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5 Potential Matches for CM Punk in AEW Return
Image: AEW


5 Potential Matches for CM Punk in AEW Return

5 CM Punk AEW Dream Matches

Being one of the most polarizing figures in wrestling, CM Punk had the whole world buzzing with his AEW return in June on a new program called Collision.  

After defeating Samoa Joe for the first time in his career and finishing second in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, CM Punk looks to continue to make an impact in AEW.  CM Punk and Samoa Joe have endured many battles in the indies.  Considering their excellent chemistry, their battle on the big stage was one for the ages.  

While CM Punk’s next move is unpredictable, there are five potential matches that would steal the show.  

5. CM Punk vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Claudio Castagnoli

Despite having similar journeys in the wrestling business, CM Punk and Claudio Castagnoli have rarely crossed paths in the ring.  These two have never wrestled each other in AEW.  

Castagnoli has the potential to be pushed to the top. However, the Achilles heel preventing that push is his mediocre mic skills. Working with Punk would help Castagnoli improve on the mic with Punk being one of the best talkers in wrestling today and of all-time.  This match could be a career changer for Castagnoli.  

Being two of the most polished in-ring performers in the business, Punk and Castagnoli would easily put on a spectacular match.  Whether it be on Dynamite, Collision, or a pay per view, CM Punk and Claudio Castagnoli would tear the house down.  

4. CM Punk vs. Hook 

Image: AEW

Though CM Punk and Hook have wrestled in a dark non-televised match after Dynamite, they have yet to wrestle on live television.  Many would love to see these two go toe-to-toe.  

Hook is undoubtedly a rising star in AEW.  Still, he needs to develop a strong presence on the mic to thrive with the competition.  CM Punk could be the one to break Hook’s silence.  Plus, the match itself would be a banger with both competitors feeding off each other.  

It is absolutely mind boggling that CM Punk and Hook haven’t faced each other on live television.  This would be a perfect main event match for Collision in the near future.  

3. CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

CM Punk: AEW’s Best-Worst Kept Secret
Image: AEW

CM Punk and Chris Jericho are no strangers to each other.  During their time in WWE, these two had an epic feud that led to some outstanding matches.  Their exceptional storytelling made for some of the most entertaining segments in WWE history, especially in the build up to their match for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 28.  No matter how the roles were played, Punk and Jericho always gave the fans their money’s worth.  

Now that Punk and Jericho are both in AEW, a match between them is inevitable and will hopefully take place soon.  Unfortunately, these two had legitimate issues with each other outside of the ring which has prevented a story between them. Thankfully, they have reconciled their issues and are open to working together again.

Recently settling their real-life issues with one another was a huge step forward to renewing this epic wrestling rivalry.  With both performers being the stars of Collision, ratings would skyrocket with a Punk/Jericho storyline.  Hopefully, Tony Khan will pull the trigger on this feud soon. 

2. CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson 

CM Punk: AEW’s Best-Worst Kept Secret
Image: AEW

Bryan Danielson is another star that CM Punk has worked with throughout the years in both ROH and WWE.  Punk and Danielson have had some memorable moments throughout their careers.  Being two of the biggest underdogs in the business, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why they were over early in their careers.  That same hype for Punk and Danielson still exists today.  

Being two of the best wrestlers today, CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson is a no brainer.  This would be a fun pay per view main event.  Both performers know how to captivate a crowd to instantly sell out an event.  Many fans would easily get behind Punk vs. Danielson as they are two of the most prolific wrestlers today.  Given the excellent chemistry between Punk and Danielson, it would easily be a 5-star match.  

1. CM Punk vs. Kenny Omega 

CM Punk: AEW’s Best-Worst Kept Secret
Image: AEW

The Best in The World, CM Punk vs. The Best Bout Machine, Kenny Omega is the ultimate dream match.  True wrestling fans have clamored over this concept for years, and will want to see these two icons prove once and for all who truly is the best.  This would be the main event to rival all main events.  

Unfortunately, due to the intense, real-life animosity between Punk and Omega that started after All Out last year, it will probably be a while before they are willing to reconcile and work together, if at all.  Hopefully, that will happen sooner rather than later for the benefit of AEW and wrestling as a whole.  

Many wouldn’t have expected this potential match to even come close to reality a few years ago.  Now that Punk and Omega are both in the same company, they have the potential to put on one of the best performances of a lifetime.  If Punk and Omega could settle their real-life differences, imagine the breathtaking moments they would make.  In the modern wrestling world full of amazing talent, CM Punk vs. Kenny Omega is the dream match everyone craves! 

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