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Blake Shelton Seemingly Blames Gwen Stefani For His Weight Gain As She Reunites With No Doubt

In recent reports, concerns about Blake Shelton’s health have surfaced, with suggestions that his weight gain is linked to his marital problems with Gwen Stefani. The couple, known for their public displays of affection, is allegedly facing challenges as Gwen prioritizes her career, leaving Blake feeling neglected and turning to comfort food as a coping mechanism. This article will delve into the details surrounding Blake’s health issues, the strain in their marriage, and the impact of Gwen’s busy schedule on their relationship.

The Toll On Blake’s Health

The narrative suggests that Blake Shelton’s health is suffering due to a combination of stress and poor dietary choices. As Gwen Stefani immerses herself in preparations for her upcoming reunion show with No Doubt, Blake is reportedly left with ample downtime, leading him to indulge in comfort foods like sandwiches and chips. Observers note that the 47-year-old singer has gained around 50 pounds, raising concerns about his overall well-being.

Marital Strain Amid Career Priorities

The central issue revolves around the strain in Blake and Gwen’s marriage, attributed to Gwen’s hectic schedule and focus on her career. The report emphasizes that Gwen’s rehearsal commitments for the No Doubt reunion show have left little time for her to attend to Blake’s needs. This lack of attention allegedly contributes to Blake’s emotional struggles, prompting him to turn to food as a way to cope with the challenges in their relationship.

Gwen’s Busy Schedule And Its Impact

Gwen Stefani’s commitment to her career, particularly the upcoming reunion show, has been highlighted as a key factor in the alleged marital discord. The article suggests that Blake’s feelings of neglect stem from Gwen’s preoccupation with rehearsals and performances. The couple spent the holidays apart due to work obligations, and Gwen’s last-minute decision to perform in Las Vegas instead of attending Blake’s gig further added to the distance between them.

Blake’s Coping Mechanism: Food

The narrative posits that Blake Shelton is using food as a coping mechanism for the emotional turmoil in his marriage. With reports indicating a significant weight gain, insiders claim that Blake struggles to adhere to a healthier diet regimen. His downtime is described as a period where he succumbs to the allure of sandwiches and chips, creating a cycle that negatively impacts both his physical and emotional well-being.

Blake’s Struggle With Diet And Weight Gain

According to sources, Blake Shelton is facing challenges in adhering to a healthier diet. The article delves into the details of his reported unhealthy eating habits, including a tendency to consume multiple sandwiches with pickles and chips during downtime. The news mentions that Blake has allegedly gained around 50 pounds, attributing it to his idle hands and indulgence in comfort foods. This section discusses the potential consequences of such weight gain on his overall health and well-being.

Gwen’s Influence On Healthy Habits

Gwen Stefani is known for her dedication to fitness and healthy habits, with the report suggesting that she has previously influenced Blake in adopting a healthier lifestyle. However, with their current time apart and Blake’s reported struggle with a poor diet, it appears that Gwen’s positive influence on his eating habits has diminished. The article explores how living separately has affected Blake’s ability to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Efforts To Address Health Issues

While Blake Shelton has reportedly taken some steps to focus on his health, such as giving up alcohol for a month, the couple continues to face challenges in their marriage. The insider reports that Blake’s attempts to make positive changes in his life may not be enough to overcome the underlying issues they are experiencing. The article delves into the complexities of managing personal health within the context of a strained relationship.

The Impact Of Living Apart On Dietary Habits

The source highlights the influence of living together on the couple’s dietary habits, suggesting that Gwen’s strict guidelines on food choices are easier to adhere to when they are in close proximity. The insider reveals specific details about the dietary restrictions imposed by Gwen, including limitations on ice cream, steak, and a preference for fish, chicken, vegetables, rice, or a plain baked potato. The article explores how these dietary restrictions, while potentially boring for Blake, have contributed to a healthier lifestyle when they are together.

Historical Context Of Blake And Gwen’s Relationship

A brief overview of Blake and Gwen’s relationship is provided, highlighting their initial connection as coaches on The Voice in 2014, their romantic involvement after divorces in 2015, and their official union in a private ceremony in 2021. This historical context serves as a backdrop to the current challenges they are reportedly facing in their marriage.


In conclusion, Blake Shelton’s reported health struggles and weight gain are depicted as a consequence of the alleged strain in his marriage with Gwen Stefani. The narrative emphasizes the impact of Gwen’s busy schedule on their relationship, suggesting that Blake’s coping mechanism involves turning to comfort food during periods of emotional distress and downtime. The article explores the complexities of managing personal health within the context of a high-profile marriage, shedding light on the challenges faced by the celebrity couple.

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