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Hottest Hero Happenings: Slow Starts Lead To Wild Cat Girls

Hottest Hero Happenings is a series in which we summarize the latest hero news. More specifically, said hero news concerns My Hero Academia’s currently airing third season. More more specifically, it operates on a ‘two episode per installment’ basis. More more more specifically, this particular installment will discuss episodes 1 and 2. More more more more spec…no, that would be too specific.

It’s no secret that we’re massive My Hero Academia fans here at Goomba Stomp. Now that Dragon Ball Super’s concluded its fantastically frantic Tournament Of Power and closed its curtains for good, the gapingly empty space labelled ‘lightning fast fun’ in one’s life is to be filled for many by Midoriya and co. Following a tremendous preceding two seasons, My Hero Academia resumed on April 7th 2018 with its 1st episode of Season 3 (and 39th episode overall): “Game Start”.

Rather than hurtling back into the fray with super powered gusto, “Game Start” opts to awaken My Hero Academia from its sluggish slumber via an abundance of flashbacks. Despite finding ample time to slide in a bit of entertaining character comedy, Season 3 comes out of the gate rather groggily.

Those with the ability to ‘remember things’ will likely groan when Eraser Head proceeds to specify each and every quirk of Class 1-A for what feels like an eternity. Whilst “Game Start” exists as a top notch recap episode, with plenty of humour to break up the call-backs, it serves as a disappointing debut to the long awaited third season of what is a normally rapid-fire series.

Back in Action

Fortunately, My Hero Academia knows not to succeed a recap episode with yet another iteration of dullness, which is why Episode 2: “Wild Wild Pussycats” is both a jam-packed fun-fest, and a stellar set-up of Season 3’s story.

It’s time for Class 1-A’s training camp, and little is known when they step on the bus. Upon arrival, they meet Mandalay and Pixie Bob of The Pussycats, a four-person hero team that specializes in mountain rescue. They partner with teacher Eraser Head into putting the up-and-coming heroes through a hellish training regime. Boot-camp begins with a challenging trek through The Beast’s Forest and reaching the base of a mountain.

Cue a plentiful amount of action as Class 1-A fell the dirt beasts (crafted via the quirk of Pixie Bob) inhabiting the forest. This energetically engrossing sequence offers each character a moment in the spotlight as they utilize their extensively varied quirks to kick all manner of dirt beast backside (offering a far more entertaining summary of their combat styles than the previous episode’s bland spiel of forced dialogue).

Upon arriving at Class 1-A’s place of residence for the duration of training, we’re properly introduced to Kota (Mandalay’s young nephew), who seems to harbour a deep disdain for heroes (as seen when he launches a cruel punch into Midoriya’s scrotum, which initiates the episode’s most laugh-out-loud gag, courtesy of the ever earnest and hilariously literal minded Iida). Kota’s backstory and personality are remarked upon towards the conclusion of “Wild Wild Pussycats”, but it seems there’ll be more to learn about the hot-headed brat over the coming episodes.

The Dark Road Ahead

Plenty of humour bursts forth throughout “Wild Wild Pussycats”, and it never fails to elicit genuine delight. A constant sense of quick-fire silliness punctuates a multitude of scenes, juxtaposing the constantly teased threat of the ‘League of Villains’. Occasional cutaways to a fresh cast of scheming antagonists hint at the bleak pathway My Hero Academia’s third season will stroll down over time. With a storm of villainy brewing over the beloved heroes of Class 1-A, viewers have plenty to look forward to.

Despite a clunky first episode, My Hero Academia’s third season is off to a bombastic beginning. Chock-full of satisfying character moments, manic doses of action and comedy, and intriguing introductions of fresh characters (of both hero and villain affiliations), the fun factor is once again through the roof on what is the single greatest super hero franchise in current existence (apologies to Marvel and DC). My Hero Academia is back baby, and I for one await the coming tornado of Season 3 content with optimistically wide-eyed enthusiasm.

‘My Hero Academia’ is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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