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Who Is Jelly Roll’s Wife? A Relationship Timeline Explored!

Jelly Roll has been married to Bunnie XO since 2016. Bunnie XO, Jelly Roll’s wife, is the source of inspiration for the sweet songs that he writes. Jelly Roll proposed to Bunnie XO in the year 2016 when he was performing on stage in Las Vegas. During the same evening, the couple secretly tied the knot in a courtroom ceremony, where their friends and family were unaware of their involvement.

Bunnie Xo and Jelly Roll

Before becoming Jelly Roll’s wife, Bunnie XO also became a stepmother to the country music singer’s daughter, Bailee, and son, Noah. Both of these children were born to Jelly Roll. In addition to assisting Jelly Roll in pursuing his career as a musician, Bunnie XO pursued her desire to create a podcast at the same time. In 2019, the radio program Dumb Blonde was made available to the public, and it is presently in its seventh season of existence.

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO Encounter 

Jelly stated on Instagram in 2022 that he first met Bunnie in 2015 when she attended a performance of his at the Las Vegas Country Saloon. During an interview with the podcast “King and the Sting and the Wing Clips” in the year 2020, he remembered that Bunnie had been in a relationship that was abusive at the time.

They broke up, and I’m not going to behave as if I’ve already made up my mind. He said that she had shot hers. The explanation that he provided was that they shared friends and that Bunnie had sought out him after the breakup of her relationship with her former lover.

He had been living out of his van at the time, and Jelly said that Bunnie volunteered to let him stay at her house in Las Vegas while he was in town for a shoot. The rest, as they say, is history.

Jelly Roll's Wife Celebrates Their Anniversary With Spicy Video

Who is Jelly Roll?

Jason Bradley DeFord, better known by his stage name Jelly Roll, is a country music singer and songwriter from Antioch, Tennessee, in the United States. According to CBS News, the 39-year-old musician had his initial claim to fame with the hip-hop song “Pop Another Pill” in the year 2010. However, he achieved his first breakthrough in the year 2020 when he published the acoustic version of the ballad “Save Me.” Since then, the song has received more than 200 million views on YouTube.

Jelly Roll has been fairly open about his past before he became famous. The following is an excerpt from an interview that he gave to The Guardian: “Jail was like a high school reunion for me.” “When you go in there, it’s like, ‘Oh, you’re still here, what’s up, dude?'” he said, adding, “The rotating door of the judicial system, it’s rough, man.”

According to what he shared with Billboard, he was taken into custody for aggravated robbery when he was just 16 years old. In an interview with Billboard, he said, “I never want to overlook the fact that it was a heinous crime.” “This is a grown man looking back at a 16-year-old kid who made the worst decision that he could have made in his life. That decision could have caused people to be hurt, but by the grace of God, thankfully, nobody did.”

Who is Bunnie XO?

Bunnie XO has an extensive following of approximately 10 million across various social media platforms and is a podcaster. It has been since 2015 that Bunnie, who is also known by the name Alyssa DeFord, has been a part of her husband’s life, and the narrative of their love is nothing short of motivational. In this article, you will learn all there is to know about Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie, including the history of their relationship, the unexpected details of their wedding, and the key to making their love flourish in the public eye.

Country Star Jelly Roll's Life With His Wife Bunnie Xo

Jelly Roll and Wife Bunnie XO Make Their Red Carpet Debut

Jelly Roll’s wife was there to accompany him on his very first appearance on the red carpet, which took place at the 2022 Country Music Awards in Nashville. The following year, Jelly Roll was awarded the 2023 Country Music Association Award for New Artist of the Year, and during his acceptance speech, he made it a point to offer Bunnie a very heartfelt shout-out thanks. “I got a thousand people to thank, but most importantly, my Lord and my wife,” he said to reporters. You are incredibly dear to my heart. I am forever grateful to you.

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO Renew Their Vows

Jelly Roll and his wife went back to the chapel in Las Vegas where they had their wedding ceremony in the first place on August 31, 2023, to rekindle their vows. In preparation for the big event, Jelly Roll dressed in a maroon suit, while Bunnie chose to wear a long-sleeved dress with a glittering pattern that was form-fitting. The individual who hosts the podcast uploaded an Instagram Reel that showcased the event, with the description “Lucky #7 🎰 Luckiest girl alive.” Tonight was like a dream come true.

The importance of the location was reflected upon by Jelly Roll in his own post, which he wrote. When my wife and I were in Las Vegas seven years ago, we happened across a little chapel by accident. Seven years later, we went back to the same little church and reaffirmed our commitment to one another… It is the one thing I regret about the night we were married that I was unable to see her wearing a dress… He accompanied an Instagram Reel from the day with the phrase, “We rectified that situation.” Although I may not have been able to give my wife the wedding that she genuinely deserved, I want to give her the life that she deserves for the rest of her life at least. Mama bear, I adore you more than everything else in the world. To me, you are the anchor.

Jelly Roll's Romantic Gesture: A Tattoo Tribute To Wife, Bunnie XO -  Country Now


Jelly and Bunnie have openly discussed their open relationship, which means they have agreed to romantic interactions with others while married. “We allow each other to be who we want to be,” Bunnie remarked in an episode of their podcast that was broadcast in April of 2021. I am free to go sleep with another guy if I feel like having a sexual encounter with another man. “That’s not a problem at all,” she said.

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