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Quavo Joined by Vice President Kamala Harris at Anti-Gun Violence Event Declaring ‘Takeoff Day’ in Atlanta

Quavo’s Takeoff Day Commemoration with VP Harris and Mayor Dickens

Quavo held a special event on Tuesday in Atlanta, featuring Vice President Kamala Harris and Atlanta Mayor; Andre Dickens, to honor his late nephew and fellow Migos member, Takeoff. It was at this event held in Atlanta that “Takeoff Day” was declared in honor of the life of Takeoff who died innocently during a brawl in 2022. According to the police, Takeoff became “an innocent bystander” in this incident, the day carried more emotional weight as it would have been Takeoff’s thirtieth birthday. The Carter Center in Atlanta hosted its first Rocket Foundation Summit which is named after Quavo’s own foundation, its aim was to address crucial issues of gun violence prevention.

The day’s agenda featured several meaningful discussions throughout. There were numerous panels focused on preventing gun violence, an issue that has become increasingly timely and urgent. Moreover, one of the greatest highlights was the conversation between Quavo and Vice President Kamala Harris concerning gun violence impacts and possible remedies for this pressing concern.

Quavo’s Commitment to Gun Violence Prevention

Since taking ownership of gun violence prevention, followed by the death of Takeoff, Quavo has been very vocal regarding this. In order to tackle this critical concern, he has held discussions with community leaders, activists as well as policymakers. Some conversations have included figures such as Andre Dickens (Mayor), White House officials besides Vice President Kamala Harris.

Quavo began collaborating with Vice President Kamala Harris back in summer 2021 just after losing Takeoff tragically. They came together for a meeting where they released a joint statement about gun violence calling for urgent measures including policy changes. This partnership underlines how high level backing alongside collaboration is necessary if we are to fight the all-pervasive gun menace, particularly among African Americans.

The “Takeoff Day” event was not just a tribute to a beloved artist but also a call to action. By assembling influential leaders and promoting discussions about gun violence prevention, Quavo intends to pay homage to Takeoff’s memory while impacting his community in a meaningful way. The Rocket Foundation Summit marks the beginning of these efforts as they will continue in future, aimed at addressing and reducing cases of gun violence while keeping Takeoff’s name alive for good.

Gratitude and Reflection

Quavo took time to express his heartfelt gratitude to all present while underlining the importance of their attendance at a very special occasion for himself and his family. In this regard he said, “We just want to say thank y’all for coming here and being part of such a special day for me and my family.” Quavo recognized the shared experiences of surviving together in that room as he acknowledged the difficulties and trauma involved. This experience, this type of trauma — I just hope I’m inspiring everyone in this room.

He went on to explain the purpose behind the Rocket Foundation, stressing its proactive approach against suffering like what has been experienced by his community among others. “Our communities, my family, your family, no family should have to suffer from this. We just want to create these resources at the Rocket Foundation to prevent it before happening,” Quavo explained. It indicates that the foundation is committed to creating resources that will prevent similar occurrences from happening again in families.

Vision for the Future

Mayor Dickens was honored and hopeful about being involved with the inaugural Rocket Foundation Summit. While looking towards the future of the summit, he hoped that it would be seen as a beginning of something wider.“I’m honored to be here for what is the first of I hope to be many of the Rocket Foundation Summits. In fact, it’s my hope that this summit eventually becomes a movement,” he said. The timing was also poignant because there were connections with Takeoff’s personal tragedy juxtaposed with changes through community action.“It is sad but fitting that the summit launches on what would have been Takeoff’s 30th birthday,” Mayor Dickens noted implying how personal loss could spring forth hope and actionable change within society.

Quavo teamed up with Takeoff’s mother Titania Davenport alongside Mayor Dickens and members of the Atlanta City Council in a moving ceremony. What brought them together was to announce officially that there would be “Takeoff Day” which they had planned involving all those who were present. This special day, named after Takeoff, serves as a tribute to his life and legacy.

