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Star Wars: X-Wing fan film


Astonishing Fan Film Star Wars: X-Wing Will Take Your Breath Away

An incredible new CGI fan film called Star Wars: X-Wing was released on the YouTube channel NobleEngine, and it can be viewed in the player below. Directed by Christopher Parks, the four minute animated short film depicts an aerial dogfight between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire above the skies of Coruscant, and for a fan-made production, the quality of the CGI animation is nothing short of incredible. This is one of a small minority of fan films which genuinely has a look and feel of a major Hollywood production, which easily makes it essential viewing for Star Wars enthusiasts.

Regarding the plot, X-Wing takes place immediately after the Battle of Endor (as depicted in the climax of Return of the Jedi), with the Rebel Alliance, who have now effectively won the Galactic Civil War, fighting to reclaim Coruscant from Imperial control. Seeing as Coruscant was the Empire’s capital, it makes sense for the Rebels to instantly want to seize control of the planet after the Battle of Endor significantly crippled the Empire’s power, so that democracy can finally be restored to the galaxy. But as you can clearly see, the fractured Empire did not give up without a fight. Both the X-Wing video game from LucasArts and the novel X-Wing: The Krytos Trap by Michael A. Stackpole served as inspiration for this short, with the characters appearing in the fan film being voiced by Keith Cherry and director Christopher Parks.

Viewers will also be enthralled by the speed and intensity of the aerial combat sequences on display, and hardcore fans are likely to be impressed by the attention to detail, with the look of the ships and the Coruscant skyline both being perfectly replicated. Particularly astute observers will even recognise several iconic buildings from the Prequel Trilogy, such as the Republic Executive Building (which would have been renamed the Imperial Executive Building after the rise of the Empire), and the Senate Rotunda. And needless to say, the scene towards the end where the gigantic Imperial Star Destroyer rises from underneath the city like a Lovecraftian entity emerging from the depths will leave you speechless.

Star Wars: X-Wing has deservedly earned over one million views on YouTube, and fans who have yet to experience the greatness it has to offer should immediately stop whatever they are doing and watch it immediately. Because this particular fan film simply cannot be ignored. It would not be hyperbolic to say that X-Wing might even be one of the best Star Wars fan films ever made, so it certainly deserves all the views it can get.

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