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Home Alone Actor Gets Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

In a star-studded event on Hollywood Blvd., Macaulay Culkin was honored with a star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame, commemorating his illustrious 40-year acting career. The ceremony, held at 6353 Hollywood Blvd., drew attention not only to Culkin’s achievements but also to the presence of notable figures from his cinematic journey.

Star-Studded Attendees 

Culkin’s on-screen mother from the “Home Alone” films, Catherine O’Hara, and Natasha Lyonné, his castmate from the 2003 biographical crime drama “Party Monster,” were among the distinguished guests. Culkin’s partner, Brenda Song, recognized for her roles on Disney Channel comedies, “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” and “The Suite Life on Deck,” also attended the event.

Expressing gratitude, Culkin acknowledged the impact on the audience, stating, “Thanks for all your kind words and your stories and stuff.” He reflected on the transformation from being a child actor to a father figure, emphasizing the importance of understanding that he was once a kid, too.

Heartfelt Remarks And Congratulations

Culkin’s on-screen mother, Catherine O’Hara, shared warm words of congratulations. “Macaulay, congratulations,” she said. “You so deserve your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And thank you for including me, your fake mom who left you home alone not once but twice, to share in this happy occasion. I’m so proud of you.”

The ceremony marked a significant milestone for Culkin, with O’Hara’s sentiments reflecting the enduring impact of their collaboration on the “Home Alone” franchise.

Numerical Recognition

Culkin’s star, the 2,765th since the completion of the Walk of Fame in 1961, stands as a testament to his enduring contribution to the entertainment industry. The initial 1,558 stars paved the way for subsequent honorees, and Culkin’s inclusion adds another layer to the illustrious history of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Early Beginnings And Breakthrough

Born on August 26, 1980, in New York City, Culkin’s journey began at the age of four when he stepped onto the stage in the play “Bach Babies” at Manhattan’s Symphony Space in 1984. His screen debut followed in the 1988 drama “Rocket Gibraltar.” Culkin’s breakthrough came in the 1989 comedy “Uncle Buck,” directed by John Hughes, who would later play a pivotal role in Culkin’s career.

Home Alone And Golden Globe Recognition

Culkin’s portrayal of the 8-year-old Kevin McCallister in “Home Alone” earned him a Golden Globe nomination in 1990. The film, directed by Chris Columbus and produced by John Hughes, showcased Culkin’s comedic prowess and solidified his status as a rising star. Despite not winning, the nomination underscored the impact of his performance.

Diverse Filmography And Accolades

Beyond the “Home Alone” franchise, Culkin’s filmography includes notable roles in “My Girl,” “The Good Son,” and “Richie Rich.” His achievements led to a 1991 American Comedy Award for funniest actor in a motion picture (leading role). VH1 recognized Culkin as the second Greatest Kid Star on its list, a testament to his versatility and impact in the industry.

Television Ventures And Musical Pursuits

Culkin’s foray into television featured memorable moments, including hosting “Saturday Night Live” at the age of 11 and appearances in shows like “The Jim Gaffigan Show” and “American Horror Story: Double Feature.” Notably, he fronted the comedy rock band The Pizza Underground from 2013 to 2018, showcasing his diverse talents beyond acting.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: Bunny Ears

In 2017, Culkin expanded his portfolio by founding Bunny Ears, a satirical pop culture website and podcast. Serving as the publisher and CEO, Culkin demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to engaging with contemporary media through a humorous lens.

Personal Reflections

In a heartfelt speech, Culkin thanked attendees for their kind words and shared reflections on his journey from a child actor to a father. He emphasized the importance of understanding that he was once a child, too, expressing gratitude for the support that has shaped his career and family life.

Culkin’s Enduring Impact On Hollywood: A Lasting Legacy

Macaulay Culkin’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star not only symbolizes his individual achievements but also marks a lasting legacy in the entertainment world. From his early start in “Rocket Gibraltar” to the iconic “Home Alone” series and his diverse television roles, Culkin’s 40-year career is celebrated as a remarkable journey in Hollywood.


Macaulay Culkin’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star not only recognizes a remarkable acting career but also celebrates a journey that began on the stage at a tender age. From iconic roles in “Home Alone” to diverse filmography and entrepreneurial ventures, Culkin’s star symbolizes his enduring influence on the entertainment landscape. The ceremony brought together a constellation of stars, mirroring the impact Culkin has had on both the silver screen and popular culture.

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