a choice to be had when deciding which POP figure you would want for the berserk bandicoot. The one I have chosen is one of the more creative yet simple POP’s available for Crash. The spinning Crash figure depicts Crash performing his famous spinning move from the series. The cool thing about this figure is the way that it creates the illusion of motion. To make it seem like Crash is in mid-spin, the POP has four legs coming out of the mini tornado that his motion has created. What I like about this is that they could have easily just had the tornado and it would still have looked like Crash is spinning. However, the extra effort was made by adding these legs. It’s another example of the little touches and extra effort making all the difference.

47. Power Armour-Fallout Series

The Power Armour is- along with the Vault Boy- one of the biggest symbols of the Fallout franchise so of course there are various figures and merchandise to be had. There are several kinds of Power Armour across the games but I have chosen the plain old Power Armour POP. The POP definitely conveys the sturdy and almost painfully heavy look of the armour from the games. What more could you expect when you’re trying to survive a radioactive wasteland? The armour also comes with a laser rifle, a common weapon in the game. The helmet is also a cool element of this figure, perfectly replicated from the game.  If you’re a fan of venturing into a post-apocalyptic, nuclear  dystopia, consider investing in this guy (or one of his various armoured friends).

48. Various Space Invaders-Space Invaders

Retro gamers are sure to love any of the wide variety of Space Invader POP’s available. The Space Invaders are part of the POP 8-bit series as the Mega Man figure I mentioned earlier. This makes them all the more authentic, looking like they did way back in 1978, prominent pixels and all. There are a range of colours for these interstellar invaders too , including a glow in the dark one. I’m sure you can tell by now how much I- a 27 year old woman- love me some glow in the dark merchandise. The Space Invader POP’s are pleasantly nostalgic and a little different due to their 8-bit style.

49. Tali-Mass Effect Series

This Quarian engineer from the Mass Effect series is another character who was super popular with the players, much like Garrus who was mentioned earlier on. This POP captures her likeness and is also unique due to her specialised helmet. In the game, all Quarians must wear a sophisticated suit and helmet as their species has a very weak immune system. Because of this, we don’t actually ever get to see Tali’s face. But what we do see- and what the POP figure captures so well- is the bright glow of her eyes beneath her mask. It gives off a certain mystery to her character in-game and has that affect with the POP too. Tali’s special suit and helmet are also well detailed in the figure, as is the cloth hood that she wears over her helmet. Tali’s character design translates well into a POP vinyl figure, making her a cool sci-fi collectible and one of the best video game POP’s.

50. Geralt vs Leshen-The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

This POP is different to all others in that it is a Gaming Moments POP, so it depicts a scene from a video game rather than just one character on their own. This particular scene is in relation to The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and shows Geralt fighting a Leshen, a creature residing in forests with a specific look due to having what looks a like a deer skull for a head. The reasons for picking this POP are pretty obvious as it is incredibly different from your average figure, showing a moment frozen in time. Geralt squares off against the Leshen on a grassy base with roots and rocks, suggesting the forest scenery. It is very cool to be able to see video game scenes in POP form like this, much like the movie moments POP vinyl’s that are available. At the moment though, this seems to be the only game moment POP out there. I really hope Funko intend to make more at some point as there are so many amazing moments in video gaming that could look awesome in POP form.

If you have made it this far, thank you so much for reading my article on the 50 greatest POP vinyl figures! There are so many great video game based POP’s out there that I could have made a much longer list but- in case you didn’t notice- this one is pretty long itself.  I hope that you may have found some POP’s that you might want to get for yourself in this list!

For more on Funko’s POP vinyls, check out Rick’s list of the 50 greatest POP figures.

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