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Tika the Iggy


Montreal’s Tika the Iggy Featured in Vogue

Last month, a TikTok video of an incredibly fashionable Italian greyhound posing in different outfits went viral and garnered over 24 million views on the platform. While it isn’t out of the ordinary for videos of cute animals to rack up millions of views online, the nine-year-old miniature Italian greyhound named Tika the Iggy (as she’s known on Instagram), gained so much popularity, Vogue Magazine interviewed the pup and her guardian, Thomas Shapiro, asking the duo about their favourite outfits, designers, and accessories.

On Tuesday, the Canadian canine made her Vogue debut in an online article in which she showed off her eccentric fashion taste while highlighting the cute outfits she had planned to wear in 2020 but didn’t get to because of the pandemic.

Tika’s daring fashion sense and campy persona have earned her a reputation as a fashion icon; in fact, last month, American singer Lizzo donned a multicolored faux-fur bikini, a look she mirrored after Tika from weeks earlier. Lizzo lovingly referred to Tika as “an actual bad bitch” in her caption. “We stan queen Lizzon in this household,” said Tika, according to the Vogue interview.

When asked about her favourite ensemble, the adorable pup answered, “I was saving the multicolored faux-fur look that Lizzo loved for my grand entrance at PetCon in New York City this past autumn and…couldn’t wear it! It’s adorable, sustainable, and a little too extra, just like me”.

And when asked about her favorite small business/local labels and designers in Montreal, Tika replied, “Some of my favorites include Hound Arounspeld, Grig Paris, BonGoof NYC, Loko Pet Apparel, and Iggy Clothing”.

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