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Is Selena Gomez Married
Is Selena Gomez Married


Is Selena Gomez Married? Everything We Know So Far!

Selena Gomez is an incredibly talented musician and actor with a well-earned reputation globally. Over the years, her personal life has often been in the spotlight, with her relationships making headlines. Recently, there have been rumors about “Is Selena Gomez married?”

Is Selena Gomez Married?

There had been rumors earlier this year that she was dating The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart, which she quickly dispelled with an Instagram Story.  

She captioned it, “I like being alone too much,” Gomez wrote over the pic, adding, “#iamsingle.”

As of our most recent information, Selena Gomez is not married. Her relationship history has been a fascinating journey, filled with highs and lows, and it’s clear that she values qualities like humor, a down-to-earth personality, and playfulness in a partner. While rumors often circulate, Selena’s romantic life continues to be a topic of public interest. Although the public remains curious about her romantic life, Selena has her sights set on a well-rounded future. 

Selena Gomez Dating History 

Selena Gomez’s dating history has been a rollercoaster ride. Her most famous relationship was with pop sensation Justin Bieber. She has been in a number of high-profile relationships. 

One of her earliest public relationships was with heartthrob Nick Jonas back in 2008. This connection garnered attention, especially since both Gomez and Miley Cyrus were linked to Nick Jonas during the late 2000s. However, Gomez was quick to dismiss any feud rumors with Cyrus, saying they were simply two teenagers with crushes on each other. She was introduced to Taylor Swift through Nick Jonas, as Swift was dating Nick’s brother, Joe, at the time. This connection helped form a lasting friendship between Gomez and Swift.

In 2009, Selena Gomez dated Taylor Lautner while they were both working in Vancouver. The relationship fizzled out due to intense media scrutiny, with paparazzi trailing them relentlessly.

Her most famous and tumultuous relationship was with pop sensation Justin Bieber, which began around 2010. The couple’s on-again, off-again dynamic captured the public’s imagination for years. Despite the ups and downs, they were inextricably linked. They officially broke up in 2014, and Bieber later revealed the complexities of their relationship, including moving in together at a young age.

Following her split from Bieber, Gomez was linked to actor Orlando Bloom in 2014, though their involvement was short-lived.

In 2015, Gomez was rumored to have dated singer Zedd after they collaborated on music. While their relationship seemed to have genuine moments, it ended by mid-2015. Later in 2015, she was romantically linked to Niall Horan, a member of One Direction. Although rumors persisted, Gomez insisted they were just friends.

In 2016, she was connected with Samuel Krost, a close friend of Gigi Hadid’s. However, the relationship was never confirmed, and Krost later shared a heartfelt post about love.

Rumors swirled in 2016 that Gomez was involved with Charlie Puth after their collaboration on “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” Puth hinted that their romance influenced the song’s emotion but described it as short-lived and impactful.

In 2017, Selena Gomez dated The Weeknd for almost a year, despite the initial raised eyebrows due to his recent breakup with Bella Hadid. They attended the Met Gala together but eventually broke up, and Gomez rekindled her relationship with Justin Bieber.

Gomez’s relationship with Bieber continued into 2018, but it was short-lived this time. Bieber moved on to marry Hailey Baldwin.

Selena was spotted with Italian film producer Andrea Iervolino in Italy. Their relationship status remains unconfirmed. In March 2023, Selena was seen spending time with Zayn Malik in New York City. While their relationship remains a mystery, insiders have suggested mutual admiration. 

Selena Gomez Says Milky Manicures Still Work for Fall

Selena Gomez and her manicurist, Tom Bachik, showcased a light and neutral “milk bath” manicure for the fall season. The manicure, called “pink milkshake,” features super pale pinky-white nails that resemble a vanilla milkshake with a hint of strawberry or cherry. Bachik used Aprés Nail’s Gel X Coffin Tips in Maisie to lengthen Gomez’s nails. These tips are tinted and function like a pro version of press-on nails. The nails were filed into a square shape and painted with Aprés Gel Couleur in Yuri-ka!, a light beige nude. The result is a plush pink-white that gives off cozy and warm vibes, perfect for the fall season. Other celebrities, like Kourtney Kardashian, have also embraced milky manicures, breaking away from traditional autumn shades. Selena Gomez’s pink milkshake nails offer a refreshing twist on fall nail trends.

Taylor Swift steps out for a girls’ night out with Selena Gomez and Zoë Kravitz

Taylor Swift was seen enjoying a night out with her friends, Selena Gomez and Zoë Kravitz, in West Hollywood. The pictures of their outing have gone viral on social media. Taylor Swift’s recent romance with Travis Kelce and her friendship with Selena Gomez, who met during their respective relationships with the Jonas Brothers. Taylor Swift’s hangout with Sophie Turner and her relationship with Travis Kelce.

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