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Who Is Derek Carr's Wife?
Who Is Derek Carr's Wife?


Who Is Derek Carr’s Wife? How Many Kids Does Derek Carr Have?

Derek Carr is an American professional football quarterback who currently plays for the Las Vegas Raiders in the National Football League (NFL). He was born on March 28, 1991, in Fresno, California. Derek Carr played college football for the Fresno State Bulldogs and is known for his strong arm, accuracy, and leadership on the field.

Carr was selected by the Oakland Raiders (now the Las Vegas Raiders) in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft with the 36th overall pick. He quickly established himself as the team’s starting quarterback and has been a key figure for the franchise since his rookie season.

Throughout his NFL career, Derek Carr has been recognized for his passing abilities and durability. He has set numerous franchise records for the Raiders, including most passing yards in a single season and most career touchdown passes. Carr has earned three Pro Bowl selections during his career, showcasing his status as one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks.

Derek Carr is known not only for his on-field performance but also for his leadership and commitment to the community. He has been involved in charitable work, particularly in the Central Valley of California, where he grew up. Carr and his brother, David Carr, who is also a former NFL quarterback, established the DC4KIDS Foundation to support children and families in need.

Who is Derek Carr’s wife? 

Heather Neel Carr, formerly known as Heather Neel, is the wife of Derek Carr. While she is known for her connection to the sports world through her marriage to Derek, she is also recognized for her strong family values and her active role in supporting her husband’s career and their community.

Heather and Derek Carr met during their time at Fresno State University, where both of them were student-athletes. Their relationship blossomed, and they got married in 2012, embarking on a life journey together. Since then, Heather has been an integral part of Derek’s life, offering him unwavering support through the ups and downs of his NFL career.

In an interview with ABC7, Heather described how she met Derek while working at a steakhouse. According to her, when Derek Carr met her, he asked why she wore only one ring. It was a pickup line because she had two earrings on

“I asked her if she could come pick me up because I wanted to show her off to my friends because she was so beautiful,” “They wouldn’t believe me. I’m texting this girl. She’s so beautiful. I’m gonna marry this girl. And they would laugh at me. We hadn’t even hung out yet.”-Derek said in the interview. 

While Heather Neel Carr tends to have a low public profile, she is known for her dedication to family and charity work. She is involved in various philanthropic activities alongside her husband and has supported causes related to children and families in need.

As the wife of an NFL quarterback, Heather often finds herself in the public eye, but she balances this with her role as a loving mother to their children. The Carr family has grown over the years, and Heather has taken on the responsibilities of parenthood with grace and love.

Heather and Derek Carr’s relationship is often seen as a source of inspiration for fans, as it exemplifies a strong partnership and a commitment to family values. While much of her life is kept private, Heather Neel Carr is an essential presence in Derek’s life, providing him with the support and stability he needs in the demanding world of professional sports.

How Many Kids Does Derek Carr Have?

Derek Carr and his wife, Heather, have four wonderful children. Their eldest son, Dallas, was born on August 5, 2013. Dallas was born prematurely with intestinal Merlotation. His intestines were tangled up, and he needed three emergency surgeries right after birth. 

Next came Deker, born on March 17, 2016, bringing even more joy to the Carr family. Three years later, on May 16, 2019, their youngest son, Deakon, was born, and their love for their children continued to grow.

The family’s story took another beautiful turn with the birth of their daughter, Brooklyn, on November 30, 2020. She added a charm and sweetness to their lives.

Derek Carr is not only a football star but also a strong and dedicated father. He faced difficulties and uncertainty with Dallas’s health at the start of his journey into fatherhood but emerged as a loving and supportive dad. The Carr family’s story is truly inspiring, showcasing the strength of love and resilience in the face of challenges.

The Relationship Between Derek and Heather Neel

Heather and Derek are open about their Christian faith and share the same beliefs. Their faith played a significant role in their relationship, helping Derek return to his religious roots.”Some days he comes home, he’s quiet, he’s tired,” Heather told ABC30. “Just making sure he always knows that I’m here to encourage him, support him, do I need to do anything for you.”

Heather is a supportive wife, understanding and encouraging Derek in his NFL career, even during tough times. She stood by him when he was benched by the Raiders and ultimately released, which deeply affected her.

The couple created the DC4KIDS Touchdown Challenge to raise money for Valley Children’s Healthcare Foundation, a cause close to their hearts, as their son Dallas received treatment at Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera, California. They continue to fundraise for this cause.

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