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Country Singer Chris Young Charged with Assault At Nashville Bar

Country music star Chris Young was arrested on Monday night in Nashville, Tennessee, following an altercation at a bar near the Country Music Hall of Fame. The charges against Young include assault of an officer, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. The incident involved a Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission agent, Joseph T Phillips, and unfolded during routine compliance checks at local bars.


Chris Young, known for winning the fourth edition of “Nashville Star” in 2006, has enjoyed success in the country music scene. With popular songs and critical acclaim, he has been a prominent figure in the industry. However, recent events have cast a shadow on his reputation as he faces legal troubles stemming from a confrontation with law enforcement.

Incident Overview

The confrontation began when Young allegedly interfered with alcohol agents conducting routine compliance checks at two Nashville bars. The incident occurred at Tin Roof and DawgHouse, both located a few blocks from the iconic Country Music Hall of Fame. According to court documents and arrest affidavits, Young had his ID checked at Tin Roof, engaged in a conversation with agents, and even recorded them on video.

Following the agents to DawgHouse, Young and his friends allegedly escalated the situation. Young reportedly attempted to prevent an alcohol agent, Joseph T Phillips, from leaving by physically obstructing him and eventually striking him on the shoulder. The affidavits detail that Phillips pushed Young to create distance, but the altercation intensified as bar patrons got involved, leading to a chaotic and hostile environment.

Sequence Of Events

The incident began around 8:30 p.m. at the Tin Roof venue, where Young had his ID checked during routine compliance checks by Alcohol Beverage Commission agents. Young engaged in conversation with the agents and began recording them on video. The situation escalated when the agents moved to the DawgHouse bar next door, with Young and his friends allegedly following closely.

Altercation At Dawghouse

At DawgHouse, Young reportedly attempted to prevent agent Joseph T Phillips from leaving by putting his hands out. The situation escalated further when Young allegedly struck the agent on the shoulder. In response, Phillips pushed Young to create some distance. The tension reached a breaking point as patrons of the bar intervened, creating a hostile environment.

Bar Patrons’ Involvement

The affidavits state that as agents tried to leave the bar, multiple people with Young started following them, making the situation increasingly hostile. Bar patrons got involved, standing between the Alcohol Beverage Commission agents and Young, leading to a chaotic scene with yelling and screaming.

Arrest And Booking

With the situation escalating, two agents eventually handcuffed Young, who displayed bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. He was arrested and booked into jail just after 10 p.m. According to jail records, Young was released at 1:09 a.m. the following Tuesday. The bond was set at $2,500, and he is scheduled to appear in court on February 16.

Chris Young now faces serious legal consequences, including charges of assault of an officer, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. If convicted, these charges could impact his career and public image. The court proceedings on February 16 will shed light on the legal outcome and potential ramifications for the country music star.

Response From Chris Young’s Representative

As news of the arrest broke, a representative for Chris Young declined immediate comment. The lack of a statement raises questions about how Young and his team will address the incident publicly. The response or lack thereof from his representative may impact public perception and the handling of the situation.

Silence From The Tennessee Alcohol And Beverage Commission

The Tennessee Alcohol and Beverage Commission, whose agent was involved in the altercation, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The Commission’s stance on the incident and any potential internal investigations will be crucial in understanding the complete context of the confrontation.

Impact On Career

Chris Young, known for his achievements in the country music industry, may face challenges in light of this incident. The legal proceedings and public response could influence his standing in the music community and among fans. The impact on his career will depend on how he and his team navigate the aftermath of the arrest.

Upcoming Album Release

Despite the legal troubles, Chris Young had recently announced the upcoming release of his album, “Young Love & Saturday Nights,” scheduled for March 22. The incident raises questions about the potential impact on the album’s promotion and reception. Whether the arrest affects the album’s success will depend on how the situation unfolds in the coming weeks.


Chris Young’s arrest on assault charges after a confrontation with law enforcement at a Nashville bar has brought unexpected legal troubles for the country music star. The sequence of events, involving an Alcohol Beverage Commission agent, unfolded during routine compliance checks, resulting in charges of assault of an officer, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. The upcoming court proceedings, response from Young’s representative, and the stance of the Tennessee Alcohol and Beverage Commission will all play crucial roles in determining the long-term impact on Chris Young’s career and public image.

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