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Webtoon Drops ‘Get Schooled’ After Racism Claims, Fans React

A popular Webtoon named ‘Get Schooled’ got cancelled due to its controversy involving multiethnic characters in the series and for also using some offensive racial slurs.

And to know everything regarding this controversial news, read the article till the end!


Before we move to our main topic, let’s talk about the story of the series for our new readers.

Well, as mentioned, ‘Get Schooled’ is a Korean Webtoon based on students who need to be disciplined. Government officials have been sent as teachers to monitor the issue, and they have been given the right to even punish bullying students to discipline the atmosphere surrounding the school.

Everything we know about the Webtoon ‘Get Schooled’ Controversy:

WEBTOON has cancelled the English distribution and release of one of the popular reads, ‘Get Schooled’, because readers were offended by the portrayal of characters from different races.

As per ComicBook, after receiving many hate comments and backlash for the latest chapters’ release, WEBTOON has decided not to distribute ‘Get Schooled’ in the USA for the readers.

And the controversy has reached Korea as well. The Korean version is also under internal review.

At last, WEBTOON has apologized, stating that the content portrayed in the series has never matched their standard and didn’t follow their terms and conditions.

‘Get Schooled,’ the series, was originally published in 2020 by author Yongtaek Chae and Garam Han, who is part of YLAB’s “Blue String Universe.”

And regarding the controversy, in one of chapter 125, a scene in a South Korean village portraying a diverse range of population and races gave rise to controversy. It portrayed a student of Korean and Ethiopian descent using a racial slur, and one of the teachers also using some offensive words in response to the students’ derogatory words.

And that really comes out as a shock for many readers.

Is there a possibility of ‘Get Schooled’ returning?

Now, many questions have been raised amongst the fans about whether they can expect ‘Get Schooled’ to return? Of course, after doing some censorship.

Well, as per the news, there was no possibility or hope of any return of ‘Get Schooled’. It’s been cancelled, and an official statement is given by Naver Webtoon on social media, “It should never have been published, and we deeply apologise to anyone who encountered it.”

So any active reader for the series now has to drop the series because of its cancellation across all media houses.

Fans respond to the cancellation of the ‘Get Schooled’ Webtoon:

As expected, fans are really disappointed about changes in the Webtoon ‘Get Schooled’ because of its racist approach in its latest chapter.

Some fans mentioned their thoughts on Twitter; @nwvdinmv criticized the author, Yongtak Chae, by accusing him of being a “racist p*g.”

Fans have also questioned the showcasing of Koreans as minorities in their own motherland and also found mistakes in a new teacher using some really offensive language and comments towards his Black student.

One of the users, @Bacchus13, has also expressed his disappointment, and another user, @mxgpoid, has questioned the realistic representation of black people in Korea and in Webtoon.

Wrapping Up:

It was really disheartening for many fans to see their favourite Webtoon get banned for good. Hopefully, in the future, we don’t have to witness such a bad sight. And for more updates and news, stay tuned to our site.

Thanks for reading!

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