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Chris DiStefano Wife
Chris DiStefano Wife


In The Spotlight: Comedian Chris DiStefano Wife Jazzy DiStefano

An exceptional stand-up comedian, improv artist, podcast host, and whatnot, these words beautifully summarize who Chris DiStefano is. But, many do not know that this 38-year-old American comedian is also a lovely husband to Jazzy DiStefano. We have seen him showcase his talent to make laughter contagious in MTV’s Guy Code and MTV2’s Girl Code. These shows marked the start of his career as a comedian and through the years, he has only excelled. While most of us are blissfully aware of who this amazing artist is. Now, it is time to take a peek at his family life and learn about his lovely wife Jazzy DiStefano!

But before we do that, let us know a bit about Chris DiStefano’s background!

Chris DiStefano: Exploring His Education, Early Life, And Beyond

Born in 1984 in Brooklyn, New York, in the United States, Chris DiStefano is primarily of German descent with a hint of Irish and Italian ancestry. Growing up in the Ridgewood neighborhood near Queens, he attended Archbishop Molloy High School. Before he discovered that being a stand-up artist was what he wished to be, he loved to play basketball and even studied psychology at St. Joseph’s College. Given his talent as a basketball player, he also made it to the college’s Hall Of Fame (2018).

It wasn’t until 2013 that DiStefano decided it was time for him to pursue a full-time career as a stand-up comedian.

Chris DiStefano On What Inspires Him!

While the seeds of humor were rooted deep in him, Chris humbly credits the city he lived in and his family for driving the passion in him to pursue comedy full-time. The comedian believes that his sense of humor is a defense mechanism for him. Whenever he was sad or having an emotional outpour, rather than giving in to the dark side, he would simply use this energy to make others laugh.

He also describes how he was in therapy for a big part of his life and soon realized humor is what helps him thrive and at the age of 24 he decided this is what he wants his future to look like. DiStefano derives most of his material for his standup comedy from things that have actually happened to him in real life including events that involve his family. This is what makes it more natural and relatable for the audience thus boosting his popularity over the years.

When Did Chris DiStefano Start His Career As A Standup Comedian?

Chris DiStefano started performing as a standup artist in August 2009. Later next year in 2010, he hosted SNY Network’s Fencing Masters followed by March Madness Comedy Competition by Elite 8 in 2011 & 2012. Soon, he was chosen to headline the popular Carolines Breakout Artist Series & emerged as a 2011 NY Comedy Festival finalist.

DiStefano also performed at several standup venues including the Comedy Cellar, Laugh Lounge, New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, and the Gotham Comedy Club. Given his rise in popularity, the young artist soon became a part of MTV’s Guy Code Season 2. The next year he joined MTV2’s Girl Code. Later he started appearing in other episodes of Guy Code vs. Girl Code, The Challenge, Off The Bat, and Guy Court.

On June 2013, Chris appeared on an episode of Late Night With David Letterman furthering his popularity as a standup comedian. However, it was only after he appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers that his first U.S. national tour happened in 2015. The father of two also co-starred in IFC”s Benders in 2015 alongside Andrew Schulz and was an announcer in Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster in 2015 which dropped on the streaming platform in 2017. The 38-year-old artist’s first sold-out performance was in February 2022 at NYC’s Beacon Theatre.

Chris DiStefano Wife Jazzy DiStefano: Who is She?

Born in 1984 as Jasmine Canullas, Jazzy DiStefano and Chris DiStefano met at a bar and soon became close friends. Their deep friendship soon turned into a blossoming relationship in 2014 and ever since they have been together. Soon in 2015, their first child, Delilah DiStefano was born in the month of May.

While many don’t know this, this accidental pregnancy could have been the reason for the couple’s separation. After meeting for the first time at a bar, they went for a few dates and on the second they shared an intimate moment. However, soon they learned that Jazzy was pregnant during his show in Tampa, Florida. Initially, Jazzy decided that it was best to terminate her pregnancy as she was already a mother to a son (Tristan) from her previous relationship. Chris DiStefano’s wife also decided that it was best to end their relationship as well.

While Chris was supportive of her choice, he also conveyed that he would always be a loving father to his child. Given that Chris had a steadily progressing career at the moment, the two decided it was best to welcome their child. Later in 2021, their second child, Violette DiStefano was born. While the duo has been together since 2014, the couple got married only in 2015 after jazzy got pregnant. While Jazzy believes in the institution of marriage, Chris feels it is just something on paper. Hailing from a broken family with divorced parents has kept Chris on his toes regarding marriage.

Jazzy DiStefano Net Worth: What Does She Do For A Living?

Apart from being known as Chris DiStefano’s wife, Jazzy is also a popular fitness trainer in America and believes that one should always take their body seriously. She is also a dance trainer who has accumulated more than $2 million in net worth. The 39-year-old also dedicates her time to assisting women that need her help dealing with postpartum depression. Jazzy has dealt with postpartum depression herself and wishes to help others in need.

Over the years using her experience, she has created Jazzymethod, a unique weight loss program with a twist. This bodyweight training module uses music to engage your body, enhance muscle use, and control body movements. The Jazzymethod has better results in terms of bodyweight management. This is due to the involvement of music which makes it doable for the long term.

However, Jazzy isn’t someone random who started a career as a social media influencer helping people. Her skills are backed by her professional certification from the NASM. She is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, Zumba instructor, & spin instructor.

Is Chris DiStefano Wife Jazzy On Social Media?

Every now and then, Jazzy shares on social media how hectic being a parent can get. She has talked in detail about how her mornings are a mad dash as the couple tries to get their three kids to school. From supervising the kids’ homework to getting them to bed, Jazzy and Chris do not deny the fact that being a parent can be tough and draining. Yet, they cannot imagine their life without their kids.

While Chris and Jazzy’s relationship had a rocky start, what makes them a great couple is that they are very supportive of one another. Apart from respecting each other’s profession, they always try to make time for the family regardless of how demanding their job is. Just like her husband, Jazzy too has a good sense of humor and often appears on her husband’s podcast.

Back when Jazzy was 25, she opted for breast implants. However, on Chris’s podcast she revealed that she got them removed and now feels a huge difference without them. Chris DiStefano’s wife also added that she now feels more like herself minus the implants. The comedian appreciated her wife’s decision. He added that this will set a great example for their kids. It will help them learn how important it is to take charge of their bodies and do what feels right.

You can find Chris DiStefano’s wife Jazzy DiStefano on social media. And, do not forget to follow her if you wish to learn about Zumba, fitness, and post-partum depression.

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