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Horrible Bosses 3
Horrible Bosses 3


Horrible Bosses 3 Renewal And Cancellation Status: Here’s The Latest Buzz!

Is Horrible Bosses 3 happening soon? Back in 2011, when Seth Gordon’s Horrible Bosses first made it to the theaters, the theme connected with the audience and made it a go-to movie in the comedy genre. The relatability of dealing with workplace challenges engaged the audience along with an excellent cast ensemble to back up the beautiful storytelling. The movie features some talented names like Colin Farrell, Charlie Day, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Anniston, and Kevin Spacey.

The evident chemistry between the movie’s three protagonists and their friendship enhances its appeal. Horrible Bosses’ outlandish plot revolves around the three friends scheming to murder their respective bosses who have been horrible to them. Moreover, the comic timing, absurd situations, and unexpected twists keep the viewers intrigued and engaged throughout the movie. Given the movie’s success, it received a sequel that was released in the theatres in 2014. Again, it was just as good as the original, if not better, yet it didn’t perform as well as the 2011 movie.

However, after 2014, although there were rumors about a third sequel happening soon, there was no real or reliable update. So, will there be a third sequel to Horrible Bosses? Let’s find out!

Is The Horrible Boss Cast Interested In A Sequel?

Given the success of Horrible Bosses, one might think that the cast of the movie would love to be a part of a third movie. Yet, it seems things aren’t falling into place for the movie to happen. Jason Bateman, who played Nick Hendricks in the movie, shared his insights about Horrible Bosses 2 and what exactly was wrong with the second movie. On the podcast, WTF With Marc Maron explained how the timing of the second movie drove it to its failure.

Although he highlighted that the team tried their best to replicate the first movie’s success, it was treated more like a freebie by its creative team. Moreover, the fact that it was Thanksgiving weekend, no one really wanted to watch an R-rated comedy with their family. This affected the movie’s box office collection.

Back in 2020, it was rumored that Jennifer Anniston wanted to be paid $20 Million if a third movie was to be made. However, it was found to be untrue. Rather, the reason she didn’t want to be a part of the third movie was the success of her series, The Morning Show which airs on Apple TV+. Yet, these claims haven’t been confirmed either by Jennifer Anniston or by her spokesperson.

Charlie Day Keen At Reprising His Role In Horrible Bosses 3

Charlie Day, who played Dale Arbus in the movie, reflected on his role in an interview with PopCulture and even expressed his interest in being a part of a third movie in the franchise. He added that if it was up to him, they would be filming Horrible Bosses 3 at the moment. However, it is all up to the production house and if they really wish to create a third movie in this franchise.

The actor also added that the movie was nothing short of a blessing for him. Moreover, he really hopes to co-star with Jennifer Anniston in Horrible Bosses 3 or any other movie.

Will The OG Cast Return For Horrible Bosses 3?

It has been almost a decade since Horrible Bosses 2 was released in the theaters. However, there has been little to no information regarding the same. However, if Horrible Bosses 3 ever happens, the cast would surely return to reprise their characters in the movie. Not just that, in the past, Jennifer also shared that she wants Benedict Cumberbatch to be her boss in the movie if it happens. And this sentiment was shared by her fellow cast members as well.

Surely, we would love to see Benedict Cumberbatch in a new and exciting role as a villain if Horrible Bosses 3 happens.

What Were The Movies Horrible Bosses And Horrible Bosses 2 About?

Horrible Bosses is a story of three friends, Dale, Nick, and Kurt, troubled by their toxic bosses. While Nick’s boss Dave is a controlling and manipulative individual, Dale’s Boss, Dr. Julia is sexually harassing him. Moreover, Kurt’s boss, Bobby is an abusive tyrant and a person with substance abuse disorder. Fed up with their situations, they jokingly decide they wish to kill their bosses. However, their frustration piles up and they finally plan on turning their idea into a reality.

What followed was a series of misadventures! Together, the trio uncovered blackmail, corruption, and piling complications in their plot to kill their bosses. Upon its release, the movie grossed $209.6 Million globally against a small $35 Million budget.

Soon, after its massive success, in 2012, Seth Gordon confirmed that a sequel is in the making. In Horrible Bosses 2, the three friends, Dale, Nick, and Kurt have now started a whole new life as entrepreneurs. They are now their own bosses. In order to boost their business, Shower Buddy, the trio secures a big deal with Bert Hanson, a wealthy entrepreneur. However, he manipulates them into signing a bad contract that puts their business at risk.

On the verge of financial ruin, the trio hatches a plan to kidnap Rex, Bert’s son. They demand a ransom that can potentially save their company. Yet, things take an unexpected turn as they struggle to keep their situation under control.

Final Words

While the sequel follows the same comedic tone as the original, the movie didn’t fare well at the box office. The movie grossed $107 Million globally with positive to mixed reviews.

Although we hope the Horrible Bosses cast comes together for the possible third installment, there is no official update as of now. Meanwhile, you can watch Horrible Bosses and Horrible Bosses 2 on Netflix. We will update this article if and when any news of a third movie arrives! Also, if you are in mood for something dark and scary, do not forget to check out our list of movies like Get Out!

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