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Is Ayshen Kemal Pregnant? All the Details You’ve Been Waiting for!

Amazing news has emerged from Blue star Simon Webbe, who joyfully declares that, after a difficult IVF journey, he and his spouse are expecting a child. The couple’s announcement has sparked excitement among their followers, who are anxious to learn more about their journey and the particulars surrounding this inspirational revelation. They have referred to their upcoming bundle of joy as “our little miracle,” which has sparked expectations among their followers.

Celebrity exclusive: Blue singer Simon Webbe marries Ayshen Kemal in lavish  ceremony | HELLO!

Who is Ayshen Kemal

Ayshen is a member of a self-proclaimed big and close-knit Turkish family. Although she was born in Hackney, she was reared in Essex. In addition, Ayshen was considered a pop star in her own right, much like her husband. In 2008, she was a member of the female band Fe-Nix, which was responsible for the publication of their song titled “Lady Baby.” However, it is sad that the band was never able to achieve the same level of popularity as Blue. After a brief experience in the pop music industry, Ayshen shifted her focus to the cosmetics industry and blogging. She is also certified as a make-up artist, in addition to writing on lifestyle topics. Besides all of that, she is working as a personal assistant on the trading floor of an investment bank.

Is Ayshen Kemal Pregnant?

Ayshen Kemal is pregnant with their second child. Together with his wife, Ayshen Kemal, the music artist Simon Webbe, who is 45 years old and is famous for his time spent in the boy band Blue with Duncan James, Antony Costa, and Lee Ryan, is expecting another kid.

This wonderful news comes after the couple has been through the ordeal of miscarriages and struggled with difficulties associated with in vitro fertilization (IVF). On the other hand, they are now overjoyed to announce that they have already conceived naturally themselves. With a daughter called Cyan who is now two years old, Simon and Ayshen are overjoyed at the idea of extending their family. They are looking forward to having more children.

The discovery is a remarkable gift for Simon, who is 45 years old, and Ayshen, who is 43 years old. Both of them have been through several attempts at in vitro fertilization (IVF) and have experienced the tragic loss of several babies. Instagram was the medium via which the couple, who had just welcomed their daughter Cyan in 2021, announced their happy news to the world. Accompanying the announcement was a touching video that captured private moments at home.

In a heartwarming moment from the film, Cyan proudly presented the positive pregnancy test that her mother had taken, which was a representation of the family’s eagerness and joy for the arrival of the new member. The caption that they posted beside the image said, “Miracles do happen, and we are living proof.” “With the assistance of Clearblue, we are delighted to announce that our family is coming into the next generation!”

 Ayshen Kemal Husband Announces Pregnancy 

The 45-year-old pop star, best known as a member of the boy band Blue alongside Duncan James, Antony Costa, and Lee Ryan, already has a two-year-old daughter Cyan with Ayshen, but the couple had some IVF struggles and “heartbreaking” miscarriages, and he is now “overjoyed” to announce that they have conceived naturally.

He shared on Instagram that “miracles do happen, and we’re living proof.”We’re excited to share that our family is growing, thanks to Clearblue!

“After surviving painful losses and negotiating the obstacles of IVF, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re expecting our second child together! This path has not been simple, but every hardship has led us to this moment of pure happiness: by some miracle, we were able to conceive naturally!

Who is Ayshen Kemal? Simon Webbe's wife, R&B singer and lifestyle blogger |  The Sun

The ‘All Rise’ hitmaker, who also has Alanah Jones, 27, from a previous relationship, said that their “little miracle” is coming this summer and that his oldest is “absolutely over the moon” to learn that she will soon have a little brother or sister.

He said, “Our little wonder, coming in July 2024, is already filling our hearts with love and optimism. Cyan is overjoyed with the news, and we are quite happy for this gift. Here’s to fresh beginnings and the great adventure ahead for our family.”

Simon had said in the early stages of Cyan’s life that he had “unconditional love” as a parent and enjoyed watching his daughter’s “face light up” whenever he was around.

He told OK!, “She doesn’t know anything about the world yet, and that’s what makes it. I’ve got that unconditional love, no matter what I do… her face lights up when I arrive in the room, and her head follows me even when her mother tries to feed her. She’s following me around; she’s a daddy’s girl.”

Ayshen and Simon Engagement 

Simon proposed to Ayshen on Valentine’s Day in February of 2017.

While the pair was on a romantic vacation in Jamaica, the Blue star proposed to her by kneeling down and presenting her with a plate of chocolate piping that was shaped into the word “Will you marry me?” To further solidify the relationship, the artist not only gave his partner a sparkling engagement ring but also composed a heartfelt solo love song for her to listen to.

Ayshen Kemal | Flickr

Nothing Without You is the name of the love ballad that the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant wrote for his girlfriend using his musical abilities. “In our short time together, it couldn’t get any better, I know I’ll never do you wrong, no no,” he says in the track. “I know I’ll never treat you poorly, no no.”

“There is a lot of light and shadow in life, but there are also moments when it will be gloomy. However, this is the test that will determine how powerful we are. I’m not going to give up on us today, darling, even if we have the option to walk away. You should realize that without you, I am nothing. Before they got engaged, the couple had been dating for a year and a half. They were clearly in love with one other.

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