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YouTube Series Hot Ones Expands its Franchise With a Sean Evans Vinyl Figure

Hot Ones is a great example of how popularity on the Internet can – in this day and age- easily transition to popularity across all forms of entertainment. What started back in 2015 as an Internet show about answering questions whilst trying to maintain your composure as you consume spicier and spicier chicken wings, has since become a sensation that even spawned its own game show and whose host- Sean Evans- was nominated for an Emmy. With popularity comes tons of merchandising and whilst Hot Ones has managed to obtain the obligatory t-shirts, keyrings and even a partnership with Nike to created Hot Ones themed sneakers, they have only now become a  part of the ever-growing vinyl figure market thanks to Youtooz.

Youtooz are frequenters here on the blog as I am a big fan of their adorable figures that manage to avoid the realms of creepy that some vinyl figures fail to avoid.  Their partnership with First We Feast and Hot Ones isn’t too surprising as they already have a bunch of vinyl figures based on YouTube personalities.  Sean Evans’s YouTooz figure comes with a little table- where he tests the spice tolerance of his guests- and a mini water jug and various spicy sauce bottles as well as a few chicken wings for good measure. This Youtooz and Hot Ones collaboration is an interesting one that truly shows the growth of YouTube personalities in popular culture and how they are now on the same level as the likes of actors and musicians.

Check out the press release for the figure below, which is now available for pre order on the First we Feast Store at the link here. I’ve also added two of my personal favourite Hot Ones episodes in this article: Gordon Ramsay and Paul Rudd. They are as gloriously chaotic and meme inspiring as you can imagine.


Credit: We Feast First and Youtooz

Limited Edition Vinyl Figure of Sean Evans – Hot Sauce and Milk On Hand – Drops Today

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, JULY 29, 2021Youtooz, the company turning nostalgia and internet culture into amazing products that people love, announced today a limited edition Hot Ones figure in its latest collaboration with ‘Hot Ones,’ a franchise of First We Feast. 

First We Feasts’ ‘Hot Ones’ began as an Internet show that has revolutionized the format of interview shows, resonating with fans of all ages with each new dab. The new figure was developed through a joint effort of the two companies. 

“This is a very special release for Youtooz,” said Austin Long, co-founder, Youtooz. “Working with a mainstream digital brand like Hot Ones, that was originally built off YouTube really encompasses everything we love about the internet. It was inspiring to watch this series take off and become the brand it is today, and we’re incredibly proud to announce this collaboration.”

The Hot Ones vinyl figure is a limited edition release and was designed to capture Sean Evans, the Emmy nominated host, at the iconic Hot Ones table with hot sauce and milk at the ready as he begins his spicy Q&A. Youtooz x First We Feast’s Hot Ones is available now at .

Youtooz has tapped into its buzzing online community to build a growing universe of limited-edition figures, plushies and more that capture the best moments of internet culture. To learn more about Youtooz and explore the joy of the internet, visit

About Youtooz

Youtooz turns the joy of internet culture into amazing products that people love. A consumer product company, Youtooz captures the best moments of the internet and brings them to life through high-quality, unique product drops. The company seeks inspiration from its community and content creators across the internet, and works together, along with its IP and License partners, to create collectibles, plushies and other products that bring joy to everyone. Since its launch in 2019, Youtooz has released more than 300 unique figures and believes that together, we can create joy in anything. To learn more, visit, and check us out on social on our Twitter and Instagram.

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