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Grupo Duelo Accident: What Happened to the Mexican Band Members?

Duelo, a band hailing from Roma, Texas, is a well-known Mexican norteño band. They are also known as Grupo Duelo or Duelo Norteño. It was in the early 2000s that they began producing music, and they went on to achieve widespread recognition. Performing music in the style known as northeastern norteño, which is a fusion of Texan and Mexican rhythms, the group is noted for their musical style. They also have a sound that is influenced by Tejano music.

Two members of norteño band Duelo involved in accident in Mexico |

There are many members of the band, including Ñscar Iván Treviño, Dimas López, Pedro Flores, Iván Torres, David Badillo, and Andy Pruneda. The group also includes Leandro Francisco “Pakito” Hernández, who is a member of the group and also works as an associate producer.

What Happened to Grupo Duelo?

An accident occurred on February 18 that included members of the Mexican band Grupo Duelo. They were on their way to play at the Noche Del Vaquero performance in San Antonio when they were engaged in the accident. The event took place on the highway that connects Monterrey and Reynosa in the wee hours of the morning, not long after they had finished their performance at Arena Monterne.

One of the band’s representatives has verified that numerous members of the band have incurred injuries and are presently seeking medical treatment at many different hospitals. The performance that was supposed to take place at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo by Grupo Duelo has been postponed until further notice because of the tragic circumstances that have arisen.

Urgent Announcement to Be Made

Grupo El Duelo will not be able to play at the Noche Del Vaquero performance that is scheduled to take place at 7:30 p.m. due to an unfortunate tragedy. La Mafia will be performing in their place as the replacement. SA StockShow Rodeo (@SanAntonioRodeo) posted this picture on Twitter: The 18th of February, 2024

An official statement on the accident has been issued by Atondo Media, which is the management of the band. At this time, no more information can be provided on the circumstances surrounding the accident or the severity of the injuries that were sustained. As a result of the cancellation of their concert, fans have expressed their dissatisfaction and many of them have sent their best wishes and hopes for the wounded band members to recuperate as quickly as possible.

The band has been nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in addition to being nominated for several Mexican Music Billboard Awards. Over one hundred thousand copies of their songs have been sold. To accommodate the accident, the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo had to postpone the performance of Grupo Duelo and replace it with a performance by La Mafia. The band’s supporters went to various social media platforms after hearing the news of the tragedy to express their support and worry for the band.

Who is Duelo? 

Duelo, sometimes referred to as Grupo Duelo or Duelo Norteño, is a well-known Mexican norteño band hailing from Roma, Texas, in the United States of America. The early 2000s saw the beginning of their rise to fame, and they are still producing music today. The musical style that the band performs is known as northeastern norteño, which is a combination of influences from both Mexican and Texan music. Tejano is another genre that may be represented by their music.

The members of the band include individuals such as Óscar Iván Treviño, Dimas López, Pedro Flores, Iván Torres, David Badillo, and Andy Pruneda. As an allied producer, Leandro Francisco “Pakito” Hernández is also a member of the group along with the other members.

The year 2009 marks the beginning of their musical endeavors, and they are now under the label La Bonita Music LLC. The music of Duelo is adored by a large number of admirers, and the band has a significant following in both the United States of America and Mexico. Through their ongoing performances at concerts and the recording of new songs, they continue to provide their audience with music that is both current and interesting.

Grupo Duelo Accident

Grupo Duelo, a Mexican norteño band, got involved in a car crash on their way to the San Antonio Rodeo after performing at Arena Monterrey. The incident occurred on the Monterrey-Reynosa highway early Sunday morning.

A spokeswoman stated that numerous band members were injured and are presently seeking treatment at different hospitals. Due to tragic circumstances, Grupo Duelo’s intended appearance at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo has been canceled until further notice.

The band’s management, Atondo Media, issued a statement addressing the incident. As of yet, no more information is known on the severity of injuries or the actual circumstances of the incident. The cancelation of their show has devastated fans, with many wishing the wounded band members a swift recovery.

Duelo cancels San Antonio show after car accident in Mexico

The band’s bassist and drummer were treated and discharged from the hospital, albeit one required surgery. Duelo, set to perform at the American Bank Center in May, had two members hurt while leaving a sold-out event in Monterrey on Sunday morning.

Duelo Tickets, 2024 Concert Tour Dates | Ticketmaster

The band was on its way to Reynosa, a Mexican border town across from McAllen, for its planned participation at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo event on Sunday night. According to the Monterrey-based publication Milenio, four passengers were driving a Ford Escape when it overturned. The article does not specify if another car was involved in the crash.

Oscar Ivan Treviño, the group’s main vocalist, said on social media Monday that drummer Ivan Manuel Torres, bassist Pedro Flores, and two staff members were injured. Flores had surgery after injuring four lumbar vertebrae, as reported by Treviño. He was freed and is now at home healing.

Torres’ injuries were less serious, affecting his left arm and shoulder.  “God worked this miracle this weekend,” Treviño remarked in Spanish in the post, referring to the accident’s severity. “The boys are a little more stable, which is the most important part — that the boys are OK.” It is unknown how the tragedy would affect the band’s Corpus Christi engagement on May 17 as part of its Evitame la Pena tour.

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