Emotional Reflections from “Mama Rocket”

During the ceremony, an emotional Titania Davenport, affectionately known as “Mama Rocket,” took the stage to share her feelings. She began by expressing pride in how much had been done in honor of her son. “I am incredibly proud,” she stated with immense pride and grief, evident in her voice. At this point, she let out more personal statements about her bereavement by saying,” I miss my son every day and wish he was still here on this earth.” Thus revealing how deeply she felt this pain associated with her loss. However, amidst such mourning, she spoke like someone who knew what she was doing; emphasizing that Takeoff’s memory lived on through daily actions done by her family.

Titania Davenport then narrated how her family in partnership with Quavo’s foundation actively participated in community upliftment. The foundation launched the Sparks Grant program earlier this year as a major move towards fighting violence within the locality. She proudly announced that through this program, Atlanta organizations working on this issue would be granted $100,000. This will help change Takeoff’s loss into something positive for his community.

Reflective Discussions Before the Commemoration

There was a reflective and intense talk between Quavo and Vice President Harris before the official “Takeoff Day” events took place. This warm conversation happened in a homely atmosphere resembling a fireside chat of an auditorium or classroom. It was ably facilitated by Gregory Jackson Jr., who is currently serving as Special Assistant to the President and Deputy of The Office of Gun Violence Prevention. This informal meeting opened up avenues for meaningful exchange of thoughts and feelings.

In his interview, Quavo touched on his personal experiences which were life changing, and the idea behind all of his actions which have transformed thousands lives till now. He began by acknowledging his own flaws, admitting how witnessing something grim happening to Takeoff changed him. “I’m a victim — [but] I got a second chance” said Quavo adding that he was very emotional over it all.

He described this one agonizing moment when he claimed “When I saw (Takeoff) laying there I just felt like I saw me laying there.” Since that time, he has been striving to honor Rocket Foundation as an act of healing process following the loss of his friend Takeoff’s death. Quavo expressed his intention to uplift Takeoff’s legacy and keep his spirit alive, stating, “So when I’m doing something like the Rocket Foundation, I just wanted to uplift his legacy and keep his name alive. That’s why we are here.”

Vice President Harris’s Acknowledgment

In her response to Quavo’s heartfelt words, Vice President Harris expressed admiration and support. The Vice President noted the remarkable impact of using personal tragedy as a catalyst for community upliftment. “To translate that pain and grief into something that is about creating strength and empowerment in the community — including our young — is pretty extraordinary,” she said. Her remarks show how Quavo has been an active go getter who used his music to address real life problems. She also praised him for being a leader by saying, “You have chosen to use your celebrity and the gifts you have as an artist to talk about and actually work on with action. You are an incredible leader, a national leader on this.” This recognition reveals how much Quavo has done in addressing bigger global concerns.

Reflections on the Fireside Chat

After this fireside chat, a tearful Gregory Jackson Jr. shared his thoughts, emphasizing the emotional significance of the event. “It was beautiful,” said Mr Jackson speaking about the unity and devotion that Quavo’s family showed. This program has been working with 11 local organizations for years investing heavily in the Rocket Foundation which is quite a feat. Jackson also recalled Vice President Harris’ impactful presence and her words from almost a year ago where she promised to be there for Quavo’s family.

“The vice president came and followed through on her commitment of almost a year ago when she sat down with the family and said, ‘I got your back and I’m here to support you however I can.’” To him, this was an example of how it is possible to acknowledge through action some challenges or traumas communities are going through but still maintain their positivity.

Big White House Talk

The following Monday saw Jackson involved in a significant talk at the White House about gun violence awareness and its far reaching effects on society. In attendance were famous people, plus other celebrities; athletes; members of music industry; as well as community activists among others, making it diverse group participants. Notably, Erica Ford who is one of those prominent community organizers making arrangements for such an occasion, Philadelphia Eagle Thomas Booker, renowned rappers Bun B, Styles P, Havoc of Mobb Deep, Simon Moore, actor Setiywa Shakur whose brother was Tupac Shakur.

This major discussion highlighted efforts by various individuals towards awareness creation on gun violence as well as change advocacy. The extensive presence of influential personalities underscored how important this topic is and how passionately people feel about it. It stressed out that despite all these famous people being present at the event together with Jackson, who attended too much time already, significant figures all participated in fighting gun crime’s epidemic, and a supportive community for the affected. It was a reminder of how much collective efforts could shape a more progressive agenda where people’s lives are saved by uniting towards one common goal in our societies.

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