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Did Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco Kiss? Recent Photo Exposes the Duo Kissing after confirming their relationship!

Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco are now in the midst of their very own Hallmark romance, which is taking place throughout the Christmas season. Almost immediately after confirming her relationship with the mega-producer, Gomez shared on Instagram a touching snapshot of herself giving him a passionate kiss.

The shot was most recently featured by Gomez in a carousel of images that she shared on the morning of Friday, December 15th, 2018. The shot is in black and white, and Blanco is seen leaning down to kiss the singer of “Calm Down” as she is lying on her back. Blanco is wearing a bracelet that looks like the letter “B” on her ring finger, and she has one hand in her hair; she is wearing it. A dinner out in New York City features Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, both dressed in miniskirts.

Furthermore, the actress from Only Murders in the Building published a picture of herself with a group of friends, in which Blanco was seen embracing her from behind. On his girlfriend’s post, the producer, who has worked with SZA, Ed Sheeran, and Gomez’s high-profile ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, ironically, added a lone pineapple emoji.

One week before this post, Gomez replied to allegations that she was dating Blanco by posting a series of comments on Instagram. In one of those comments, she told an admirer that Blanco is “absolutely everything in my heart.” In addition, she posted pictures to her Story that showed her “B” ring and, most likely, herself with Blanco, whose face was disguised in the snap and which she published.

Blanco was a co-producer on Gomez’s most recent song, “Single Soon,” which made its debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at position number 19 in the month of August. In addition, they worked together in 2019 on Blanco’s recording of “I Can’t Get Enough,” which also featured Tainy and J Balvin.

Selena Gomez Just Explained How Lupus Medication Affects Her Body | SELF

There have been a few occasions in recent weeks when the singer of “Lose You to Love Me” has been seen in New York City. One of these occasions was on December 13, the day before the superstar of “Anti-Hero” turned 34, when he was seen hanging out with Taylor Swift. Gomez made sure that her most recent post included a selfie with the birthday girl. She shared a picture of herself and Swift laughing and smiling passionately in front of a cake that was illuminated with candles.

Selena Gomez Seals Benny Blanco Romance with a Kiss

Selena Gomez is no longer keeping her relationship with Benny Blanco a secret. Several days after Gomez announced that she had been dating Blanco, the music producer, she shared a snapshot of the two of them sharing a passionate kiss.

“New York, my favorite moments with you this week,” wrote Gomez as she scrolled through the collection of photographs. Additionally, she provided a photograph that she had taken during Taylor Swift’s birthday celebration. It is not known if Blanco was there or whether Swift has met the new boyfriend of her best friend, although he appeared in a separate image with Gomez and her friends during the event. One of the comments that Blanco made on the photographs was a straightforward pineapple emoji.

Although Gomez and Blanco had known one other for a number of years, they did not begin dating until around six months ago. According to one rumor, she is reportedly “smitten” with Blanco, which may cause some Selenators to feel uncomfortable. Detailed information on their new partnership is provided below for your perusal.

Who is Benny Blanco?

Benjamin Joseph Levin, better known by his stage name Benny Blanco, is a musician who is in the business of writing, producing, and singing. In addition to working with artists such as Katy Perry (“Teenage Dream,” “California Gurls”), Rihanna (“Diamonds”), Ed Sheeran (“Happier”), Justin Bieber (“Love Yourself”), and Gomez, he has been nominated for eleven Grammy Awards.

Gomez and Blanco collaborated on ‘Single Soon’

Gomez sings about getting ready to abandon her partner in the popular breakup ballad, which Blanco is credited with producing. Blanco is also recognized as a producer of the song. During the month of August, the song was released, which coincided with Gomez’s declaration that she was no longer in a relationship. However, if Blanco and she had been in a relationship for a period of six months, as she revealed on Instagram the previous week, then the calculations would not be accurate.

Blanco Publicly Shaded Gomez while working with Bieber: Fans Claim

Blanco has worked with Gomez’s longstanding ex-boyfriend, who has been on-again, off-again for such a long time, on several occasions, including on Justin Bieber’s song “Lonely” from 2020. Blanco criticized “cookie-cutter pop stars” with makeup lines while she was marketing the song many years ago. Given that Gomez had just released her album “Rare Beauty,” the criticism was thought to be directed at her personality.

Selena Gomez Reveals 'Who Says' Almost Went to Another Artist

According to what he said, “Justin is not one of those pop artists who are all the same.” As you may already be aware, they are saying things like, ‘This is my new song, and here is my beauty brand.’ As he does so, Justin responds by saying, “Yo. My anxiousness is high today, and I have a pimple on my face. When it comes to that matter, he has never been shy about it.

A follower criticized Gomez for the resurrected remark, which said, “You’re just corny omg that man was shading you years ago.” This occurred during Gomez’s most recent Instagram outburst, which took place last week. When asked about it, Gomez said, “Lol yeah, and he’s still better than anyone I’ve ever been with.” The facts”

Gomez says Blanco is ‘the best thing that’s ever happened to me’

On December 7, the star of Only Murders in the Building responded to a number of admirers who had questioned her relationship with Blanco on Instagram. She made it very apparent that she was quite content with her partner during the whole conversation. In her letter, Gomez said that the artist “has treated me better than any human being on this planet.” In addition to that, she referred to him as “the best thing that has ever happened to me” and said that he is “my absolute everything in my affections.”

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